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Higuchi clenched his teeth and lunged at Ryuzaki with a switchblade in hand, the man didn't move until Higuchi was an arms length away and slashing at his face. He swiftly side stepped, causing him to stumble before turning around again. They faced each other, deadly eyes staring back like a reflection. Ryuzaki was quick in swiping the knife out of his hand and slitting his throat, blood spattering across his face and white shirt. The crimson liquid squirted from his throat and ran down his body, pooling at his feet. Ryuzaki watched with fiery eyes as he fell back, his head cracking against the hard cement. His eyes immediately clouding over with death as more blood ran down like a stream through the cracks in the ground from his head.

Beyond stared as Ryuzaki didn't even set eyes on him, instead he began his walk over to Light. In the midst of the slaughter, the brunette had leaned over the table, reaching for the Death Note that had fallen unnoticably to the floor as they had been in the process of stripping him of his clothes. He clutched it to his chest after hastily slipping on his button up shirt over his shoulders along with his boxers, struggling in pain as he slid them gently up his aching legs. By that time, he had spotted Ryuzaki slowly coming towards him, blood that wasn't his own covering his face and clothes.

Beyond quietly went over to Higuchi's body, observing the pathetic corpse until he found what he was looking for. Picking it up, face expressionless, he turned and took a few steps forward and watched as Ryuzaki made his way to Light. They embraced each other as Light sat on the table, his legs under him and arms loosely around his neck. Pulling back, he gave a slight smile and mouthed a 'I missed you' towards Ryuzaki.

They heard a clearing of the throat and Light glanced back just in time to see Beyond pointing a gun at his beloved Ryuzaki. Said man's eyes widened and he watched on in utter shock.

It was slow motion from then on, Beyond's finger pulled back on the trigger without a second thought, Light panicking. His mind told him to do the only thing he could.


The gun was fired at Ryuzaki, coming at him in a blur. It all passed within seconds.

Ryuzaki stood there, blood now soaking his shirt and he trembled. The shock of it all was unbearable and he felt for a second as though he was going to collapse.

Light... his body covering his own, the brunette's back to Beyond as his arms were tight around his neck... they were quickly loosening. Ryuzaki stared forward at Beyond who stood across from him, watching them.

"Light... Light, no..." Ryuzaki's hands were trembling as they came up to wrap around Light's body. When he pulled a hand away to look at it, it was covered in crimson blood from the wound in his lower back. He heard Light gasp, his breathing heavy.

"Light... how could you do this?" He was gentle in prying Light off of him and laying him on the table. He was still alive... barely. He had little to no time to finish this and get Light out of here. His blood boiled, his teeth clenched and his own breathing quickened in pace, anger rising.

"Beyond Birthday..." The full name slipped passed his lips and he turned with silent rage towards the man who had shot Light. The intention to shoot Light wasn't there, the bullet meant for him yet he still felt the anger and pain inside. To think that his brother shot Light... it didn't matter. What needed to be done... will be done.

"Yes... L Lawliet?" His voice was low and smooth, the slightest hint of guilt could be heard and Ryuzaki had sensed it, then it was gone.

"You're going to die." Ryuzaki said, a deep, inhuman growl sounded deep in his throat and he slowly began walking towards Beyond, who was still waiting for him.

"Do you have the courage to murder me, love?" He asked, gazing at Ryuzaki and watching as his fingers curled, the rage building with each second, each step forward he took. Yes, this is what Beyond wanted...

This is what he had longed for in Ryuzaki.

Ryuzaki swung his fist and Beyond dodged it sharply, another punch coming from the opposite side, he dodged again yet this time he ended up backing himself up against a kick that was coming from the other side. He skidded a few feet from the blow and breathed out. He dashed forward with the intent to strike him in the gut. Ryuzaki side stepped out of the way and grabbed Beyond by the waist and pulled him back to face him. Their eyes burned holes into each other as they became synchronized in their movements. Each punch and kick was countered, breathing becoming labored as they focused on each other's fighting patterns. Ryuzaki found a loop hole and struck Beyond in the jaw; stumbling backwards slightly gave Ryuzaki the perfect opportunity to grab him by the throat and dig his nails into the skin, blood seeping out of the wounds and around his fingers. He hissed in pain. He grabbed Ryuzaki's wrists and tried in vain to pry his hands away from his throat before he was suffocated. But this is what he wanted... this is what he was hoping would happen. Ryuzaki was absolutely wonderful in his eyes now!

