Our Thing For Twins!
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's POV
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Siodhna x

It was morning time I could tell, by the warmness on my face, the sun peaking through the window and the fact that our godfather was practically jumping up and down on Lily and I's bed. My name is Linéa Black and I have a twin sister; Lily Black and yes before you say it are we Sirius's daughters? yes we are. He's in Azkaban right now for a crime he never committed but no one seemed to care that he had two children soo we were left to the custody of our Godfather; Remus Lupin our father's best friend. Now were was I… ohh yes our Godfather was jumping up and down on our beds, why might you ask because today is the 26th of July. Our 11th Birthday!

After 5 minutes of Remus jumping on our beds to wake us up we flung of the covers and dove straight at Moony (that's what our father calls him soo we call him that too) he squealed in alarm and ran out of the room and down the stairs, we both looked at each other and burst into a fit of giggles, we flopped down on Lily's bed before we heard a creak at the door, there we saw Moony with presents as high as the ceiling, they were all for us, Remus always did spoil us on our birthday because dad couldn't be here. That thought brought tears to my eyes and Lily sensed what I was thinking and crushed me into bone crushing hug. Remus smiled weakly at us and said " he would be very proud of you's both, now come on its your birthday I want you's down in the kitchen dressed and take your presents with you, you can open them downstairs alright?"

"alright" we coursed together, that was rather a bit of habit we had, saying everything together, drove some people mad.

We both go up and tidied our room, we made the beds and both went for our bathroom which was connected to our room, you see in our bathroom there's two sinks, two baths, two showers, two toilets there's a two of everything, so we both took a shower, freshened up and got some clean clothes for Lily she wore her skinny jeans her grey flats, a floral top and her leather jacket. Me I was pretty much the same only I had a grey top, skinny jeans, leather jacket and floral shoes. We made our way down the stairs towards the kitchens to hear Moony whistling to a muggle radio while trying to cook breakfast, normally the house elves do it but it seems Moony gave them the day off. Surprisingly breakfast wasn't that bad at least it was edible, then suddenly there was a loud pecking noise coming from the window behind us we all turned in our seats to see Moony's owl holding mail and the daily prophet.

I got up off my seat and opened the window to let the owl in, it came and perched on the top of my seat where Lily untied the mail and the newspaper from its leg, while Moony give it a few treats, it then flapped its way over to its bed and sat silently, Moony looked at the mail and saw there was two letters one addressed to MISS LILY BLACK and the other MISS LINÉA BLACK both with address of 14 TINWORTH STREET LONDON and on the back there it was the Hogwarts seal.

Remus smiled and handed us over our letters Lily and I both looked at each other and tore open the envelope;

Dear Miss Black,

We are please to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins September 1st we await your owl by no later than July 31st

Your Sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

After reading through my acceptance letter a few times I flipped over to the enclosed page to see my necessary requirements;


First year students will require:

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)

2. One plain pointed hat (black) for dry wear

3. One pair of protective gloves(dragon hide or similar)

4. One winter cloak (black, with silver fastenings)

Please note that all pupil's clothes should carry name tags.


All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)
by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic by Bathlida Bagshot

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

A Beginners Guide to Transfigurations by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi

by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

by Newt Scamander

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection

by Quentin Trimble


1 wand

1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set glass or crystal phials

1 telescope

1 set brass scales

Students may also bring and Owl OR a Cat OR a Toad


With one final glance at the letter both me and Lily jumped out of our seats and danced around in joy. Remus was watching us with a bemused expression he knew we would be accepted and he knew that we both would be the best pranksters Hogwarts has ever seen considering our father was thee worlds biggest prankster back when he was at school.

After we finished our breakfast which might I add Moony took forever to eat, me and Lily practically shoved ours in us, soo that we could get to Diagon alley all ready and get our things. When Moony was finished we both gripped on to an arm each and had all limbs tight beside us because we were disapparating, you could easily get splinched and I haven't had it happen but it sounds awfully painful.

We arrived in Diagon alley just outside the Leaky cauldron's back yard and headed straight for Gringotts, we needed money before we buy anything and according to Moony dad left us a lot of money in the Black family vault. When we had collected enough money for all our supplies, both Lily and I headed straight for Ollivanders to get our wands Remus however went straight to the Eeylops Owl Emporium. We both stepped in together the bell above the door signalled our arrival and not a second later was their a grey haired man standing before us with a curious expression it was as if he knew us.

