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John grabbed the phone, he stood looking in the direction he heard the chopper. "about 15….ok we'll check" as he hung up. "Ok he found a clearing, he's sure it's just big enough to set down…. it's about a 15 minute hike further in…. we should be able to see it from the top of that bluff over there" as John pointed to the other side of the water.

"As long as we can make it through this mess" as Danny gestured towards what the storm had left. "We'll have to find the best route first" as Danny scanned the far bank.

"Yeah we'll get up there and have a look….get an idea where we need to go" John looked towards the bluff again "we should get going."

Danny turned squatting down by Steve "will he stay asleep?" he asked Sid

"He's exhausted….normally I would say yes but….." Sid shrugged.

Danny rolled his eyes "Steve doesn't do normal"

"Danny I can go" Kono quickly said stepping away from Chin "If he wakes up he'll be looking for you"

"Yeah brah….he will be….we ended up here because he took off looking for you" Chin added in.

Danny was torn between going or staying. Chin was probably right, he glanced back to Steve.

"Come on Danny I'll be fine….I'm a big girl" Kono smiled

Danny laughed "Ok go but be careful….both of you".

John and Kono headed off, picking their way carefully across the water towards the bluff.



"Danny they're fine….quit worrying "Chin stated "It's only been 20 minutes".

"I know" as he rubbed his hand through his hair. The sound of the chopper had disappeared not long after John and Kono left, so they all knew it had successfully landed" just all this waiting is a bitch" he puffed out

Steve moaned moving his head in the direction of Danny's voice, even out of his mind sick he was still tuned into Danny's worry. Danny placed his hand on Steve's brow "Shhhh…its ok" frowning at the heat, he glanced at Sid who was busy getting his temp. "How's he doing?"

"His temps gone up half a degree….we really need to get him out of here"

Steve shifted then, shivered and moaned. Danny was instantly hovering over him talking quietly to him, as he pulled the blanket back into place. Steve tried to roll, but Danny caught his shoulders pinning him back down "Relax big guy"

Steve hissed sucking in a breath.

"Shit…sorry buddy" as Danny helped ease him slightly off his back, mindful of his IV line.

Sid stayed back allowing Danny the room he needed to keep his partner calm. He seemed to be responding well to Danny's ministrations and they didn't need another outburst like earlier.

Danny looked guiltily at Sid "forgot about his back" he quietly stated.

Steve moved again this time grabbing for his side, Sid intervened, capturing his hand "No no no don't do that Commander"

The sound of a strange voice and the feel of unfamiliar hands made Steve tense, Danny picked up on it instantly "Hey it's ok partner….I'm right here" as he squeezed his shoulder "It's just the medic…Sid…..you're ok…just relax"

Steve shifted again groaning, blinking open his eyes as he took in the blurry form of his partner. He blinked several more times before he came into focus "mmmm Danno" he mumbled as his eyes slipped closed, wincing as he rode out a wave a pain.

"Hey "Danny grasped his forearm helping ground him "how do you feel?"

Steve opened his eyes again staring at him. Danny wasn't sure if the look was him cataloguing what exactly hurt or… "that bad uh?" Danny said watching him closely. Steve's gaze shifted looking beyond Danny, Danny shifted following his line of sight, Kono and John had just come out of the tree line on the other side of the water. Danny patted Steve's arm "You don't miss a thing ….do you?" as he smiled down at him.



It had taken them another 45 minutes getting everything packed and Steve moved onto the backboard. His fever making him somewhat combative at first, but finally with a moment of clarity Danny was able to get through to him. He settled allowing the straps to be pulled snug to hold him in place. Kono and Sid were able to balance Chin between them while Danny and John carried McGarrett. The going was a little slow clearing the water and climbing the slight incline to the bluff. But once they cleared the top the hike had been fairly easy. Danny had spent a portion of the time making snarky remarks to Steve, mostly to distract him from his obvious discomfort. But in the last ten minutes, Steve had succumbed to his exhaustion lying boneless without so much as a grunt from the sometimes jarring movement. Kono could again read the worry on Danny's face as they broke into the clearing, finally heading to the helicopter.

The sound of the chopper sent Steve spiralling again. It took Danny several agonizing minutes to break through his muddled mind, dragging him from his troubled past back to the here and now, and that he was safe.



Danny's words floated above him, Steve's confusion not quit capable of letting them sink in. He watched Danny's mouth move, his hands firmly but gently holding him still, forcing him to focus. The words finally sinking in letting the tension and the struggle to dissipate as quickly as it had started. He blinked tiredly as Danny smiled down at him. He tried to smile back, not quite sure if he had accomplished it, as the darkness pulled him back under.



