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Six groggily looking Gryffindor's sat in a bunch at the top end of the table glaring profoundly at the breakfast sitting in front of them,

"it's too early for this shit" groaned a tired looking Lee

it was molly who answered, "Your telling me, i mean you don't have someone snoring next to you!" she was glaring holes into a girl called Alicia Spinnet , although she was quite friendly she did snore quite loudly might i add.

You should hear those two pointing fingers at both Fred and George who were both stuffing food into their mouths, how they do i do not know i mean they ate like a

horse last night and now they're still eating!

Just as breakfast was almost over Professor Mc Gonagall and the Gryffindor prefects were handing out our timetables for the year.
Monday Morning:
Potions with Professor Snape
Transfigurations with Professor Mc Gonagall
Charms with Professor Flitwick
Herbology with Professor Sprout
DADA with professor Quirrell
Flying with Madam Hooch
and then finally Astronomy at 2am with Professor Aurora Sinistra

I looked over to see that both me and Lily had the exact same timetable for the same subject, Lily must have noticed to because she threw her hand in the air for a high

five and slammed my hand into hers causing it to sound like a loud slap, everyone who was still there whirled round to stare at us, Lily and i looked at each other and

burst out laughing.

It turns out that George and Fred are actually in the same class as us too, soo the four of us made our way to the dungeons were our potions class was to be held.

As we arrived into the classroom the door swung open quickly and banged off the door behind it, scaring the crap out of half of us, even that weird looking kid with the

shiny blonde hair that was pulled all back by oil or wax. He defiantly was a Slytherin soo i don't like him.

Potions is defiantly going to be my worst subject, i hate the teacher and i hate the weird smell it has, i hate the books and did i mention i hate the teacher?

Right well i hate the teacher.

"Blimey the professor Snape is a right old greasy git, giving us an essay on the first day" whined Fred, Lily snorted at the Fred's comment on Professor Snape's hair.

"I know, what a git, i say we prank this ole grease ball for the whole year and see how many detentions we can get with him and him alone, whoever has the most wins!,

who's in?"

I put my hand in the middle waiting for the others to join me... it was only a matter of seconds before Lily's was in and then Fred and George put theirs in quickly.

We walked down the hallway quickly to get away from the dungeons as soon as possible, that place really creeps me out.

"Awesome this is going to be a great year" i said walking backwards not watching were i was heading

" ohh by the way who ever pulls off a prank and doesn't get caught loses points soo for every detention Snape gives us we get 50 and if we don't get caught then we

lose 20.. fair deal?" they all looked at me before shaking their heads in agreement.

Now you remember me saying that i was walking backwards and wasn't watching were i was going soo what happened next was awful.

I was still walking backwards as we headed for our next class which was transfigurations and i obviously wasn't watching were i was going because i backed right into

Jack Jones, Megan Jones older brother he was two years older than me making him a third year. I sent both my books and his crashing to the floor and not only did the

books go to the floor but soo did i.

I was soo embarrassed as he apologised intensely saying he should have watched where he was going... uhh 'Hello it should have been me watching were i was going.. OH

MY GOD! I just backed into a cute guy, great job Linéa, you're the school clown now'

I took his offering hand greatly as he pulled me off the floor, but as he pulled me up my legs totally gave way like they didn't want me to stand at all, his hand immediately

went to the small of my back holding me steady, the position we were in it looked like we were ready for dancing, he held me flushed against his well toned body,

blimey was he fit! And he's a Ravenclaw.

When he knew that i was ok and able to stand, he let go off me and bent down to get my books, i groaned at the loss of contact, his hand on the small of back sent

shooting tingles through my body electrifying all my nerves at once. But as he bent down i got the perfect view of his bum and it was a fit bum! I looked at lily and winked,

she started sniggering from behind Fred, only she would be thinking the same dirty thought as me.

He stood up tall and handed me back my books, i was still too flustered to speak and his friend Jason Hopkins was getting tense standing around waiting on him to hurry

up and started to tap his foot, Jack seemed to notice and made to leave.

