Darkness my Friend


As i ran through the cold night the images wouldn't stop going off in my head like flash grenades, at some points they would even make me fall into the mud under the burden of them. They were horrible horrible images that i could not stop. I knew that there is no way that it could have been me. I would never do something like that. All that blood i can still feel it on my face. I don't think this feeling will ever leave me, the feeling of the warm liquid of someones life rein down around you. I never saw who did it, but now there is 56 bodies piled up, and some how the cops think it was me, since i was the only one left standing, I AM A SURVIVOR, that is all. I am not a murderer, but a seventeen year old girl who is going in to her junior year, i like cats, chocolate, anime, puppies, flowers, videos games, and not dead people piled around me so that i see their blank expressionlessly faces. It wasn't me, i could never have done something like THIS.