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Oliver stared at the evening cityscape from the balcony.

It had been two years since he went back to England for good. His life as Oliver Davis came back easily despite the loss of his twin. He had been attending conferences, lecturing as a professor again, and doing investigations the way he always did with his brother ever since they got adopted by Martin and Luella – parapsychologists who owned the British Society for Psychic Research that studied paranormal activities both those blamed to be caused by entities, and those believed to be caused by the mysterious ability of the human mind.

It was Gene and Oliver Davis that put them into a highly respected place in the nation's academic field. They're abilities that no scientific method could prove as hoax shut the public from shunning the essence of parapsychology.

The highly awarded studies that Oliver Davis presented as his graduate, masters, and doctorate theses at the average age of a high school freshman astounded people far and wide.

The Davis family had always been esteemed for its wealth and academic accomplishments. And the twins' own set of achievements maintained their prominence in society.

Oliver scowled at the classic music that touched his ears.

Being a prominent person involved a lot of responsibilities. One of them was what he was doing at that time – attending a ball that elite clans held for so-called 'scientific socializations,' but in reality was held to uphold their wealthy status in society to their co-elites, to the lower class, and to the media.

Oliver grunted.

Only thirty percent of the guests had the scientific mind and yet they boast about its scientific aims.

Oliver reached his fingers to touch the gold key that dangled from a gold necklace he wore around his neck and hidden underneath the collar of his tuxedo.

It had been a habit of his since Gene wasn't always there to keep him company anymore, and since talking to a supposedly demised Gene would look insane in public.

Whenever he felt stressed, sad, annoyed, tired, bored, or happy...he touched the key. It seemed to soothe him for some reason the way the face of its supposed owner did to him two years ago.

Oliver sighed. He had secretly asked Yasuhara to look for Mai. It had been two long years without any good news about her. He had also checked the immigration office in England to check if she was in the country, but not even the detective he hired who had connections with the underground could give any information about her whereabouts.

He was starting to lose hope.

"You really don't like parties, do you, Dr. Davis?" asked a woman from behind him in a very familiar tone.

Oliver glared at the balcony.

Ever since he hit the youthful age of manhood, ladies from a number of prominent families had approached him or his family for one-night stand pleasures or formal engagements.

He despised both.

"I didn't know you despised them too, Ms. Weldon," Oliver said without sparing her a glance.

The woman giggled and walked closer toward him. She turned her back to the view that Oliver was watching and made sure that she gave him a beautiful angle of the fair space between her breasts that her red dress flaunted.

"You can call me Summer, doctor," she said pulling Oliver's face toward hers, using her dainty fingers.

"Pardon me," Oliver said as he showed off his fake smile. No one other than those close to him could see the sneer that he hid behind it. "It has been a hard habit to break – calling my students by their last names."

Summer chuckled. "Oh I know," she said. "I must admit that your habit turns me on when I'm in your class."

Oliver smirked, biting his urge to snap at the woman with the most offending words he could muster and push her over the balcony. "Really..?"

Summer giggled and moved closer – rubbing her chest on his arm. "Absolutely," she said. "I love it when you play bad teacher...and me," she said slowly running her fingers from his chest to his pants. "…your naughty student."

"So I heard," Oliver said. "That means you'll be failing my midterm exams again, won't you? In that case, be sure to submit a three-hundred page research paper about the essence of psychology. You will pass it to me before sitting in class to take your exams. Be sure to put sense into it because it will be your only chance of earning the units that you need to graduate from the university," he finished, lifting her hand away from him and putting it back to her side.

Summer stiffened and looked away. "You're really gay, aren't you?" she muttered.

Oliver chuckled, looking out at the cityscape again. "Homosexuals are attracted to people of the same sex as theirs," he said. "I am attracted to people with the same degree of intellect and beauty as me."

Summer scowled. "I am the university's most beautiful student!"

Oliver looked down at her. "I said same degree of intellect and beauty," he said. "…not or beauty..."

Summer looked away in embarrassment. "You'll never find anyone better than me!"

