This is a letter to Mr. Harvey from Susie Salmon. The letter is probably the most saddest thing I've ever written. This is also my first publication on Fan Fiction.

Whenever I reread this, I still can't believe what I wrote. I think it's an amazing letter. At least, I think so. That's why I need you guys to review my stories. Don't be harsh, but give me some advice because I'm new to this. Thanks.


P.S.- I'll probably make a letter from Mr. Harvey to Susie and her family, but It's most likely I won't. If you want me to, tell me in the reviews or PM me.

On with the letter…

Dear Mr. George Harvey,

Why did you hurt me? You raped and murdered me. Left me to rot and die inside your cold, metal hiding place. I was such an innocent girl, but you took my innocence away, and trapped me in a heaven. A heaven that can never be explained because it's so mysterious and unknown. I bet you won't even get to see it. Why? The things you did to me will probably make you end up in a little place I like to call Hell. You will die alone, slowly, and painfully. I'll be standing there the whole time, quietly watching your heartless soul leave this earth. You belong in a place where you can suffer 24/7. I'm warning you, Mr. Harvey. Your eternal damnation is just beginning.

Forget what you did to me. Start remembering the past lives you sought out and ripped to shreds. I've saw each and every single one of your victims in my heaven. I'll tell you this. They are not happy. You have taken their lives and stuffed them. Stuffed them like a box. Each girl had something special. One had a pure heart (unlike yours, which is full of bitterness and hate), while another's just had a sweet and carefree life. Then, days later, they turn up missing. Eventually, they're found murdered. You know who did it, Mr. Harvey. I know exactly how you did these inhumane crimes. You lure these girls –including me- into your house or "hiding spot". You ask them to make themselves comfortable. You offer them a light beverage. Then you ask them to remove their clothing. Immediately, they respond with a harsh 'No.' When they try to run outside, you stop them in their tracks. You push them down and take off your clothes. You force them to strip down to their underwear, and you shove yourself inside them. You take away their sweet, innocent purity. Thinking in your cruel way, you take any weapon you can find. You slowly kill them. Their muffled screams in the night gives you such pleasure and enjoyment. When it's over, you drag their lifeless bodies to a river. The deed is done. You go back and have yourself a nice cup of tea, hoping no one suspects a thing.

It's just sick. Why would you do such a thing? Look at all the past lives you stole. As you killed us, you keep a little treasure we enjoyed. For example, my charm bracelet. The nearest and dearest thing to my heart.

Anyway, our souls have left Earth, and we are standing on the in-between line of Earth and Heaven. We may not know it, but we have been waiting to meet the other victims of your work. We see each other. Face to face. It's like a reunion. The special connection between all of us makes me realize why they are in my heaven. They're here to show me what it's like to be free. I just couldn't because you killed me, and you may be after someone else that I love. I showed my dad that you were the killer. I sent him out to kill you, but I stopped him. I realized that killing you won't make me any happier. I will still be in Heaven. Nothing will change. Besides, karma will catch up to you in no time. I've decided to set myself free. Let go of the past and everybody else to finally be free.

-Susie Salmon (like the fish)