"Again i'm terribly sorry.." but he never got to finish as i cut him off

"noo it was my fault i wasn't watching were i was going, but hey thank you for lifting my up and picking up my books, very nice of you" i smiled sweetly,he look stunned

but smiled back and replied

"Well anytime Linéa Black" and with that he walked off

"Heyy" i shouted and he turned back around walking backwards

"How did you know my name?" i laughed as he nearly walked into someone else " you better watch yourself or you'll be falling all over the girls" he sniggered and waved,

turning back round to walk properly

it took 2 and ½ minutes before Lily was over by my side linking arms,

"tell me everything.."

I laughed and began to tell her about how toned his body felt against mine and how his hand sent tingling shots up my back, the boys and especially George i noticed

wasn't very happy it looked as if he was trying to grit his teeth and he was clenching his hands open and closed.

Transfigurations my favourite class, even though i just sat down next to George which was a surprise because lily ditched me to sit next to Fred, i was shocked and

appalled at the same time but got over it quick as i saw an empty seat next to George and didn't want some snobby Slytherin sitting in that seat not that George would

let any Slytherin sit beside him.

WOW i truly love transfigurations all the things we can learn do transfigure, all so fascinating and even though Snape set an essay, so did Minnie but hers i will do no

problem i am defiantly not going to get any detentions with her!

It was break time and we went to the great hall for some food and drink before our next class with professor Flitwick,

"I hope this teachers nice, even though professor Mc Gonagall is our head of Gryffindor she can be a bit pushy!" wailed George, it seemed he was back to his usual self

not that i noticed any difference, it was Lily who told me.

"Minnie" we both said at the same time

The boys look confused so we explained to them,

"Professor Mc Gonagall we call her Minnie her names Minerva but our dad and godfather called her Minnie."

Both boys burst out into a roar of laughter, causing all the students in the hall to turn and look at us once again for the second time this day.

Professor Flitwick was a miniature person, he literally was soo small! He had to stand on a big pile of books just to see over his desk, we didn't do anything but except talk

about what we will be doing and that basically was it for Charms. I can safely say i will never be good at Herbology, Professor Sprout is good but i soo hate plants and

anything that moves... ughhh Lily on the other hand is fantastic at it i mean she is brilliant like, im better at transfigurations and Lils is better at Herbology just the way we


Madam Hooch is the best person ever to teach you fly according to Moony any way, we are in our way to her class outside now, Oliver Wood Gryffindor Quidditch captain

was meant to be there helping out as part of his punishment for setting fire to the boys curtains in the dorm. Anyway flying lessons ohh the joy, it's not to say we haven't

flown before but really we shouldn't have because technically we're not even meant to be playing Quidditch with Moony.

Lils and i were the first of our class to have our broomsticks in our hands, your meant to put your left hand over the broom and say up well we did and broom stick just

zoomed up into our hands, natural Quidditch player that is you can do it that quick, i think Oliver noticed cause he was a little shocked we got it soo quickly, we were

closely followed by the Weasley twins they too had their broom in their hand while some of the others were struggling.

"Alright i want you to mount your broom, grasp your broomstick firmly, i don't want any accidents now i want you to kick off hard from the ground hover for a moment and

touch back down. On my whistle..3..2..1" and we were off hovering for a moment and touching back down, now as we couldn't really do much the day Madam Hooch

brought us down to the Quidditch field and allowed us to watch the Gryffindor team start up practice, Oliver in that time had already left and was up in the air talking game


We were allowed to walk around the pitch for a while as we still had half an hour left, soo we walked the edge of the pitch, all six of us Molly and Lee had joined us they

were one of many who couldn't get their brooms off the ground.

"I see you lot got your brooms off the ground quick enough, how did you's do it?" asked Molly

Lily smiled and answered for the pair of us "If we tell you can't tell Madam Hooch technically speaking first years aren't meant to know how to fly or even play Quidditch for

that matter" as she said that all their faces look stunned but lily passed it off with a wave of her hand

"Anyway, Moony had taught us when we were 7 we learned at a young age we are chasers that's the position we both prefer and well let's say we've beaten our

godfather a fair few times"

We were still walking around the pitch at this time just chatting about general stuff like teachers and homework and for Lils, moi and the twins we talked Quidditch.

