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Illusions of Betrayal

Summary: HG Wells was a mustache twirling super villain so her escape from limbo prison wasn't that surprising, what shocked the warehouse team to their very core was the person that helped her escape.

Part 1: The Pledge

Pete Lattimer yawned and stretched; he swung his feet over the bed and rested them on the wood floor. He covered his mouth as he yawned again. He hit the off button on his alarm clock that was next to his neatly stacked pile of comic books. Even in his sleep filled mind he thought it was a little strange but his stomach growling over-rode that thought, it was time for breakfast.

"How can you enjoy the sugary goodness if it's all over you face" Claudia said to Pete laughing at him as he just smiled back showing the chewed up donut in his mouth. They were at the dining room table of the B&B, the only place they could normally just relax and enjoy each other's company.

"Come on Jinxy have a donut" Pete said pushing the plate towards the new agent as he walked into the dining room and sat down. "As you can tell from my wondrous bod, it does a body good" Steve Jinx just smiled and nodded at him and picked up the bowl of fruit that Leena just placed on the table and spooned some on to his plate. "Here I'll show you again, in case you forgot" Pete said to him, pushed his chair back and started pulling his shirt up. Steve pretended to be really interested in the fruit on his plate, while Claudia shook her head laughing.

"Sit down and keep your shirt on" Artie said not looking up from the file he was looking through. The files in his hands should be simple enough retrievals but that was never how they actually turned out.

All the agents are startled when a loud sound vibrated through the room. "Whaisthat?" Pete mumbled with the donut hanging out of his mouth because his hands covered his ears.

Artie's shot up knocking his chair over and ran from the room without a word. The remaining agents looked at each other then got up followed him while still holding their hands over their ears.

"Artie?" Claudia asked when they entered the warehouse, where the sound was even louder. "What's going on, what is that. Some kind of alarm, was the warehouse breached"

"Not the warehouse, Miss Donovan" Said a female voice from the behind them. They all turn to face Mrs. Frederic who like always just appeared in the room.

"Can we turn the sound off?" Pete asked still chewing on his donut. He had never heard a sound like that before, it was like a cross between a foghorn and a fire alarm and a hundred times as loud. The whole world could probably hear it.

"It will go off on its own" she said just as it did.

"How many?" Artie asked solemnly from his chair.

"Four" replied Mrs. Frederic.

"Four what?" Jinx asked worriedly, he'd only been here a few weeks and he didn't know them well but he knew something terrible had just happened.

Mrs. Frederic looked at the new agent. "Four Regents have just been killed" Claudia's hands go to her face, Pete bowed his head, they both turned to look at Artie. "That's not all, Mr. Neilsen." Mrs. Frederic continued. "HG Wells has escaped."

"I knew it!" Pete said angrily. "I knew she was still evil, she used her freedom that we gave her to plan her escape!"

"She was with you or Myka the whole time, how could she have planned anything?" Claudia asked not wanting to believe it. Despite the fact that HG was a volcano causing super villain she still liked the older woman and wanted her to change, hoped she had changed.

"Myka!" Pete yelled suddenly. "Where's Myka we have to tell her. I know she's not going to like it but she has to know so she doesn't get sucked into her evil web of lies again" Pete said breathing heavily. "That woman is a freaking black widow."

"Hey guys?" Claudia asked. "Where is Myka?" Claudia knew something was different about Myka, ever since she got back she was usually last to breakfast table every morning so it wasn't unusual for her to not be there, but for this she would be and that's what had her worried.

Irene Frederic sighed. "She didn't escape on her own" she continued to tell them. She hated doing this but it was necessary. "This picture was taken by security right before we lost contact with them." She produced a folder and held it out to them.

Pete grabbed the picture out of Mrs. Frederic's hands and opened it. His breath caught in his throat as he dropped the folder on the ground. Claudia's heart beat rapidly as she bent down to retrieve it, her jaw dropped.

The picture was taken just as they turned away from the camera, their profiles were still visible and the long dark hair of both women was unmistakable.