Oh Gosh! It's been so long, IM SORRY FOR LEAVING FOR SO LONG!

Gru wasn't the prettiest guy to see now. Red faced, holding his breath and hands shaking in anger. Edith and Agnes came downstairs to see what was wrong with him.

"Dad?" Edith asked, "what's the problem?

"Go. To. Bed." Gru stated, slowly. "NOW!"

"What's the matter?" Agnes asked, holding tight to her fluffy unicorn toy. "Did an angry unicorn try to take over the world?"

"Can we mash things together?" Edith got excited.

"Go. To. Bed. Now. I'm going to de store for...cookies."

"Get oreo's! and chocolate chip!" Edith yelled.

"Cake and ice cream too! And a toy unicorn!" Agnes joined.

"Pizza too!"

The girls went on to ten minutes asking for various of objects. Gru ignored them and started to get some toys.

Back at the Park Tyler had left. A black eyed and badly hurt Margo and very badly beaten Brady sat on the ground. Both seemed fine other than them being bruised and hurt, but as corny as it sounded, it was for love.

"Thank you, Brady, but you didn't mean too." Margo told him.

"Anything for my Margo flower."

The two leaned in and kissed, but soon Brady was shocked by an Electric-Shock ray, held by a tall bulky man.

"Who in the world of Ireland is that?" Brady stood, wide eyed.

"Back away from Margo!" The thick accent man said, shooting again.

"Dad!" Margo yelled, but was pulled away from robot minions. "Dad! No!"

"Ah, Mr. Gru. So nice to meet—"

Another shock came at him, along with green goo slime and freeze ray shot. His hand froze, his hair covered in goo and his body contained electric waves on him. Brady began to run, under Margo's command, but Gru chased after him. Yelling at Brady in his native langauge, whatever it was, while Brady screamed and yelled in his native language.

Can you just imagine? Two different cultural people speaking two different languages, yelling at each other? It was an amusing sight to watch. But Margo didn't think so.

"Dad! Stop!" She yelled as Brady fell to the ground in front of her, legs frozen together. "Dad, please stop! This is Brady."

"Who say you wit friend name Brandy." Gru froze in a moment spoke. "Oh! I'm so silly, this is suppose to be Brandy! Everytime I hear Brandy, you meant Brady! What name is Brady and what voice is this of him?"

"I'm Brady, from Ireland." Brady's voice shook. "Please don't hurt me, sir."

"You will not date my baby!" Margo shouted.

"But sir! I—"

"No!" Gru froze his body from legs to chest, and shocked him in the head. "No!"

"Gru!" Margo shouted. Gru looked at her. "I love him, he's my boyfriend."

"No! No! Margo, you ah too young for boys! I know what boy dink, dey dink bad doughts!"

"But Brady is different," Margo told him. "Trust me."

"No boys, grounded Margo and you," He looked at Brady, "you are dead. I tell family you went on rocket to Black Moon."

"Black Moon?"

"Pluto." He told Brady.



"Remember when I had to jump?" She recalled from a year ago or so. "Remember you told me to trust you?"


"Trust me in the same way with Brady," She said. "I know what' I'm doing."