Summary: The twisted fairy tale told by my few OCs.

Disclaimer: Kishimoto won't let me own sad, isn't it?

Babysitting, the worst job a pair could ever get stuck with, especially if it was Jun and Emiko. Jun was a calm, steadying influence on children. She guided them to do the right thing, never getting too loud or too frustrated with children. They loved her and she loved them. Then there was Emiko. Emiko was loud, violent, and even cruel at times. She would play with them, but get bored of their games and move on too quickly for most kids' likings. They fought with her, tooth and nail, at times and in the end, Jun had to jump in to preserve the little peace they had. Still, there was never a dull moment when they were babysitting.

Jun had put the three Dentou children to bed, but they wanted to stay up. Emiko, however, was in a bad mood and threatened that if they did not stay in bed and go to sleep then she would make sure their father never got back home. After three minutes of sobbing and begging from the children, Jun made Emiko take that back. But there was still that glint in her blue eyes that said she would do it.

So Jun settled on a bedtime story, much to the chagrin of her partner.

"Alright kids, what do you want me to read?" she asked, smiling sweetly as she watched the children shout out names of books.

"Cinderella," shouted out Miss Kaede Dentou, the youngest by being three years old.

"That's for babies," sniffed Atari, six years old. "What about the Tin Soldier?"

"I like Sleeping Beauty the best," Hikari stated, the oldest at eight years.

"Cinderella is cuter!"

"The Tin Soldier has action!"

"So does Sleeping Beauty!"

"Nuh-uh, it's full of stupid princesses!"


"IF YOU ALL DON'T SHUT UP, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Emiko screamed, storming into the room with a manga in her hand. "I'm trying to read and you all are getting on my fucking nerves!"

"Language," Jun said, receiving a glare that she gladly gave right back. She turned to the quieted, and very terrified, children with a sweet smile. "How about Emiko and I tell you a story? It's a lovely story about a prince and a princess in the kingdom of-" she looked at the manga, "Konoha. Would that make you happy?"

"Whatever, just hope there's action."

"Yay, pretty princess!"


Three pairs of eyes expectantly looked at the pair as they sat down and began to weave this tale of fantasy.