"Beyond... you're worthless." Ryuzaki let his grip loosen and watched as Beyond fell to the ground, clutching his neck and taking deep breaths and gathering himself.

Ryuzaki turned and walked over to the weak body of Light, who gazed at him through half lidded eyes that spoke so many words and a dozen volumes of sadness. He bit back the urge to pick him up and dash out of there with him, but he had something he needed to do before he left. Otherwise, he would never be able to live in peace ever again.

He spotted what he was looking for next to the teen and picked it up before moving over to Light's pants in search of a small, sharp silver needle.

Glancing over to Beyond, he saw that he was struggling to lift himself up off the ground, but instead he stopped where he was, head hung down and legs underneath him with his hands on the ground in front of him. He looked like he was about to collapse, his arms shaking slightly.

"Beyond." The name came off his tongue flatly in a monotone voice. The head lifted from its hung position, his eyes lazily making their way up to meet Ryuzaki's cold ones as he stood in front of him. A small smile tugged at the corner of Beyond's lips.

"I'm... so proud of you, little brother." Ryuzaki's cold expression didn't change as those words were spoken softly, yet somehow they sounded sincere. Why was his brother like this? Why was he confusing him so? That didn't matter anymore. He was going to die, and he was going to die after his question was answered.

"Beyond. Why did you do it?" The question was so simple, yet Beyond's bottom lip quivered before answering.

"I did it because you were weak." Beyond stated and gazed up into his brother's eyes. He found more questions lurking behind them, urging him on.

"I wanted to make you stronger because you were pathetic and weak. I despise... hate weakness, and I wanted you to be something I could love."

"So you tortured me?" Ryuzaki clenched his fists and waiting for him to continue.

"I just wanted a brother I could be proud of, someone who was strong."

"But not a brother that would love you back."

Beyond flinched slightly. That was true. He was selfish.

"I didn't want to kill you, though. That was one thing I wanted to avoid." Ryuzaki stood there, confused. "Beyond, you just tried to kill me."

"Yes... but you don't understand. I... I felt guilt... a while after you escaped from me. To me, guilt was a form of weakness, one that needed to be rid of. It all came down to you... I needed to make myself feel superior and strong again. And the only way to accomplish that was... to kill you. Yet, the closer I came to killing you, the more the guilt grew. It confused me and I wanted to end it quicker and quicker every minuted that passed by, every moment you came within my reach I wanted to end you because I thought all my guilt would disperse when it was finished. But this..." He smiled more sincerely and gazed into Ryuzaki's eyes. "This... about to be killed by my younger brother, the one I strived to make strong. I did it... You did it, and I'm so very proud of you, my love, my little brother." His words were etched into Ryuzaki's mind as it pounded against his skull.

No time to back out now.

He opened to a clean page of the Death Note, needle in hand. He pricked himself, the blood gathering at the tip of the sharp needle. He began to write his brother's name with his own blood...

"Why don't you kill me with your own hands? That would be so much better."

"If I did that, you would take too much pleasure in enjoying it, and I want this to be as nonpleasuring for you as possible." Beyond's eyes were glassy and he sat in silence as he waited for what would happen. He had no idea. He felt weak and it... angered him. Yet, he could do nothing more now. He still held that little bit of happiness, knowing his brother had been the one to end him, the one he spent so much time with, trying to make him stronger because he was once weak.

"Goodbye... brother." Ryuzaki leaned down and kissed his forehead before standing upright and walking over to where Light was in the midst of life or death, his breathing was shallow. Picking him up bridal style, he carried him to the staircase and began to ascend them quickly.

