I have seen Despicable Me so many times already, I love it. After reading a specific Despicale Me story I had an idea. All rights go to Disney for characters and all rights go to tooblondforu for her story "Boys Over Unicorns". I suggest that you read that story since I love it, and Agnes, and of course Gru!


Margo, the oldest of the three girls that Gru had adopted, was now at the age of sixteen. She was a junior in high school (I assume, she goes possibly) and was a wiz at her academic skills: Math, woodshop, social communications, English, woodshop and of course science (something that Gru, of course, had her intrested in.

Margo was a wiz at many things in her life, including dance, but one thing she never was a wiz at: Boys.

It isn't that she can't talk to them, it's the fact that she can't talk to them. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't talk to them.

The reason why she couldn't talk, well more like reasons, were pretty much obvious to one: Freeze Ray (common), Electric-Shock ray, robot cookies (how? Still unkonw to Margo) and of course little yellow minions.

That was...until one day.

It was right after English class, her third favorite. Margo was leaving the classroom when her common "friend", Tyler Romano, had knocked her down by sticking his leg out in the front of the door.

"Oops," Tyler commented scarcastically, "Sorry about that, Marge."

Marge, how she hated that name. Just because it's a form of her first name DID NOT give Tyler approval to call her Marge.

But, as poliet as she could be, Margo gazed up and said, "Thank you, I needed a vaction."

"Whatever, Marge."

The bell rang, both were late to class. Leaving in two different direction Margo was attemping to get organized before turning a corner and hitting someone.

"Sorry," both Margo and the student said, "Late for class."

When Margo looked up to see who she had run into she smiled. The student, a male, stood up and dusted himself off. The student had spiky black hair, had a dark gray t-shirt on with a black long sleeve jacket on. His pants were dark blue skinny jeans, with a knee-hole in his left leg arm and to finish off he wore black ankle length combat boots that went over his pants.

"So sorry," he said again, with a very strong accent of Ireland, "just running late. The names Brady by the way. Brady O'Brien."

"Margo. Margo—" She notice the time, "have to go to Science class now."

"Ironic, huh? Same here. To Mr. Kurt class?" he offered her to hold his hand, "come on, get up."

As the two walked down to the class Brady has spoken much about his move last week from New York. He misses NYC and wants to move back as soon as high school is done. Margo remained silent. She stayed quiet until they reached class and she had answer the questions given.

Class ended, lunch started. Brady and Margo walked to the lunch room together. They sat at a close by table and Brady kept talking.

"That's how Ma got the job here in, ah, can't say the city name yet." He smiled, "Margo, huh? Short for something?"

"Margaret, I was named after my mother's favorite cousin. While she went by Maggie I go by Margo."


"Unpernouncable." She smiled.

"Yes; very good. Margaret 'Margo' Unpernouncable.' I like it." He laughed.

Margo blushed, as he kept laughing. When finished he asked about her family.

"Edith just turned fourteen, and Agnes is twelve." She answered, "although Dad hates the fact that she's twelve. In fact, each birthday he is more..."

"Akaward?" She nodded. "Yeah, Ma and Pa the same way with sisters Kathy and Penny. What about your Ma?"

Margo stayed quiet, she played with her food for a bit before answering him. "My mother died; natural causes. My dad ran out on the family two weeks after Agnes was born. I haven't heard from him since."

"I'm sorry, Margo." Brady placed his hand on hers.

Margo smiled. She liked Brady, and she was sure Brady might like her. Even Edith and Agnes might like him.

Gur, however, is a different story.

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