It had started with a few too many drinks, as so many mistakes do. And that's what this was. A mistake. They were sure of it.

They just wanted to let off a little steam after finals, and since Logan was off sulking God knows where over the Windsor diva, it would be just the two of them. Jules and Derek decided to grab a bottle of whiskey and head to Julian's room, thinking they could drink, laugh, and pass out watching a movie.

That's when everything went to hell.

They weren't sure who started it, or how any of it really happened. If you asked Derek, he would swear he was so drunk he couldn't remember his own name, while Julian claimed that the alcohol made his longing for Logan unbearable, so he just wasn't in his right mind. Any which way you looked at it, though, the fact remained that somehow the boys ended up on Julian's bed, kissing fiercely, running their hands over each other, occasionally letting out a gasp or a moan, and spilling half a bottle of whiskey all over the carpet.

The next day, they woke up and untangled themselves from each other (not, mind you, that they were cuddling or anything, of course not) and promptly went about pretending nothing had happened. Of course they hadn't kissed, what on earth would make anyone think that?

This feigned ignorance only held out for two days. Because it was then that Julian found himself in the library, browsing through the shelves and looking for something to write his paper on, when Derek appeared in his aisle.

"Oh. Uh. Hey Jules," Derek mumbled, trying to move past quickly and decidedly not looking the actor in the face.

"Derek. Hi," Julian said quietly, keeping a poker face and silently reassuring himself that the heat he felt blooming across his cheeks was from the vents and nothing else.

As luck would have it, Derek didn't leave and go look somewhere else, as Jules was desperately hoping he would. Julian insisted that what happened next, therefore, was entirely the athlete's fault. Not, Julian thought secretly, as Derek pushed him up against the shelf and stole a heated kiss, that he minded exactly. The two boys quickly readjusted their clothes and stalked off in opposite directions.

They didn't understand what was happening. They were going crazy, that had to be it. It was some sort of Windsor madness they'd caught from sharing classes with the Twins. Or maybe someone was poisoning their food. They tried to come up with any excuse for why they each suddenly wanted to kiss the other.

When it happened in the Stuart coat closet, Julian thought maybe it was the dust.

When it happened during a movie night, in the two minutes Logan left to go to the bathroom, Derek thought maybe they had the flu.

When it happened in Derek's car after going on a Chinese food run, they both thought maybe it was the warm weather.

But by the time it happened in the boys' locker room the next fall after an especially hard loss for Dalton's soccer team, when Jules had wandered in to comfort Derek and the kiss was soft and sweet instead of hard and heated, they were almost ready to admit that maybe it wasn't any of those things.

Maybe it was love.

Not, mind you, that they'd ever say it out loud.

At least, Julian thought as they wrapped their arms around each other, not today.