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They were marched from their cells to the village square at the crack of dawn. All four were chained together with handcuffs, Sasori going along in the front while Deidara dragged along in the back. Zetsu looked at the village around him curiously and tried not to make any eye contact with any of the snobby kids. Tobi kept his head down and muttered curses under his breath. He hated mornings, especially when the sun was getting into his eyes. This was pure torture and extremely uncalled for. He hoped he could make them regret trying to imprison him.

"We're going to die, aren't we?" Zetsu asked himself. "Either from these lunatics or the crazy one in back." He shuddered at the evil aura behind him. This would not end pleasantly, and he was pretty sure that he wouldn't be a bystander this time.

"I hate Tobi un," Deidara said. He kept repeating this and threw glares at the back of his head. "He should go to Hell un, like the rest of this village."

Sasori was the only one who remained quiet through all of this. He wasn't exactly a morning person, but he wasn't as loud as the people behind him. Zetsu hoped that he was thinking about a way to get them out of this jam. He could use his diplomacy as a prince or something like that in order to get the village to listen to them and only take Tobi. He really hoped that that would happen.

Of course, Sasori-no-danna was just thinking about how he would torture Tobi for delaying them after they got out of this.

The group was forced on to a platform that displayed them in front of the village. Three officials stood at each end of the platform, each looking more menacing than the last. That is except Bob.

Bob was a nice middle-aged man forced to do this in order to pay off his debts to his leader. He didn't mind though; he'd rather protect his village than move boulders like the rest of the people who had debt. He looked out of place with all the buff men standing guard, but he didn't really mind. He had a goofy smile on his face and waved to his wife and three kids in the crowd.

So he's like Daddy?

Yes, that's who he is based on.

I thought she was supposed to be sleeping!

I wanna hear about Daddy!

Can we get to the sword fights now?

Continuing on, Bob grinned at the prisoners, who only glared at him with bleary eyes. "Don't worry," he said. "Our leader is pretty kind. He wouldn't hurt people, unless you messed with his cat."

"Tobi, you stupid fuck. I should eat you right now."

The rest of the group turned to glare at Tobi, who shrunk back. They were lucky he was wearing his mask. Otherwise he would probably scare the shit out of them and send them spiralling into a pit of pain that they did not even know was possible. He let out a yawn and went back to swaying back and forth in an attempt to stay awake. Kind of like when you are sitting in the front of your math class and your teacher is talking really soft, and you have to struggle to stay awake because fuck this is boring and you'd get a detention for sleeping again. That is what Tobi felt like. He wanted to crash right on to that floor and sleep like he was in a coma, but he didn't for fear that Zetsu might actually eat him. Cannibals were always tricky when it came to annoying them.

The leader stepped up on the platform and Sasori frowned at him. The man had orange hair and piercings everywhere. This was definitely not how a leader should look like. Otherwise he would have pierced his nose and ignored his grandmother's wishes. He stared at the man wide eyed, but slowly regained his composure when the man spoke.

"These people are criminals. They have disrespected our history and abused Sir Puss. Therefore, in accordance for their crime..." Sasori sweatdropped at this. He was going to die because of Tobi playing with a cat. That was the most humiliating way for a prince to die, worse than drowning in one's own bathtub. He waited for the harsh sentence and winced. "...they shall be sentenced to community service." He visibly relaxed, but he wasn't sure that if this would be better than death. Now they were delayed again. He would throttle Tobi once he got his hands on him.

"Um...Crazy Piercings-sama..."

The man turned to the prisoners, his face completely blank. "I would prefer if you called me Pein, and yes?"

Tobi nodded and began again. "Pein-sama, me and Sasori and Zetsu and Deidei-chan-"

"I'll kill you un!"

"-we all are trying to save a princess, and Sasori-san really does not like waiting, so could Tobi instead stay for community service and have them go ahead?" Tobi fiddled with his fingers, but behind his mask, he was grim. He would destroy this village and head back to the Kingdom of Suna when he finished. Like hell he would help this stupid village. No one would miss them anyway.

Pein seemed to lighten up a bit. "Ah, a princess? Is this the great Akasuna no Sasori, the great Prince of the Kingdom of Suna?" He looked at Sasori this time and examined him from head to toe.


"Like hell he is un!" Deidara said. "The great Akasuna would never leave his castle, not even for a princess. This Sasori is just a humble knight here to guide the princess back to the Kingdom of Suna so the prince can marry her un."

"And who might you be? You do not look like a knight or a paige."

"We are his humble servants. Bastard prince asked us to assist these idiots so that the princess gets back to the kingdom safely." Zetsu got the hint from Deidara and played along also. The only ones who remained silent now were Sasori and Tobi.

A smile played on Pein's lips. "Ah. I see. I suppose you are going after the princess of Ame."

"Yes we are," Sasori said.

"Alright then." Pein went back to the crowd. "I have decided that for their community service, they shall introduce me to this princess. All in agreement?"

There was a loud cheer through the crowd, but Sasori felt sick. Wonderful, just another problem they'd have to bring to Ame. He wondered if he could throw himself off this platform and kill himself. Death sounded a lot more pleasant than this.

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