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Lovino grunted as he saw Feliciano hanging out with that 'macho potato-headed' [1] Ludwig. Kiku, short and shy, followed right behind. He really hated Ludwig because he always tried to make a move on his brother. Or so he thought. Kiku wasn't on his hate list, but Lovino always knew their was something fishy [2] about him…As Ludwig began the meeting, Feliciano sat down next to him with a big smile. "Ve~ buonogiorno [3] fratello!" He said in his usual chipper self.

"Whatever. Just pay attention to kraut-breath up there." Lovino growled, which caused Feliciano to shrink down in his seat, and pay attention to what Ludwig was saying. Lovino never listened during World meetings. Usually around lunch break he would be bothered by the tomato bastard Antonio. He always bragged about his tomato garden and gave Lovino tomatoes. Don't get Lovino wrong, he loves tomatoes, he just gets really flustered around Antonio. Antonio has confessed his un-dying love to Lovino several times. Lovino has said 'ti amo' to him only about twice. Antonio was told by Kiku that Lovino is a Tsundre and he is supposed to be like that; which is why Antonio doesn't leave him because of his mood-swings and threatening words.

Lovino hasn't always had his horrible attitude, rude comments, or his passionate hate (love) for Antonio. He only developed these traits from his childhood, as do most adults. He was just a normal innocent boy like his brother. Most people don't know the story goes…but Lovino does. It all started, when his brother was taken away from him, by Grandpa Rome.

Okay, this is a new story I thought of while eating Pizza...weird right? Well, It might involve character death ;A; I know everyone's thinking "OMG! YOU LIKE, CANNOT KILL OFF LOVI!~" Because I know everyone is gonna become Poland and go on all-caps rage. /doges tomatoes and high heals/ Anyways, This is just the prologue, I know I spelled "Prologue" wrong. I just realized this. orz...*grows mushrooms in Haruhi's closet* Okay..I'll get right to the translations/annotations

[1]-This is one of the many nicknames Lovino gives Germany. (He's just jealous;))

[2]- Get it? Fishy? Because he's Japanese and they eat raw fish? Herp Derp.

[3]- Good Day (in Italian)

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