Disclaimer: I do not own BUNNICULA or any of its characters. All I own is the story line. Also, since this is a parody of the Harry Potter series, I believe that I also need to say: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters.

Howie's Writing Journal

I got a letter from my old editor the other day requesting a new book for my series "Tales From The House Of Bunnicula". He said that he had received a ton of letters from fans of my series requesting another book. I would, but it's been so long, and I have so much going on, so don't think I should. I was talking to Uncle Harold, (he's not really my uncle, I just call him that), last night about my old book series and if I should write another book. He told me that it has been a few years since I wrote the last book in my series (See Book 6: The Amazing Odorous Adventures of Stinky Dog by Howie Monroe). I told him that I was busy and didn't have time to write. You see, since my last book, there's been a big change in my life. I started dating my best friend (now my girlfriend) Delilah Gorbish (See Book 6: The Amazing Odorous Adventures of Stinky Dog by Howie Monroe). He told me that my relationship was really important, but it shouldn't be my whole life. He said that I used to love writing. I told him that I still do, but I also love Delilah. He said that he knows and I should talk to Delilah about this. I think I will.

Howie's Writing Journal

I told Delilah about the letter on our next date, sitting in an alleyway behind a pizza parlor, eating a pizza we found sitting next to a dumpster. She told me that I should write another book. I asked her why, out of curiosity, and she said that it was my WRITING that made her fall for me in the first place. It was a good thing there wasn't much light because I started blushing. I told her that while I'm writing, I might not be able to go out on some nights. She told me that she understood. Alright then. I'll do it. Although I have NO IDEA of what to write. Maybe Pop (whose real name is Chester, I just call him that) will have an idea.

Howie's Writing Journal

I spoke to Pop about my new book and he just rolled his eyes. "You're going back to writing those silly little books" he said, "I thought you'd given those up." Not much help there. So I decided to ask Uncle Harold about it. He's written all these books about our rabbit Bunnicula, so he might have an idea for me.

Howie's Writing Journal

Uncle Harold just gave me the BEST idea. He reminded me that in my third book, "Howie Monroe and the Doghouse of Doom", I mentioned a sequel "Howie Monroe and the Enchanted Chew Bone". Now I know what to write. So, At long last, the long awaited sequel to my hit book: "Howie Monroe and the Doghouse of Doom". I present "Howie Monroe and the Enchanted Chew Bone".


Howie Monroe, still sharp as a whip, cute as a button, and an orphan, was sitting in his new room at his mean aunt and uncle's house with his new girlfriend Delilah, a very, very, very, very, very, very smart puppy, and his new cat-friend Herbert (who was once evil and used to be known as 'The-Evil-Force-Whose-Nam-C'not-Be-Spoke'). Ever since he returned home from his first week at the Dogwiz Academy for Canine Conjurers, the Monroes were terrified that if they treated the sweet, not to mention adorable, Howie poorly, then they would wake-up in their beds as nothing more than a doggie chew bone. Unknown to them, students at Dogwiz are not allowed to use their conjuring powers outside of the school. This was the only thing keeping them from throwing him out and made to live in the rickety, old, run-down doghouse in the backyard. It took a lot of persuasion, but Howie was able to convince the Monroes to adopt Herbert and let him stay with them.

Delilah was sitting next to Howie, the dashing, not to mention intelligent, dachshund puppy, nibbling on an acorn she picked up on her way over, (See Book 2: Invasion of the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6!™). "Oh Howie" Delilah said in her British accent, (See Book 3: Howie Monroe and the Doghouse of Doom by Howie Monroe) and fluttering her long eyelashes, "You know I love you right?" "I love you too Delilah" Howie said, giving her a kiss. "Not while I'm in the room please" Herbert said, feeling a little disgusted. "Sorry Herbert" Howie said, when his ears, which were as finely tuned as a concert piano, perked up. "What is it Howie" Delilah asked. "The mail just came" Howie said as he ran to the front door to get the mail, stopping for a minute in the hall from his bursitis in his back left leg. "Ooo, my bursitis" he moaned as he was stopped. When he reached the mail, he saw there was a letter addressed for him and one addressed to Delilah. Picking them both up in his mouth, he carried them back to his room.

"What took you so long Howie?" Herbert asked. "My bursitis" Howie said, after dropping the letters from his mouth. "Sorry about that" Herbert said. He was the one who caused it in the first place. Howie remembered the first time he heard the story. After Howie, Delilah, and Howie's best friend Snivel got off the Wiz-On-Wheels, Hamlet, a giant dog at Dogwiz, told him about it. According to Hamlet, back when Howie was just a cute, frisky, and innocent baby puppy, and when Herbert was evil, he sat on Howie's parents, the good and (as Hamlet put it) saint'ly Howard and Heather, destroying them. Howie had run out of the way just in time and was left with bursitis in his back left leg.

"What have you got there Howie?" Delilah asked. "I don't know?" Howie said, sliding Delilah's letter to her, "There's one for both of us." "I wonder what it could be" Delilah said, opening her letter, "It's from Dogwiz." Howie took his letter out of its envelope and read it to himself.

Dear. Howie Monroe

We here at the Dogwiz Academy for Canine Conjurers are pleased to offer you an invitation to attend a second week here at the Dogwiz Academy for Canine Conjurers. If you would like to attend, please return the enclosed application along with $5. Hope to see you again at the Dogwiz Academy for Canine Conjurers.

Yours Sincerely, Ageless Duffelbag, Headmaster

Howie, after reading his letter with his eyes which were as finely tuned as a concert piano, went to read Delilah's letter. It was the exact same as his letter, with the exception that it had her name on it instead of his. "Dufflebag must know you're here Delilah" Howie said over her shoulder. "Indeed" Delilah said. After he finished reading Delilah's letter, he ran off to the scariest place in the entire house…under Pete Monroe's bed, (See Book 1: It Came From Beneath The Bed by Howie Monroe). "Where's he off to?" Delilah asked Herbert. "I don't know," Herbert said, "I can't read minds anymore."

Howie, the fearless, dauntless, and not to mention determined, dachshund puppy had just gotten under Pete's bed. I found 10 bucks down here the other week, Howie thought with his keen mind which was as sharp as the taste of a large steak that was dropped on the floor and couldn't be eaten by people, so you get it all for yourself. Howie turned his head to the left and there he saw it. Two crumpled up 5 dollar bills. Excellent Howie thought as he grabbed the money and backed out from under the bed. He and Delilah were going BACK to the Dogwiz Academy for Canine Conjurers. However, Howie couldn't help but feel that things he couldn't imagine would happen. Again.

Howie's Writing Journal

I showed Uncle Harold my first chapter and he was very impressed. He said that it was like I never stopped writing. He also said that he feels I was referencing my past books too much. I told him that since it's been a few years since my last book, it might be a good idea to remind my readers. He had no response to that. Then he said that he feels that I am using too many adjectives to describe a certain character again. I think Uncle Harold still has a hang-up on adjectives. Just like old times.

Howie's Writing Journal

I just showed Delilah my first chapter. She also said that it's like I never stopped writing. However, I'm making her character just as I did in my earlier books, as if I never learned how to write female characters. I thought she'd at least like that I included our relationship.