Beyond sat in silence. Minutes passed before he felt his arm go numb, a sharp pain in his chest suddenly followed shortly after. He could feel bile rising in his thoat and instead of puking, he tasted foam. It was suffocating him, choking him to death along with the heart attack that was slowly killing his body. His last thoughts were that of his younger brother. Barely under a whisper, he managed to speak through the foam, releasing the words into the air for a brother that would no longer be near him any longer... until his end.

"I.. love you."


There was a dull ache in Light's back when he tried to move from his place in the bed, a groan echoing through the silent room. His memory from the past events were there yet blurred, the only thing he remembered well was getting raped and getting shot. What a night.

"Ahh, Light. You're awake, how do you feel?" Light followed the sound of the smooth voice to his right where Ryuzaki laid comfortable next to him, propped on an elbow facing him. He rubbed his eyes and answered, irritated at the raspy sound of his voice. "I'm fine, just a little sore is all." He made a move to sit up then decided against it when a sharp pain shot through him, causing him to gasp.

"You shouldn't move for the next couple days, you need to heal." Ryuzaki looked him over. "It's a good thing I was able to get that bullet out of your back, plenty enough damage was done. I was quite afraid I'd lost you." His voice grew softer as he neared the end of the sentence and Light glanced over at him. "I'm not going down that easy, it takes a lot more than a simple gunshot wound to my lower back to kill me, Ryuzaki." He averted his eyes to the ceiling before realizing he had questions.

"Ryuzaki, did you... kill Beyond?" Light gave him a look that said he wanted him to be dead. "Yes, with your Death Note. I placed it in the drawer of the nightstand right there by you." Light nodded and opened looked as if he was going to ask more, Ryuzaki waited patiently beside him, willing to answer anything at all from now on.

"What exactly happened between you and Beyond, what happened in your past?" He could almost feel that question coming and he was prepared for it. Taking a deep breath, he began. "First of all, Beyond is... was my older brother. It was a complicated relationship that we had gotten ourselves into, quite incestuous really." He smirked at the slightly shocked look on Light's face and decided to continue. "While our parents called it disgusting incest, we called it extreme love for one another. We did everything together ever since we were little. I distinctly remember when he first kissed me. When it happened it was an automatic reaction to kiss back and from then on we grew closer. We were young and didn't realize how wrong it was at the time. When our parents found out they called it disgusting and disowned us. Thankfully, Beyond was old enough to take care of himself and I so we moved out. Not long after, we were living the good life. Lived in a mansion and it wasn't long before he told me what he did to get the money."

Light took in the information, still gazing at the ceiling. "What did he do?"

"He was a murderer. Not long after did I find out that not only was he a murderer,, he was a cold blooded killer, an assassin, a serial killer. But, when it came to me, he was always so gentle at first. He always made it a point to protect me and love me. Then..." He swallowed hard, finally meeting Light's eyes. "He changed. Death... it changed him. One day he came home and he was rough with me, beat me. I was scared, yet I still loved him, regardless. How stupid of me now that I think about it." He paused and sighed, still keeping eye contact. "Days went by with what felt like rape, beatings here and there. Then the nature of the beatings changed and he grew sadistic... that's the day he finally decided he would break me. He took me and restrained me, torturing me and teasing me with minimal pain then finally a barage of pain then back to the little things. He molested me and raped me on multiple occasions and he began to say things that confused me, like he was playing with my head. I dare not repeat those words." He pursed his lips then breathed in deeply, letting out a steady flow of air. "Well... the point was to make me stronger, yet all he did was make me into a monster. Nothing to be proud of." He looked away.

"You're no monster, Ryuzaki." Light said steadily and softly, drawing Ryuzaki's gaze back to his face. "Then what am I to you, Light?" They kept their eyes locked onto each other, leaning forward inch by inch without realizing until they were centimeters away. Light glanced down at Ryuzaki's lips quickly before meeting his eyes. "To me? To me, you are the only one who can keep me on my toes, the only one who can draw so much love out of me at one time, change my life, save me from trouble. You are my lover, Ryuzaki. You own my heart, my soul and my body like I do you. You are no longer my slave, I am no longer your master. Ryuzaki, you are simply the one I will love always, no matter what happens. I will always love you and be by your side. You are my life."