I was in the middle of chatting to George when my chaser reflexes felt the quaffle moving a speed towards the back of Fred's head which was about a fair few feet away,

and being on a broom would be a lot quicker. I took off sprinting my hardest towards Lily and Fred.

"Oi heads up down there!" yelled a scared looking Oliver, he scooped down to try and receive the quaffle that fell through his fingers before it hit Fred on the back of the

head, but i had already gotten there before him, i felt the quaffle make impact with my hand and i seized the quaffle before it made an impact with his head , Fred turned

slowly around to come face to face with the quaffle, staring widely at, gulping in small breaths, Lils i noticed was staring at me curiously.

"How did you do that Liné bean? You were like over there" pointing to were George was who i noticed was as shocked as everyone else, including a very confused Oliver

Wood, who had stopped moving.

"I..uhh..umm" i stuttered trying to get my words out but none were coming soo i threw the quaffle at Oliver which to honest was a fair height off the ground and began to

walk away, wishing to be alone but nobody seemed to leave me alone because i was walking off everyone followed wondering how i did that miraculous save.

i was almost near the rest of the group when the captain swooped down and stood before me.

"How did you do that? How did you know it was coming because before i even yelled 'heads up' you were already in mid sprint towards the ginger kid!"

"His names fred and i..i.. i saw it being done at the Quidditch world cup during the summer" i responded which was a total lie because firstly nothing like that happened.

"heyy there is no way you just saw that being done and tried it for yourself that is a very well trained chaser skill, that doesn't come with just seeing and doing that takes

practice, and lots of it!" he said

"Alright alright, our godfather had taught us to ride and fly a broom and the age of 7 and by the age of 9 we could play Quidditch like we've been playing it for years,

we tried every position but it always fell back to chaser, that was the position we were always good at it" i sighed and sat down on the grass, Oliver followed suit


"yeaa me and Lils... my uhh twin over there" i replied pointing towards Lily who had stopped off in a distance with the other 5 beside her.

"it's like he was training us for something not sure what though he had us up early at like 6 in the morning for and hours training and we'd play during the day and in the

evening we'd train again for an hour"

"that move you pulled was fantastic never seen it in action before which is why im going to ask you and your sister to go for tryouts this evening... i want you's both

there!"to say i was stunned was the least but seriously tryouts in my first year

"But first years aren't allowed to"

"Dont worry i think you've proved already you're going to make the team and i know for certain because i'm captain and i think Madam Hooch will back me up on that too!"

he pointed to where Madam Hooch was standing she was smiling directly at me.

"Alright fine Quidditch tryouts tonight at 7 yea?"

"Thata girl!" he jumped and pulled me up with him, go and enjoy the rest of your freedom because im training sessions are going to be intense, even worse than your

godfathers" my face fell and he flew of sniggering to himself.

We were all sitting at the Gryffindor table for dinner Dumbledore said a few words but i droned out all the noise still thinking back to what i did earlier, but then i saw all

the food on the table and couldn't help but worry that i might not make the team i always wanted to play Quidditch properly not just with Lils and Moony but actually a full

game. Which then reminded me i needed to tell Lils we had tryouts this evening.

"hey Lils..."


"Umm we have Quidditch tryouts tonight at 7" i stammered out quickly as possible it more or less sounded like this "" it's a wonder how i even made sense of it myself,

they all stared blankly at me and then it clicked with George because he dropped his knife and fork which clattered to the floor and his eyebrows shot up into his hairline...

"Did you just say that you's have Quidditch tryouts tonight at 7?"

Thats when they all gawped at me... yup shoulda told her after in the common room, too late now.

I nodded my head slowly and was very surprised at Lils reaction "Oh merlin, oh merlin merlin merlin, Liné bean im not ready you maybe but i'm not i haven't practiced at all

and Moony has asked me if i had and i said yea of course but i haven't i was going to but i couldn't be bothered and ohh merlin arggghh Fred what am i going to do!"

she exclaimed wildly and dropped her head on to his shoulder burying her face against it.