The trip on the helicopter and the subsequent wait in the ER for news on Chin and Steve was a blur. Danny had been running on pure adrenaline with very little sleep since Steve had gone missing. The toll it had taken was clearly etched on Danny's weary face. Kono tried to get him to rest while they waited but in the end he only agreed to poor hospital food and coffee.



Chin had been released into Konos care, he had a hair line fracture in his ankle that couldn't be casted until the swelling went down. He was higher than a kite, doped up on some concoction of pain meds that had him thinking he was capable of some great McGarrett moves without the crutches. Kono had spent the first 15 minutes trying to keep him corralled and convince him that he needed to sit and rest. Danny finally came to her rescue with a few smooth manoeuvres that finally had him sitting. Danny and Kono both stood staring at him, like some Mexican standoff daring him to move again. Chin sat quietly with an annoying smug look on his face that Danny knew if it had been McGarrett, he would have long wiped it off. Danny raised his eye brows in mock annoyance, as he looked towards Kono he broke into a smile, the tension and worry from the last few days finally bubbling up into laughter.

Chin frowned trying to act serious "What's wrong with you two? "and that only made them laugh harder.



Another hour past waiting for news on Steve, Chin had long crashed, laying sprawled across one of the couches snoring softly in a drug induced sleep. Danny had to laugh, it was a side of Chin he hadn't seen before…. the guy would probably be a hit at a party if he ever got drunk. Kono had fallen asleep not long after him and though the fatigue pulled at Danny, his worry for his partner kept the sleep at bay.

Thirty minutes later a doctor came through the doors asking for family for Steven McGarrett, Danny was up instantly while Kono and Chin slept on.

Everything had gone well and the only worry was the infection that was causing the high fever. The doctor was fairly optimistic, Steve was young, strong and they had him on a heavy wide spectrum antibiotic. The first 12 hours would be crucial and during that time they should see some sign of improvement. It would be another 30 minutes before they would have Steve settled and then Danny and the others could see him.

Thirty minutes still seemed like forever as Danny patiently waited. Kono stirred awake not long after the doctor left. She glanced at her cousin and then looked to Danny.

"Hey" she tiredly said" any word yet?"

"He's out of surgery….they should be here to get us in about" Danny looked at his phone "another 10 minutes or so".

Kono looked questioning.

Danny continued "They're just worried about the infection and fever….but doc thinks he'll be fine as long as the antibiotics do their job."

Kono was visible relieved "He's going to be fine Danny….soon as I see him I need to get Chin home to sleep this off "as she gestured towards him.

Danny laughed as he looked at him "Yeah he definitely is going to be entertaining….tell you what when McGarrett gets out we'll trade. "

"Hell no brah…you two are so on your own."

"Ow" Danny mocked hurt "Not nice rookie"

Both turned and looked at the sound of a nurse coming up the hall, she smiled at them both "are waiting to see Mr. McGarrett"

"Yes" as Danny got up.

Kono looked to Chin, the nurse catching on right away "I'll have someone watch him for you til you get back"



Danny and Kono followed the nurse to Steve's room. Steve was pale, sweat from his obvious fever beaded across his face beneath the oxygen mask that he wore. He was propped slightly on his side keeping pressure off his injured back. He was hooked up to various monitors that beeped along steady with his breathing and a few lines intertwined with each other to his IV in his arm. He seemed almost peaceful Danny thought, if he hadn't been so pale and all the lines, he could have easily passed for sleeping.

Steve's room was private, one of the perks of being part of the Governor's task force, so it had a comfortable couch that Danny was able to stretch out on. Kono had long left gathering up Chin to take home so he could sleep off some of the pain meds. She promised to return in the morning with real food and coffee.

Danny had just gotten comfortable when he heard Steve, the sound had started out quiet, like whispering. Danny couldn't quit make it out, he continued to mumble incoherently and was growing restless. Danny got up moving to the side of the bed, Steve's eyes moved erratically beneath his closed lids, as he continued to murmur words that Danny couldn't comprehend. The heart monitor had intensified along with his sluggish movements, the pain obviously keeping the movements minimal. Danny watched not quite sure if waking him while he was stuck in a dream or a possible nightmare was a good idea. He knew part of it was because of the fever just like the incident with the helicopter earlier.

Danny hesitantly reached out "Shhhh Steven your safe" as he grasped his forearm squeezing, watching as the slight contact seemed to visible help him settle.

The door swished open as a nurse came in, alerted to the alarm from the heart monitor.