"I was wondering when I would be seeing the two of you Miss Linéa and Miss Lily" nodding his head at us.
I guess I spoke to soon he does know us. He moved towards the back glancing up and down the shelves
"It seems only yesterday that your father was in here buying his first wand, bit of a trouble maker that Sirius one" he chuckled as he plucked two boxes out, handing Lily one and me the other, when nothing happened for us he simply said
"well give it a wave"
Not the best suggestion he had because once we swished it the china vase in the right hand corner smashed due to me and the flower pot in the left hand corner spilt in to millions of shards due to Lily.
"No, No, No defiantly not"
He moved up the stairs to our left pulling out another two boxes and handed us the wands, again nothing happened, swishing it gently this time all the boxes of wands flew out of their places landing all over the floor and well Lily she made Ollivanders windows crack.
"apparently not" he sighed, we both looked at each other and giggled.

With one final attempt down the very back he stopped and looked at the two boxes before reappearing, it seemed these two boxes had never been opened like in ages they were covered in complete dust. Handing the 10 and ¾ inch Holly and Chimaera Scale to me a faint breeze picked up as though this wand was the wand for me, upon seeing this Ollivander smiled and handed Lily the other wand it was also 10 and ¾ inch with Mahogany and Dragon heartstring, again the same thing happened a small breeze picked up, when the breeze settled Ollivander spoke up
"I think you's have found your wands, and what very powerful witches you two will be because let me tell you this, no one has ever been accepted with these wands until today, these wands may have been around since the very first wands were ever made, they are very old and very powerful soo be careful" he warned us, we laughed and paid for our wands.

We stepped back out into the busy street of Diagon alley, we were just about to head to Madam Malkin's for our robes when Remus appeared to be carrying two cages one with a Tawny Owl and the other with a Great Horned Owl, he got nearer to us and then spoke up
"Ok I don't know which one use want but please don't fight over which one"
Lily spoke up first "Would it be ok if I took the Great Horned Owl?" looking directly at me
"Ohh yea that's fine I actually want the Tawny owl he's soo cute"

Remus looked at us bewildered " I..I..I thought you's would have been fighting over who gets which Owl" he stuttered.
We were both so engrossed in the owls that when we heard this our heads snapped up to meet Remus' eyes
"What? Never" we chorused together,
"soo what are you's going to call them?" he asked

"Well" I piped up " mines is small and is brown and white mainly with a few hints of black soo I might call mine Midnight.. What do you think? Yea or No?"
They both looked at me and replied together " Yea that totally suits"
My eyebrows raised as I looked at the two "are you sure me and Lily are the twins?" we all laughed and then Lily piped up " well seeing as mine is mostly black with only a few hints of brown and white I might call him Oden, does that sound alright?"

" Oh my god Lily that's an awesome name" I said. After a few minutes of looking at our owls we decided to head on over to Madam Malkin's for our new robes. We entered and as soon as we stepped through the door she had us on the platform, with measuring tapes measuring the lengths, all three tapes floated over to her and give her our sizes, within half an hour we had our robes all sorted. Soo we headed for Flourish & Blotts for our textbooks. We were all most done we only needed a cauldron and maybe some Quidditch stuff I mean we've been playing it for 2 years now Remus' taught us everything we needed to know, it must be in our blood because apparently our father played as a chaser and that was the exact positions we both played. And if your asking can we fly a broom yes we can.

We had all our stuff now even two new firebolt broomsticks courtesy of Remus as it was our birthday, he says there from our father. We had all our stuff so headed back to the house after an eventful day. We both decided that considering we still have to write our replies to say if we were attending, we would do exactly that. We got out our new quills and parchment and wrote out a letter to Professor McGonagall to say we both would be attending school on September 1st. We attached our letters to our new owls Midnight and Oden and sent them straight for Hogwarts. They had to stay there and wait for a reply.

A few short hours after they had been sent two owls were loudly tapping on the living room window, we let them in and they both had letters attached to their legs. It was only from Professor McGonagall to say that Hogwarts are delighted to have us and they cant wait for the school term to begin.

The next few weeks came in as a blur, suddenly tomorrow was September 1st and we would be heading to Hogwarts there was soo much excitement going on around the house, me and Lily were excited for tomorrow and soo was Remus but when we were excited so were the House elves and they were ruining riot.

We headed to bed early to try and get some sleep before tomorrow but that was proving a bit of handful because we had just issued a full on pillow fight and were running riot around the room. A couple of times I've knocked into the dresser hitting my hip in the same spot soo every time the pain subsides I knock it and it flares back up. Lily had my cornered between my bed and the bathroom and before she got to hit me Remus came in completely shocked.

