Sam soared up the ramp, twisted, turned, and kick flipped her board before flying back down to rocket back up on the other side. Trixie and Spud had brought her to an indoor skate park, so by default she wasn't really defying her Mother. Mother Dearest had said no skate park, but she had not banned her daughter from indoor skate parks. So here Sam was learning the fine art of skateboarding, all the flips kicks and tricks that made up the awesomest sport in Samantha Manson's opinion.

And of course she was always right.

Sam slowed her board down so she ended in a standstill position at the floor to meet up with the two New Yorkians. Spud was flipping completely and Trixie was breaking a course record, and a second later the two skaters were standing in front of the girl from Amity Park.

"What's up Sam?" Trixie asked as the three hopped off the skate track. Sam slid to the floor, an audible sigh escaping her lips. She stared up at the two sadly, wanting this to go on longer. Danny and Tuck were awesome in their way, but this, this had been totally incredible.

"I'm going home tomorrow." She told them sadly.

"What? You can't be serious." Trixie sputtered. Sam nodded.

"Mother and Dad told me last night, I'm going home." Sam unbuckled her helmet and let it crash to the floor. "I don't wanna, but this is going to be goodbye."

"I don't believe in goodbyes." Spud spoke up. "Goodbye means forever, I go with see ya later. Not so forever, you get my drift?" Sam couldn't help but smile at the laid back boy.

"I get ya. So, this is going to be see ya later. Maybe I can convince my parents to come back here next year. Maybe. They never listen to me."

"Do some things they want you to do, it always helps me when it comes to my parents. I got an A+ on my history paper, and they let me go to a concert." Trixie smiled. Sam laughed, but nodded. Words of wisdom.

"I gotta get packing. See ya later." She told them sadly, and stood up. With board in one hand and a helmet in another, Sam left the skate park and headed home.


Sam stopped at the terminal for the plane to Amity Park, not wanting to leave. She couldn't wait to get home, and she couldn't wait to see Danny. But she was going to miss New York, she really was. Sam took a deep breath and cleared her head. She couldn't be sad! She should be happy! Putting a cheerful smile on her otherwise uncheery face, Sam proceeded to get going.

"Sam! Wait!" Turning around Sam found Jake, Trixie, and Spud behind her, all holding 'See ya Sam!' signs.

"Aw, you guys!" She laughed turning back to give each a hug.

"We couldn't let you leave without a proper bon voyage now could we?" Jake laughed, giving her a tight hug.

"You shouldn't have." She grinned.

"Now remember, we have a rematch when you get back. You had to have cheated, no one beats me at my own track course." Spud warned her with a smile.

"You're on." She agreed.

"Now remember, do something nice for your parents, not your definition of nice but something they ask you to do, and be back here next summer." Trixie added, giving the girl a smile and hug.

"Definitely." Sam nodded. "See ya around the cosmos." Sam grinned turning back the way she had begun.

"Sam, wait." Jake called again, and she turned back around expectantly. Jake looked at her hesitantly, before leaning in and giving her a quick kiss.

"See ya next summer." He whispered before pulling away. Sam stood shocked as she watched them walk away.

"Samantha?" Her Dad called.

"Yeah, coming." She said after getting over her shock. Grabbing her bags, Sam raced to catch up with her parents and onto another long plane ride. Evidently, the airline didn't know Mrs. Manson only rode First Class. Sam stared out the window, just in time to watch a red dragon steak into the sky.


The plane landed in record time and a crazy Mrs. Manson was placed in yet another private limo and the family drove home. Waiting expectantly outside the Manson house stood Sam's two bestest friends, grinning and waving as the limo pulled up.

"Samantha, make sure you put your bags up." Her Dad warned her getting out.

"Course, Dad." She grinned jumping out. "Danny, Tucker!" She exclaimed as she ran toward them.

"How was your summer?" Tuckered grinned after giving the goth a hug.

"Eh, not to eventful." She laughed, keeping her summer adventures to herself. Interesting things kept coming up whenever she went on a family vacation...she really should start taking more. With this realization, Sam let out a laugh and hugged Danny.

"Sorry for your boring summer." Danny told her, smiling lightly. "I like your necklace." He told her after noticing a beautiful blue jewel around her neck.

"One of my friends gave it to me, I like it too." Sam replied, fingering the jewel as she thought about Coal Heart and Jazporel with a smile. She hoped they were okay, but she knew they were. Who'd want to mess with Coal anyway? The gang chatted about their summers, Sam boring hers down a lot, and the three chatted the day away, all glad to be back together.

Sam protected the jewel for as long as she could then passed it down to her daughter.

Coal Heart, Jazporel, and Broken Water were never seen again, and Sam never forgot what went down in the back yard behind the New Yorkian mansion.

Like all true friends, Sam never forgot her friends back in New York City. She never could figure out her true feeling for Jake, though.

And like all protectors of unnatural objects, Sam never forgot or abused the power of the Jewel of Jazporel