"Is that a threat? Because to tell you honestly, I'm not threatened at all," he said. "I could name a few in this banquet who fit my standards. They're actually the reason why you're not paid any attention by the crowd. If I give you that sentence as a threat, will you be able to name one in this ball that is of the same degree of intellect and beauty as me?"

Summer stomped away, biting her lips and holding back her tears in shame.

"I thought so," Oliver said.

Lin sighed as Summer stomped her way around him.

He had been watching Oliver since Summer approached him.

"Wasn't that a bit too harsh?" Lin asked as he walked toward Oliver's side.

"She was the one who had been leaving thongs and condoms in my table for the past two weeks," he said. "I almost got kicked out of the university because of such obscenities." He then glared at Lin. "You're telling me that I was a bit too harsh?"

Lin sighed in defeat, turning to the city below. Oliver had a point.

Oliver looked out at the view again.

"You know that your parents are getting worried about your…interactions with the opposite sex," Lin said. "They've learned about how you seem to have no interest in establishing social relationships with them," he said turning to Oliver.

It was then that Lin noticed Oliver's fingers playing with the gold key that hung from the gold chain around.

He sighed.

Oliver had been wearing the necklace ever since he led him away from the park bench where he found him two years ago.

He told Martin and Luella about Taniyama Mai. They were happy to know that Oliver had, for the first time, been romantically attracted to someone of the opposite sex. There had been people making rumours that Oliver and Gene had been engaged in an incestuous homosexual love affair, that was supposed to explain Oliver's views against socializing or 'dating' women.

It was a relief for them to know that there was still hope for them to have grandchildren. But they were saddened by the fact that Taniyama vanished without a trace. They had hired they're own private detective to search for her, but it had been two years and they still had no word about her.

They felt helpless. Ever since Oliver came back, he had been more than the workaholic that he was when Gene was alive. He didn't speak to anyone about his days in Japan.

At first, they thought it was just because he was grieving, like everyone was, about Gene's death. But they noticed the gold key necklace that Oliver always wore, and that he played with when he thought that no one could see him.

Apart from grieving for Gene's death, he was also grieving for his broken heart.

"There are so many things that are more important than reproduction," Oliver said, keeping his eyes on the view.

Lin rolled his eyes.

…Says someone who's in a terminal stage of love sickness…

"Being with someone isn't just about making progenies," Lin said, looking down at the view as well. "It's also about companionship – having someone you can speak freely to other than your family."

"Like you have Madoka," Oliver said, smirking and eyeing Lin.

A blush crept up Lin's face.

Oliver shook his head. "I have a lot of things I want to do," he said looking at the night sky.

"…Like playing with that key," Lin said eyeing him.

Oliver frowned.

Lin sighed. "Your parents think that you should try to move on," he said. "It's been two years."

"Why do you always have to associate my things with someone?" Oliver said, pouting like a kid.

Lin chuckled. "Not everything," he said. "...Just that one... I was there after all – when you started to wear that."

Oliver glared at him. "And you had to make up some story to my parents about it."

"Wasn't it accurate?" Lin teased. "You didn't correct me for the last two years."

Oliver looked away. "Just…let me be," he said.

Lin looked up at the sky. "I would love to do that, believe me," he said. "But I'm not your parents – Martin and Luella are."

"Can't you tell them that then?" Oliver told Lin.

Lin chuckled "I have," he said. "But I'm not their son."

Oliver rolled his eyes and looked back at the view. "They don't listen to me."

"Just tell them everything," Lin said. "I don't think they would judge you badly."

Oliver looked at Lin. "You and I both know that judging me is not the issue here," he said. "They love jumping to conclusions. Look at what they've been doing. They've been setting up blind dates for me without my consent because their jumping to the conclusion that I need to date someone."

Lin chuckled. "Well then you better think of another way to get them to stop what they're doing soon," he said. "I heard that the science minister and your parents are negotiating about arranging a marriage for you and his very willing daughter."

Oliver's eyes went wide in shock.

"They're planning to have another banquet where you and his daughter can meet," Lin said turning away and heading back to the crowd. "I think it would be scheduled by the end of this week."