Ryuzaki felt like he could ravish this teen, his heart beat faster, pounding against his ribcage. If he thought he felt love for this boy yesterday, well... it was nothing compared to what he was feeling now. He wanted nothing but to be by his side forever. He opened his mouth to reply.


He got no farther than that, feeling soft lips press passionately against his own. This was a kiss that felt different from all the rest, this one was meaningful and loving, full of trust and committment. It went no farther than a simple press of the lips, a simple gesture that said 'forever'. Yes, forever and ever.


One week later

"I feel lots better, can I please get out of bed, Ryuzaki?" Light lay on the bed, covers kicked off to the side and he looked to Ryuzaki with pleading eyes as the man stood over him with hands in his pockets. He shrugged.

"That depends. Can you move without wincing in pain, even with just trying to sit up?" Light experimented and smirked when he sat up all the way against the headboard without any pain at all. Ryuzaki cocked an eyebrow. "Well, that doesn't mean anything. You're going to have to experiment a bit more." He noticed something cross over Light's eyes and he observed him, trying to decipher what was behind that look.

"How should I experiment?" He asked, his tone playful and devious. Once again, Ryuzaki looked at him skeptically and shrugged. "Do some movements in bed."

A smile was plastered on the teens face and it all clicked in his head a second too late. He was suddenly pulled down onto the bed by his shirt, letting out a gasp in the process. "Light, what are y-" His mouth was instantly invaded by Light's warm tongue and he faltered, falling on top of Light. The kiss continued as Light flipped them over to where he was straddling Ryuzaki's hips, his hands immediately going to roam underneath his baggy white shirt. Light had waited too long for this and he wanted all of Ryuzaki, he yearned to hear him moan and feel him thrash underneath him, wanted to savor those screams that would erupt from his mouth and echo throught the house and frighten the neighbors into calling th police. Yes, he wanted it that bad and he would have Ryuzaki all to himself tonight. He would enjoy this delicious body and taste every bit of it, he would whisper dirty things into his ear and make the man below beg for more. He would make this man come multiple times in an hour and tire him and make him scream til morning. Oh yes, this was going to last all night.

"Ryuzaki." He whispered his name seductively and pulled the shirt over his head before pulling off his own. Licking his lips, he leaned down and planted teasing kisses along his jaw, sinking lower with every press of his lips until he reached a pert nipple, taking it into his mouth and sucking gently. He felt the warm body grow even hotter and smirked at the short gasp from above. He nibbled and tugged on it lightly, moving over to the other before moving farther south and dragging his tongue down his stomach past his naval to his pantline. Through lust filled eyes, he glanced up as he curled his fingers underneath the fabric, tugging the jeans down over Ryuzaki's smooth creamy legs. He licked his lips erotically for the man to see as he leaned down and ran the tip of his tongue over the head, digging into the slit. Fingers curled around strands of his hair and he felt him tug, wanting more. His hips threatened to come up off the bed with the more of his tongue he used, his arm held his hips down.

"Ngh, Light. Don't tease me tonight, please." Light glanced up at the pleading face and had the sudden urge to fuck him without any preparation at all. He stared up at him still until he begged a little more. Ryuzaki figured this out and bit his bottom lip. "Light, I need you, please."

"Need me to what, Ryuzaki?" He asked with a sexy side smile as he abandoned his erection to crawl back up to him, he leaned back and let Ryuzaki watch as he unbuttoned his pants, the zipper coming down at an agonizing rate. Ryuzaki swore he was going to start drooling as those pants slid sensually off those beautiful legs and were thrown across the room.

"Answer my question, Lawliet." His true name rolled off his tongue smoothly and it sent chills up and down his spine, his voice was almost inaudible as he spoke. "Fuck me..."

