AN: Okay so this is another new story, but it is completely planned out for little oneshots. It is TM/HG, which is kind of insane, but I think it will be a good story. Each Chapter is one action between Hermione and Tom.

Chapter 1- Noticed

Talk was loud in the great hall that morning. News of a trio of transfer students was spreading fast. Once Headmaster Dippet had entered the hall, the wave of sound from the murmuring students was silenced. The headmaster cleared his throat.

"Hello students. It seems as through we have a few transfer students. Please make them feel at home." He said before sitting down.

"Tom." Abraxas Malfoy said, whispering to me. "What do you think? I mean about all of this?" I glanced at the Malfoy heir, showing the obvious distain to talk about this and began looking for these transfer students. Almost immediately I spotted two boys across the hall sitting under the Gryffindor banner. Both were glaring at me. Not a surprise that the Gryffindors have already corrupted them. No use to me. I continued to scan the tables. There were no other new students. I quickly scanned the tables again. I gave a quick look down our table, the cunning Slytherins and noticed the single solitary figure. She was the third new student. She sat, he brown hair tied off with a green ribbon. She may have worn the uniform, but she stared longingly at the other side of the room, at the two boys. She would not be of use to me.

Little did Tom Riddle know that this would only be the first time he noticed her.

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