"No, the Antonio's on Fifth has the Michelin star. Antonio's on Eighth has the cockroaches." Chloe reported as she walked the gravel driveway to the Kent Farm.

"No, I'm sure. I made the mistake last time and -"

Chloe was interrupted by a loud shriek somewhere in the distance and craned her neck to find the source. She finally spotted Lois sprinting out from the barn with Clark hot on her heels.

She watched in confusion as Clark grabbed Lois roughly from behind and slung her over his shoulder, his lip curling into a satisfied sneer. She had only ever seen that look once before, Junior year when Clark had been under the influence of red meteor rock. She was about to dismiss the possibility when Clark's hand reached up to brace Lois' kicking legs and she noticed something glinting in the sunlight.

A ring.

"Lana, I'm going to have to call you back." Chloe thumbed off the call before her friend had the chance to respond.

When the two disappeared into the farmhouse, Chloe quickly sprang into action, popping the trunk of her VW bug and sifting through her arsenal of grappling hooks and flashbangs until she found the small lead box buried deep beneath the mess. With shaky hands she cracked the lid and pulled out the green stone. She looked at it warily, hoping she could summon the strength to do what needed to be done.

By the time Chloe got to the living room, Clark had Lois pinned down on the couch. She squirmed beneath him, trying to get free.

"Get away from her!" Chloe screamed, thrusting the green Kryptonite into his midsection. Clark howled in pain and rolled off of the couch, smashing the wooden coffee table to splinters.

"Give me the ring, Clark!"

As Chloe stepped closer, Clark rolled away, desperate to shield himself from the effects of the rock.

Lois, who hadn't moved from the couch, finally snapped out of her daze. "Chloe! You're hurting him!"

"Stay back, Lois!" Chloe warned before turning back to Clark. "Give me the ring!"

Chloe grabbed his sleeve, pulling his hand eye-level. As she went to pry the ring off of his finger she noticed something was wrong.

A smooth gold band. No meteor rock in sight. "Where's the sto- oof!"

Chloe's question was cut short when Lois tackled her from behind. The cousins landed in a heap, sending the Kryptonite skidding across the floor.

"Are you crazy?"

"Are you?" Lois countered, scurrying to her feet and tossing the rock out an open window.

Clark let out a deep sigh of relief, the color beginning to return to his face. He propped himself up on his elbows and turned to his friend. "I'm not on Red Kryptonite."

"Then what -"

"I'm married."

Chloe frowned. "And that's supposed to convince me you're NOT on Red Kryptonite?"

Lois helped Clark to his his feet and instead of releasing his hand, simply laced her fingers with his.

"We're married," she clarified, needlessly, flashing her own set of jewelry.

As the news sunk in, Chloe's confusion instantly turned to rage. "I can't believe you two didn't tell me!"

"You're not exactly the easiest person to tell, Chloe."

Chloe braced her hands on her hips, insulted. "And why not?"

Lois scoffed. "Are you really asking us that?"

Clark tried a more delicate approach. "We knew you would probably... poke some fun at the situation."

"I would not!"

"Just so we're clear, are you mad that we got married or that we didn't tell you?"

"Both!" Chloe snapped, exasperated. "I can't believe how irresponsible you two are! Clark's still in high school! You two fight all the time! Lois - "

"Chloe," Clark interrupted, voice firm. "I love her."

The wind kicked out of her tirade, Chloe looked to Lois. Her cousin gave Clark a quick kiss before shrugging.

" 'Fraid so."

"When did this happen? How did this happen?"

"I guess it all started when we read Clark's journal - "

"I read Clark's journal. There was nothing in it but football stats and star charts."

"- when we read Clark's REAL journal -" she clarified, ignoring Chloe's scowl. "And found out we had gotten pretty close during Clark's memory loss. After a few days of panic and avoidance, we decided that we should just see if what happened was a fluke. Like an experiment."

"I guess it was a success."

"Please don't feel bad that we didn't tell you, Chloe. We haven't even told my parents."

"You didn't tell you parents you were married?" Chloe blinked and the enormity of the situation dawned on her. "Wait... You've been living with your parents as a couple for a week..."

"Two weeks," Lois inserted.

Chloe's glare intensified, but she took it in stride. "...Two weeks and your parents don't know that you're married?"

Clark winced. "...or dating."

"Why would yo-" Chloe's jaw dropped. "Are you pregnant?"

"Is who pregnant?"

The three looked over at the new voice that had entered the conversation. Mr. Kent stood, arms crossed, in the doorway. Beside him, Mrs. Kent was zeroed in on Lois' and Clark's hands which were still linked.

"Mom! Dad!" Clark squeaked, surprised. "You're back early!"

Sensing a very long, very loud family discussion, Chloe attempted her escape. "Oh, I just remembered I have a place to be... that's not here," she vamped, inching toward the door. "Bye Mr. Kent. Bye Mrs. Kent." Chloe stopped suddenly as a funny thought struck her. With a chuckle, she turned to Lois and Clark. "Hey, now that applies to yo...oh."

She trailed off, realizing her gaff. One set of Kents looked at her with wide eyes, while the other shot daggers in her direction.

Chloe shrugged, sheepishly. "Yeah. You were right about not telling me."