A/N: This is just a snippit of something that was hiding out on my hard drive that I decided to post. I may add more drabbles later if I write any more, but for now it's just this one. No slash, just brotherly love and best friendishness. :)

Disclaimer: The Eagle and all it's characters/settings belong to Rosemary Sutcliff and NBCUniversal. I also don't own the dialog, which I borrowed and tweaked from another film to fit this one. Cookies to anyone who knows which movie I borrowed it from! :D

Esca stood his ground, watching intently as the painted warriors of the Seal People approached. This was it, he knew. Even with the aid of the old legionnaires there was little chance that they would win this fight; little chance that he would see the next sunrise.

He glanced around him and his eyes came to rest on Marcus, his master-turned-brother, and he wondered what had happened to cause him to trust this man, this Roman, so much that he stood by him now, waiting to fight and to die with him.

"It's strange," he muttered, and Marcus turned to him with a questioning gaze.

"I never thought I'd die fighting side by side with a Roman."

Marcus considered this then smiled crookedly. "What about side by side with a friend?"

Esca nodded, smiling grimly but with contentment. "Yes," he answered, quiet but firm, "I could do that."

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