I couldn't resist writing this little oneshot when I heard Ron say "Harry talks in his sleep" in the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. It was too perfect :)

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The Italics are the parseltongue :)

Parseltongue Phrases

A blanket of frosty winter air settled in the dungeons of Hogwarts as the moon rose high in night sky. The air was definitely too cold for students to be sneaking around in and was certainly too cold for our favorite Potions Master to stay asleep. It did not matter how many blankets he piled upon himself or how closely he snuggled his husband, Severus Snape could not get warm. This was the one thing he loathed about Hogwarts, besides those dunderheads he was forced to teach of course. Severus sighed and looked at his sleeping lover as he tried to distract himself from the cold tendrils of air seeping into his body.

The unruly black hair of his beloved was sticking up in random directions as it valiantly attempted to defy gravity. There was a slight sheet of sweat covering his scarred forehead. Harry's ability to remain warm, no matter what the temperature was never ceased to amaze Severus. He was truly a Gryffindor in the oddest of senses. Severus had given up the idea of using a heating charm a few hours ago when he realized he could overheat his already warm husband.

There was a small smile playing on Harry's lips as he turned in his sleep so that he was on his stomach. He shifted closer to Severus and a sigh of contentment escaped him. Severus was about to draw him even closer into his arms when Harry muttered something unintelligible. Knowing that once Harry spoke in his sleep, he would speak again in a few minutes, Severus leaned in closer to him. He patiently watched for any indication of what Harry was dreaming and for when he would speak again.

After what felt like hours later, Harry whispered once more and Severus smiled tenderly when he heard it. If he wasn't paying attention as closely as he was, Severus would have missed it when Harry spoke. He almost did miss it since it was spoken so quietly, but he didn't. It was a sentence in Parseltongue, but they were words he knew well. It was a sentence he heard when he confessed his love to Harry after the defeat of the Dark Lord, a sentence he heard during their bonding ceremony, a sentence he heard many times during their passionate nights of lovemaking, and a sentence that he heard underlying every breath Harry took. Feeling warmer than he ever had on a cold winter night, Severus gently kissed Harry's forehead and fell into one of the best slumbers of his lifetime.

"I love you, Sev"


AN: I hope you liked it! It's my second attempt at it, since my computer crashed before I got to save it. :( I wanted to find how to say "I love you" in Parseltongue, but I couldn't find any dictionaries for it and all the translators were aural (I was like "huhwah?" O.o when I was trying to spell what I heard lol). If you know of a dictionary or translator that isn't aural, please tell me. It'd be greatly appreciated and so would a review :D