Danny turned to her "I think he's dreaming".

She checked the monitors and Steve's vitals, happy with the results she smiled at Danny and left them alone.

Steve had grown quiet as Danny maintained the contact, he slowly moved his foot out hooking the leg of one of the plastic chairs pulling it over so he could sit. Steve's breathing slowed til it was back to the steady rhythm of sleep. Danny leaned on the metal rail watching him sleep, the steady beat of the heart monitor lulling him into sleep. He jerked awake once as his head slipped catching the metal rail.

"Shit" as he let go of Steve's arm rubbing the spot on his head.

The heart monitor instantly changed, the bleep going slightly faster as Steve's breath hitched.

Danny looked at the monitor then to Steve "Hey its ok buddy I'm right here" as he pulled the metal rail dropping it down. He placed his hand on his forearm again squeezing "Just sleep" he quietly said. Steve responded almost instantly. Danny sat again leaning forward on the bed, he tried to stay awake holding his head up with his one hand while maintaining the contact with the other. But soon his head slumped forward landing on his now folded arm and he was out, snoring softly beside Steve.

The nurse had come and gone several times, once removing the oxygen mask and not even disturbing either occupant of the room. Danny's hand had remained grasped around Steve's arm neither man had moved. Danny had completely succumbed to exhaustion while Steve's fever had dropped and he had now slipped into a much needed healing sleep.



Kono arrived early the next morning, the nurse on duty stopped her in the hall smiling.

"They're both still sleeping and Mr. McGarretts fever has dropped considerably….his doctor should be here in about 30 minutes to check on him"

"Thank you" Kono said as she headed for McGarretts room.

Kono walked in to find Danny still slumped against Steve's bed. "Ohhhh…that's so going to hurt brah" she quietly said as she set the coffee and bags down. The smell of the coffee must have penetrated Danny's senses within minutes there was movement.

"Oh my god" Danny groaned trying to straighten himself up. He stretched trying to work the kinks out.

"I can't believe you slept like that brah" Kono said with a smile "the nurse said Steve's fever dropped.

Danny stopped mid-stretch, reaching over he pressed his palm to Steve's brow, he smiled turning to Kono, the smile saying everything, no words were needed.

"And to add to your happiness" Kono shook the bag

"Oh I so hope that's what I think it is?" Danny said as he took the coffee taking a much needed sip.

"Well of course brah….since when would I disappoint?" Kono said around a smile.

Danny reached for the bag peaking inside "Have I told you how much I love you?" as he grabbed out a malasada.

Kono laughed "you are so food driven brah" as she turned her attention to Steve "the doctor is supposed to be here soon…..rough night?."

Danny moved back closer to Steve "wasn't sure if he was having nightmares or…maybe it was just the fever…" Danny shrugged looking back at Kono "long as he knew I was here…." Danny looked back to Steve "I don't know….he would just settle" he looked back to Kono gaging her reaction.

"You guys read each other brah….it's kinda weird…. but you're like…."she hesitated "two halves that make a whole"

Danny's jaw dropped "what….that almost sounds…." Danny's hands were in motion and his mouth opened and closed but nothing came out, he glanced at Steve then back to Kono speechless.

Kono laughed at the look "Sorry Danny but really there is no other way to describe it brah…..it's what makes you two…..well …."

"No no no no no! " Danny interrupted "how bought we don't describe it" as he slashed the air with his hands almost spilling his coffee in the process.

Kono puffed out some air then and cut Danny off "I was going to say …..like brothers Danny " as Kono broke into a smile.

"Oh" Danny nodded "brothers" as he visible relaxed, then frowned as the meaning sunk in "I don't want to be his brother…he's crazy…..."

Kono was saved from the rant as the door swished open effectively cutting Danny off. Steve's doctor and a nurse came in with a tray in tow. He acknowledged both Kono and Danny as he moved to Steve's bedside taking vitals. "His fever is just about gone….still up a degree and a half….but it's good the anti-biotics are working….he's doing exceptionally well"

"He hasn't really woken up yet though" Danny said as he moved closer.

"Well that would be a combination of anti-biotics and pain meds….but he is exhausted and his body needs to rest so he can heal"

"So when will he wake up?" Danny worryingly asked

"Don't worry Detective…..Commander McGarrett will wake up when he is ready….he is only now getting some real sleep".

"Yeah he was pretty restless most of the night" as Danny ran his hand through his hair.

"Well we're going to get his dressings changed" as the doctor gestured to the nurse "So you can stay or…"

"Thanks we'll stay …" as Danny looked to Kono "just in case"

Kono nodded "Yeah just in case".



