Hermione looked around the marquee which was full of her friends and family. She looked down at her dress and fidgeted. The dress might be beautiful but it was uncomfortable and her shoes were pinching her toes.

"Auntie Hermione!" a small voice said. "They're getting married!"

"Ssshh!" Ginny reprimanded her son. "Let me tell Auntie Hermione."

"Tell me what? Who's getting married?" Hermione asked, bending down and giving James a huge hug.

"You look pretty," the little boy said, his eyes wide.

"Thank you, you look very handsome!" Hermione grinned at James and then looked over at Ginny.

"Neville has just proposed to Luna!" Ginny's eyes were shining. "It was so romantic and fancy proposing at a wedding!"

"Wow! That's great news," Hermione agreed.

"Evidently he asked Draco if he would mind him doing it here," Ginny said. "How lovely!"

Hermione gazed around the room. "Where is Draco, anyway? I haven't seen him for ages! I hope he hasn't left me already or that might qualify as the shortest marriage in history."

Ginny chuckled. "No, he's over the back with Ron and Blaise."

"Ron?" Hermione's tone of voice indicated her apprehension at this news.

"It's okay, they are all on their best behaviour," Ginny reassured her. "I think even Ron has got used to the idea of you and Draco now, Mrs Malfoy."

"Oh please! I really don't like that. Narcissa is Mrs Malfoy, not me!" Hermione pulled a face.

"She looks happy as well!" Ginny said, peering over at Hermione's new Mother-in-Law.

"Yes, she's been fine."

Ginny took Hermione's arm. "I have some news as well..."

Hermione raised her eyebrows at her friend. "Are you?" she asked and Ginny pulled a face.

"How did you guess so quickly?"

"Sorry. It's just a bit obvious, you've been as grumpy as you were last time!" Hermione said, knowing her friend was telling her she was pregnant again.


"Sorry! And congratulations! Today is full of great news, isn't it?"

"What great news is that?" Draco asked as he approached. Hermione looked over at Ginny to see if she wanted to tell him or if it was still a secret. Ginny moved closer to Draco who stared down at her. She then grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach. Hermione grinned at their easiness with each other, remembering Ginny's outburst the first time Draco had entered her shop. They got on well now, both having the same wicked sense of humour.

"Another little Potter?" Draco asked and Ginny slapped his arm.

"Thanks," she said.

"Hey, just kidding. This little Potter is great," Draco ruffled James hair. "I'm sure the next one will be too. Congratulations."

Ginny grinned at him and let James pull her away towards the food table. Draco slid his arms around Hermione and put his lips near to her ear.

"When can we leave, Mrs Malfoy? I might need to drag you behind the marquee if we don't get to be alone soon."

Hermione extracted herself from her new husband. "We can't leave yet! I only get one wedding party and I'm not going to miss half of it. Come and dance with me."

Draco followed Hermione to the dance floor and they danced to the song. Hermione caught glimpses of her friends around the room and she felt that this was a very special and precious moment because who would have thought that Harry and Ron would have accepted Draco? They weren't great friends but Hermione had noticed that lately they were including Draco willingly in everything. She would have married him regardless of course but it was nice to have their approval.

The wedding had been a lavish affair and for once Hermione had enjoyed being frivolous with money because apart from the fact she had just married into one of the richest families in the wizarding world, she was now a rich woman in her own right. All because of the potion which had taken off and was the potion that everyone wanted.

She let her gaze fall onto her handsome husband who grinned at her. Their relationship was amazing, considering their history because just being near to Draco was enough to make her feel happy. They still argued a lot and then made up a lot and Hermione didn't want it any other way. She would always be strong willed and Draco would always be pig headed and if they stopped arguing it would mean that one of them had changed and she didn't want that.

Draco had wanted her to come and work for him but she had refused, insisting on running the shop. She didn't need the income any longer but it didn't matter. She just loved working there and she had no intention of giving it up.

Draco's voice interrupted her thoughts. "I think I might love you..."

She looked up at him. "Yeh, I think I might love you too. I don't know why because you're a pain in the..."

Draco put his hand over her mouth. "Ah! You can't swear while you're wearing virginal white."

"Yes, well we both know that's a lie as well, don't we?" Hermione said, dryly.

"Thank Merlin!" Draco said with a grin. "I really would be dragging you behind the marquee if that was the case!"

"You've corrupted me in every way possible! Lying, sneaking around, stealing, dealing with less than legitimate potion ingredient suppliers and taking me to bed before we were legally man and wife! I was pure as the driven snow before I met you!"

Draco grinned, not in the least bit insulted. "You wouldn't like me so much if I wasn't a bad boy." She felt Draco's hand slip lower onto her hip and she looked up at him and chuckled.

"I suppose we could go soon..." she said and was rewarded with a huge grin from Draco.

So, just a quick epilogue. I didn't want to make it a story in itself but hopefully it ties up all the ends nicely. I'm just about to post my new story called One so please check it out. x