Later that night Molly, Lee, Fred and George accompanied us to the tryouts at 7, we had borrowed brooms from the school and trudged down towards the pitch.

The other Gryffindor's didn't seem too pleased to see us there but to be honest i couldn't care. Oliver took it upon himself to tell them why we were there and the other

Gryffindor's groaned because they never got to try out for the team in first year. So when it was time for the Chasers to go up Lils and i were a team and another girl

called Lucy and Meave were a team these two clearly didn't like us because we were trying out for the team but i was not about to let them to take something i've worked

on since i was bloody 9.

Oliver released the Quaffle and we were off, i had possession of the quaffle and Lils knew i would always get it every time i've never missed it, i had the ability to dive,

swoop and duck, she knew to travel on further ahead cause i'd catch up with her quickly, i usually travel at lightning speed. And there it was i caught up with her and we

were teasing the opponents we threw the ball back and forth to each other whilst travelling in sync. I shot a final shot to Lily and she scored for our team.

We side slapped our hands and got back into focus, the girl Meave was in possession of the quaffle and i was trying to see the loophole in their 'plan', and there it was i

found it they weren't following in sync soo all we had to do was cut in between when they threw the quaffle to each other. Lils and i had our own way of communicating

when playing Quidditch it was soo nobody knew our tactics until the moment we did them. The moment Meave threw the quaffle to Lucy, Lils dove through the little space

between them and seized the quaffle, she flew a bit out and before they caught up to her, she winged the quaffle at me as i was a far bit away from her but i caught it

with ease and scored, another shot for our team.

I could hear our friends below cheering for them and i could see Oliver trying not to smile as we played the last round of the night. The girls had no chance against us we

had already beaten them but when they thought they had the lead and were ready to shoot, i did what i had done earlier shot forward and seized the quaffle before it

went through the hoop. It's a Chasers ability to be quick and agile.

"Alright everyone thats it for tonight ok... i will post the team on the board in the common room tomorrow evening, soo you can all leave now and uhh Thanks for coming."

Everyone trudged off as the six of us entered the common room we were cornered by Lucy and Meave,

"who the hell do you think you are showing up for tryouts your only first years i've waited patiently for 3 years to get on this team and if i don't make it im going to make

your lives a living misery." She practically glared holes at us.

"Ladies it isn't their fault that they're brilliant chasers is it? Noo didn't think soo!" sneered George

"Nobody asked you, let's see you have red hair and freckles, you hang out with losers and you're blood traitors so you must be the Weasley twins!" sneered Maeve

"Listen here you bimbo, nobody asked you for your opinion and because they actually talk and like people who are Muggleborn doesn't make them any less like you or me

we all have the same blood it's all red in case you haven't noticed, soo i suggest if you want to insult someone go and take look in the mirror and insult that otherwise

piss off and leave us alone" i snarled, Lily practically had to hold on to stop me from lunging at her.

The next day as promised the list for the team were posted up, we were up in our dorm when we heard this awful screech coming from down below.

"LILY! LINÉÉAAAA GET DOWN HERE QUICK" we were all lounging on the beds and we literally jumped down the steps to see what the problem was t wasn't until we

noticed both Fred and George bouncing up and down next to the board that we released the list was up, we scrambled towards it read it;

Thanks for everyone who tried out at the Quidditch team, to those who made it congratulations and well done to those who didn't i'm sorry and there's always next year nobody has a secure spot! Here are the following members of the team.
Chasers: Angelina Johnson, Linéa Black and Lily Black
Beaters: Connor Quinn and Frank Moyles
Keeper: Oliver Wood
Seeker: Shane Smith
Well done again to those who made it, now Quidditch practice starts tomorrow evening at 7pm soo please to those who don't have brooms please get some before then. Thank you!

And thats where im going to leave it i think i've wrote enough but it seems nobodys reading it soo i guess you don't care soo yea! Thanks

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