"What was that?" Light pressed his erection against the other's, causing him to moan out the words, "I want you to fuck me, Light!" Already, he was whimpering under him as he knew what was coming. It was all too good. He felt sinful fingers probe at his entrance and he lifted his hips towards the digits, wanting them inside him, pleasuring him. A long finger slid into him followed already by a second. They scissored inside him and stretched him, but only slightly. Light wanted Ryuzaki to feel all he could, knowing Ryuzaki would enjoy the pain just as much as he would the pleasure. The brunette removed his fingers and ran the thumb over the head of his own cock, smearing the precum over himself before spreading Ryuzaki's legs farther apart and preparing himself at his entrance. He looked into Ryuzaki's eyes that were clouded over and staring at him, wanting it all.

Once he knew he was ready, Light snapped his hips forward harshly, loving the sharp cry of pain from his lover. He held still for a moment to let Ryuzaki situate himself, giving him a nod then to continue. Leaning down he pressed his lips to the other's before pulling out and thrusting back in with just as much force, the bed knocking against the wall loudly. Nails dug into the skin on his arms and he hissed as he thrust faster, already listening to the pants and groans of the other.

"C'mon, Light, ahh-harder!" He yelled and arched his back when a particulary rough thrust hit his prostate, he moaned out in pleasure, some of the pain beginning to fade away into the background. The pace became insane as Light grabbed his hips tight, pulling him onto his cock as he thrust faster into him. He was panting and every once in a while, Ryuzaki would bite his bottom lip when he heard Light's sexy moans. He couldn't help but sit up on his elbows as he was fucked, his head rolled back once before coming back around to give Light a look that said 'fuck me harder'. More moans filled the room as Light took little time to flip Ryuzaki onto his hands and knees. He felt Light's fingers grab a handful of hair and push him down into the mattress, only his ass in the air as it was assulted by the hard cock that fucked him mercilessly. It was so fucking good. A hand grabbed his hip firmly.

"You're still so tight, Lawliet." He panted and pounded into him from behind. The headboard slammed against the wall at the force of his thrusts and they continued on like that for an hour straight. Ryuzaki's moans and screams never ceasing through the whole time. Light didn't even have to touch him to know he had came almost 4 times already so far. Everytime he came, his body would tremble and he nearly collapsed, but thankfully Light wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him back to where he was sitting in the brunette's lap, bouncing up and down. His back was against the toned chest and he turned his head to share a messy kiss with Light, having to break it off to let out a scream when Light hit his prostate once again, causing him to come then and there. It was dark in the room, but Light could tell it was dawn outside and he was tiring out, Ryuzaki as well.

"Ahh-ah, mmnnahh! L-light, a little m-more!" He begged for a release once more. Light quickly switched positions so Ryuzaki was back on the bed facing Light, who was moaning uncontrollably as Ryuzaki tightened around him. Light gazed down at him as he continued to fuck the man with all he had, pounding into him and feeling firm legs wrap around his waist. "Lawliet, I want to see your face when you come for me." Those words sent him over the edge and he came one last time; hard. Cum was all over their stomachs and he felt Light fill him with his own white creamy substance, moaning at the feel of the warm liquid as it trickled out of him.

"Light..." He wrapped his arms around the brunettes neck and pulled him down next to him, cuddling against the sweaty chest. Strong arms wrapped around him and he let out a long breath, forcing himself to try to steady his breathing. They were at it all night. From the early evening to near mid morning. Their bodies were tired, neither of them bothering to move until late in the day.

"Light, I think I can be tame." Light looked down at him through sleepy eyes. "Ryuzaki, you really think you can hold back every time?" He received a nod in response. "When I'm around you, Light, anything is possible for me." He nuzzled the warm neck and placed a kiss on it before meeting soft lips. They moved against each other as they did before, just the lips for the first few seconds; loving, committed, and trustworthy. Light kissed his forehead. "Ryuzaki, I love you."

Ryuzaki smiled in contentment and relaxed completely. "I love you too, Light." For once, he didn't have to worry about the nightmares, the pain of his past or the troubles of what he had become. He could finally just... relax. Relax with the only one in the entire world who he could love like this.

The animal in him will always reside in his heart.

The animal in him will never come out.

This was how it was always meant to be.


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