The doctor and nurse worked quickly and efficiently, Danny and Kono both noticed how well Steve's wounds were already starting to heal. Danny was mostly impressed with the laceration on Steve's back, the red and puffiness had decreased greatly just over night.

But Danny was still worried, throughout the handling Steve had not moved or shown any indication that he was waking. The doctor assured him again he was doing fine, he needed rest and his body was forcing him to sleep.

"He'll wake as soon as he's ready….he's on fluids….everything is good "he smiled warmly at both of them "I'll be by later to check on him" as he patted Danny on the shoulder. "He really is doing fine".



Danny and Kono sat drinking their coffee, going over a few cases that they would have to get the paper work done for. Nothing new had come up so the Governor gave them a week off and arranged to have HPD as their back up til everyone was well and back to work.

Danny dropped his head running his hand back through his hair grasping the back of his neck he stretched out more kinks. He turned giving a worried look towards McGarrett, he knew he would feel better as soon as he woke and he could see for himself that the crazy seal would be fine.

"How's Chin doing?" Danny asked trying to distract his worry from Steve.

"Better than yesterday…..least he's a little more coherent, he wanted to come but it was better he rested and kept his leg up til the swelling goes down….they figure a couple of days and he should be able to get it casted" Kono noticed Danny's discomfort "You need to sleep brah….and somewhere flat not hunched over like you were or you'll be no good to anyone….I'll be the only one fit for work" she laughed as Danny scowled at her.

A noise from the bed drew both their attention, Danny moved closer watching Steve for any sign of movement. Kono came up beside him watching just as intently.

"I thought I heard him" Danny glanced to Kono then looked back.

"Me too brah"

Then there it was, a slight flicker of eye movement and then a frown with the small movement that followed. A groan followed as more effort was put into the act of waking, the pain obviously making itself known as well.

Danny smiled then and couldn't resist the snarky remark "you know you sound like a grumpy bear coming out of hibernation McGarrett".

Kono laughed slapping Danny "be nice brah, kicking the Boss while he's down….I'll go tell the nurse he's waking up"

Danny nodded, a relieved smile plastered on his face as he turned his attention back to his waking partner. "Come on McGarrett open your eyes" as he placed his hand on his shoulder squeezing lightly.

Steve groaned again, a little more vocal as he moved "Hey hey hey just lie still…you're ok"

Steve's eyes tiredly blinked open, scanning the room and then finally landing back on his smiling partner.

"You're in the hospital….you're going to be fine" Danny said with a relieved smile.



It took three days for McGarrett to become somewhat of his former self. He had slept lots, his body needing the rest as the last remnants of the fever past. His lacerations were healing well and all he wanted was to go home. Danny had spent most of his time at the hospital only having left a few times to either sleep or shower and clean up.

His partner was driving everyone crazy insisting he was fine and threatened to check himself out. Danny was now trying to placate his partner. The doctor had agreed to release him the following morning, provided somebody would oversee his care. Someone needed to make sure he rested, took his meds, and helped keep the lacerations cleaned especially the one on his back that he wasn't able to reach on his own. Danny had agreed and now was dealing with a pouty seal that figured he didn't need to sleep in the hospital one more night when he could easily do that at home.

Kono and Chin amusingly watched the standoff from the doorway.

"Quit giving me that face!...one!…just one!" as Danny held up one finger to emphasize the exact amount, just in case Steve wasn't listening "is not going to kill you".

"I'm not giving you a face…..and there's no reason why I can't go home tonight…..what's 12 hours difference going to make"

Danny's hands waived out wide "ahhhh you are going to give me an aneurism" as he grabbed his head "and yes you have a face…" as he pointed towards him" it's one step up from that kicked puppy face and just one face short of …I'm going to throw myself on the floor and have a temper tantrum….my god my daughter causes me less grief than you do"

"Well you have a tone!" as he crossed his arms trying to look threatening.

"I DON'T HAVE A TONE!" Danny said totally frustrated.

"Why are you yelling at me?" Steve tried to look innocent, the smug smile giving him away instantly.

"I'M NOT…."Danny gritted his teeth "yelling at you….you "as he lurched closer to Steve "need to listen….which I might add….you need to work on…. LOTS" as he poked him in the chest.

Steve made a face again.

Danny rolled his eyes throwing his hands up into the air "here we go again….you know working with… is a vicious circle of déjà vu".

Kono glanced at Chin "yep it's two halves of a whole brah"

Chin smiled shaking his head "you're so right cuz" as he manipulated his crutches around and both left at the start of another rant.

The end