I mean I would be too because there was like feathers everywhere even in our hair, we were bracing ourselves as we thought he was going to shout at us but, we were astounded when he began to laugh I mean he literally keeled over and laughed. We watched for about a minute before he got up and recomposed himself, he with drew his wand and with a flick all the feathers where back in their pillows and the room was tidy, he sent us straight till bed as we had an early rise.

It was 10:30 and we were running late as per usual, we had at least 30 minutes till make it to the train but instead of driving us there he had us appareted to Kings cross station, along with our trunk and a few other bags and our Owls, we quickly found trolleys for our stuff and headed off for Platform 9 and ¾, the barrier between 9 and 10 it was now 10:50 and we were almost there when we heard a woman speaking of muggles, we both simply looked at each other and moved on we had made it to the wall were platform 9 was on one side and 10 on the other this was the gate way for Platform 9 and ¾, we just made it before that woman and her family arrived although they did have a big family, before taking a run at the barrier both Lily and I noticed there was a set of twins with red hair and they seemed to notice us because they flashed us their widest grin.

We were now standing on the Platform were the bright red Hogwarts train stood and all our stuff had been loaded we were saying our Goodbyes to Moony, we laughed at him because he was getting all teary eyed, we both looked up at him after getting a really big bone crushing hug, we pretended to wipe away a tear, at this he laughed, with a final hug we boarded the train and found a compartment with just a boy in it and we waved to Remus as the train set off for Hogwarts.

As the train took off the compartment door slide open to reveal the two red head twins from earlier they recognised us immediately and sat down beside the other boy. A second later a girl appeared asking us if she could join us, obviously no body objected, so she sat next to Lily as I was sitting near the window.
The boy sitting near the window directly opposite me started up a conversation
"Hey you's two are twins right?" his twin beside him laughed that's when a thought hit me
"Oh my god, no way, I have a twin and I never knew, Ohh Lily you look exactly like me, it cant be, are we? Nooo! We cant be… we are... were twins!" I exclaimed, Lily caught on, on my sarcasm and continued on
"Ohh your right Linéa I never knew I had twin, huh I was wondering why I was following myself about the place now I finally understand I have a twin" she said with a straight face but it didn't last long cause after a minute the whole compartment was laughing.

The boy who asked me the question turned all serious again and introduced himself
"I'm George by the way George Weasley" beside him his twin perked up
"and I'm Fred Weasley the better looking of the Weasley twins" George rolled his eyes at this and the boy who sat next to Fred introduced himself
"I'm Lee Jordan" we all waved at him, the girl next to Lily realised it was her turn and blushed in embarrassment
"I'm Molly Johnson"
then it was Lily's turn "Well my names Lily and I.." but I cut her off before she started into a big speech
"we don't need to hear the rest Lily I practically know it off by heart" raising my right hand over my heart, the rest of the compartment laughed at this, only Lily was glaring at me and huffed back down in her seat, I simply laughed at her actions and introduced myself;
"I'm Linéa" I turned my head to the left and noticed that Lily was still huffing with me, "is that all your giving us, your first name, no second name ?" the boy Lee asked
"ohh we do but you'll find out soon enough" I laughed.

I turned back to Lily and prodded her cheek with my finger this I knew would make her laugh it got her every time, and there it is her lips were trembling she was dying to laugh and I knew it, soo I prodded her again, the whole compartment was already laughing at us, and this time she bust out laughing.
Yesss, I punched the air with my fist and jumped up and down in my seat, "I win" then she did something she knew she would regret she punched me in the arm.

I stopped jumping in my seat and turned my head slowly to meet her gaze she was smirking and it was only a game but she had to get a punch back so when I went to grab her she had already sprung out of her seat and was sitting between Fred and Lee. When I tried to grab her again she simply used Fred as he shield
"Take Fred instead he's ginger" she wailed hiding from my view, I laughed at this
"Hey, no I'm not gunna be your shield cause you called me ginger" he huffed and with that he picked her up and held her for me, and I punched her back in the arm.

Satisfied with the result I plonked back down in my seat, Lily joined me a few seconds after rubbing gently on her now bruised arm.
After 3 hours we all changed into our robes and got ready as we started to head into the station. This was it we were finally going to Hogwarts I looked around and saw nearly everyone in our compartment was thinking the same thing, We have arrived!

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