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"Do you know what you're looking for?" A man with longish hair and needing eyes gestured around the hall with his hands, inviting Light to choose as he pleased. Oh but of course... he would do anything for his God.

"I'm not exactly confident I know what I'm looking for, all I know is I need something... how should I say this, feisty... Different." Light averted his gaze from the cages around him to the man standing behind him. Turning fully around, he stepped close to him and lifted his chin, giving an unblinking, seductive stare. He felt a shiver run through the man from his simple touch. "How about you, Teru Mikami?" Teru stood frozen as Light leaned in and pressed his warm lips against the cool skin that was rapidly heating underneath his ear, teasing the sensitive neck.

"My Master... Ahh, you are my God." Teru began to pant lightly as the lips ghosted over his jaw, closer to his own. But no, instead of kissing him, he whispered against the corner of his mouth.

"Yes, Teru, I am your Master. But do not be greedy, I am a God for all." Without any contact further, Light pulled away and turned, continuing his walk down the hall in search for his new pet.

Inside the building, the lights were dim, making the walls and floors appear grey. The hall had an eerie tense feeling, the only noise was that of the sound of chains rattling and cage doors being banged on, slaves growling and cursing as they passed by.

As Light walked, a small strut in his dignified stride, one in-particular caught his eye. He slowed until he was stopped in front of a quiet cage, yet even though it was quiet, he could feel a strong intensity. A willingness and hunger for contact.

Peering in through the metal bars that held them all in, he spotted two dark orbs staring into his eyes intently, as if he were focusing in and reading him from the inside out.

As he stared, Light glanced back towards Teru then turned back, focusing all of his attention on the figure who was now holding onto the bars of the cage, his face an inch from Light's own. 'He's quiet, and fast.' Light thought to himself. Without looking back, he asked. "What would be the name of this one?"

"L Lawliet."

"Well doesn't that just sound awfully familiar?" He spoke matter-of-factly.

Teru spoke up again, "He's still virgin in every sense. He hasn't been touched, or rather... he won't let himself be touched by anyone. He's an animal."

"Is that so?" Light took in his words and studied the one that had so easily caught his attention and drew him in. The baggy blue pants, wrinkled white shirt. Clothes that were simply too big, or he was just too small. Messy black hair and deep dark eyes, perfect lips and magnificent complexion with the exception of the slight darkness under his eyes as if it were eyeliner. With no thought or hesitation he spoke, "Open the door."

Teru fumbled with the keys on his belt, hurrying so as not to upset his Master. Once he found the right key, he opened the cage door for Light, a worried expression on his face as his God made his way slowly in. As he moved forward, L stepped back, but kept within a foot of Light. He was backed up into more bars; the back of the cage. Soft hands touched him, one on his neck with the thumb caressing his jaw, the other on the back of his head. He shivered as the brunette studied him, his lips were slightly parted, his breath reaching Light and causing the other to inhale deeply. By then he had pressed his body against the slightly smaller man's.

Why was he letting this man touch him? He always scared them away or beat them up bloody. Why or how was this man different from the others? No, there was no question. He was different. He wasn't going to let his animal instincts get in the way. No... He wasn't going to let his bad side get in the way, he wanted him. L would have him.

In a smooth and slow motion, he leaned foreward the few centimeters and ran his tongue over the brunettes cheek up to his ear to where he whispered, "I want you."

Light was silent and a bit surprised, as he stood still he felt the other tug on his earlobe before ghosting kisses down his jaw. When the shorter man was in front of him again, he was doubly surprised when he felt cool lips press against his own. Light's hands had fallen down to grip the man's waist.

Before they could get any further with the kiss, the brunette felt the other pull away and stare into his eyes once again, intently.

"Well, seems I have no choice now," Light said quietly. He turned and walked back to the entrance, hearing cautious steps following him. Noticing Teru's shocked face, Light gave him a sexy smile and stuck a wad of cash in the stunned man's pocket and spoke, "If you wanted me so bad you should have tried harder." He heard L growl and he stepped to the side as he watched him take hold of Teru's neck. Said man broke out into a sweat and trembled.

"Do you see him?" L pointed to Light while staring down the terrified figure of Teru, who nodded as best he could. "He's mine." He growled again in a deeper tone. "Don't touch him. If you even look at him in such a way, I will kill you." L released his hold on him and let him stumble backwards, returning back to his intense and reserved state.

'Posessive, are we? And such a sexy voice...' Light smirked and resumed leaving the building, aware of the presence of L silently trailing behind him. He lead them to his Lamborghini Murcielago and pressed a button on his set of keys, watching the door open by sliding up instead of out. L reached the passenger side and got in cautiously, watching as the door slid back down and closed securely. Light walked around and got in the driver's seat, glancing towards L and smirking. They sat in silence.


"Call me Ryuzaki."

Light nodded. "Ryuzaki... Why are you so interested in me? I understand that you've never let anyone touch you." Ryuzaki was taken back by the question, he was not sure the answer. He had his wants, needs and intentions. None of them he could explain, it was simply done. That was the way he had always worked.

"You don't have to answer that, I understand." Light extended out his hand and let his fingers touch the smooth, pale skin of Ryuzaki's face. Ryuzaki, on the other hand, froze in place. As the hand moved, that soft soft hand... He felt his nerves convulse inside him with this new feeling of relaxing pleasure. His muscles loosened and his eyelids fell closed, leaning into the hand that was now his comfort. He could feel the animalistic side of him fade away into the depth, leaving nothing but himself and all his human nature.

The hand pulled away and he felt a shiver run through him as cool air hit the abandoned spot on his face that was once warm. He looked over to see Light staring at him, watching his facial expressions and gauging his reaction to the touch. It seemed he was pleased. Light spoke, "Let's go home."


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