Summary: Tyler is still damaged from his brother's death and can't get through the darkness he's consumed by. Aiden, his roommate, invites prostitutes to their apartment in an attempt to make him feel better. Without disclosing to Tyler that the girls are prostitutes Tyler becomes intrigued with Mallory. They hang out and things seem like they're going well she keeps him out of the darkness. Although when the darkness takes over again and she leaves he finds out she's a prostitute. Will he be able to let her go or will he find a way to meet her again? Rated M for a reason, Lemons, AU

A/N: Thank you for taking time to check out this story, I really hope you enjoy it. This is the first fanfic that I've ever written and I have no beta/prereader so all the mistakes are mine.

I wanted to write a Tyllory story because there weren't many around and I ship them so hard together that ideas of their relationship kept going through my mind. This is one of them finally being written out.


I always get a coffee at the corner by my apartment. Every single damn day I get one without fail. Sometimes more but it all depends. I can't handle anything without my coffee. Once I get that I can handle the rest of my day and deal with my job and all the other fucking shit that goes along with me. Today's Friday, but isn't any different than any other Friday. I'll be going to work then going home. I don't want to do anything but sit, drink, sleep, it's getting too close to that time of year again that I fucking hate so much.

The thing is I know I'm not a fun person to be around. I'm moody and I get pissed off really easy. I have a lot of baggage and it makes dealing with things a lot harder. I don't like people getting close to me. It's useless. I'm never fun after the first ten minutes because that's when my mind begins to wander. Aiden is the only person in my life other than my parents who actually knows what's going on with me and even though he tries to get me to go out and do things he is still supportive.

I work at one of the hundreds of Italian restaurants in New York City doing random things in the kitchen. Its small but is always busy. I like working there I'm no chef but I can cook some things. I just work there to pay the bills. It also helps keep my mind off of things. Cooking and keeping my mind moving constantly leaves little room for it to wander.

As I was leaving work my phone started ringing, I glanced at it before answering already knowing who would be calling.


"That's no way to answer the phone, Tyler. When are you going to be home?"

" Soon" I figured that Aiden was probably going to try and get me to go out tonight.

"Good. " He hung up before I could even respond. Maybe that's because I've been in a horrible mood the past couple days, even worse than normal. Sunday is coming too quickly and I already know I'm going to crash hard.

I got to my apartment a few minutes later. We lived in a pretty big apartment building that was full of run down piece of shit places but I liked it. It was cheap too, which helped. Before I even opened the door I could hear a girl's voice on the other side. It was probably one of Aiden's girls he always has waiting on the side for him. He could be such a player. I opened the door and looked into the living room as I tried to find the voice and was met with two new faces. One girl was sitting on Aiden's lap and the other our couch.

The girl in his lap was tall, curvy and had short blonde hair. She was pretty and didn't even notice I had come into the apartment because she had her mouth attached to Aiden's neck. The other girl, sitting on the couch, was the one that intrigued me though.

She was thin and tiny but not short. She had brown hair that flowed down her back and incredibly pale skin. I caught myself staring at her in the doorway when she turned towards me and smiled. Her eyes shocked me. They were a piercing green that lightened with her smile. I couldn't help but notice her red pouty lips as her smile relaxed. I instantly had the urge to kiss them. Aiden noticed her attention was focused on something else and turned around to say hello.

"Hello" I responded lamely I was trying to recover from completely staring at the girl still sitting on our couch, who was now completely turned to face me at the doorway. I kept wanting to look again but I had to refrain myself, I didn't want to seem creepy for staring at her.

" Tyler! I want you to meet my new friends! This is Sara." He gestured to the blonde sitting on top of him in a chair. "and this is her friend Mallory. Mallory this is Tyler." He introduced us winking at me making me even more confused. Why was Mallory here? For me? I wasn't interested in girls right now. I hadn't been interested since the..incident. He knew this. I couldn't handle the commitment and I didn't want to. I was content being alone and doing my own thing. I wasn't like him with his sleeping around and finding a new girl as often as possible, he got bored easily. I mean I guess I used to be like him, sleeping around. But that was before. I keep to myself now.

"Hi Tyler" I looked at her again and was met with those green eyes. They were ringed in black in a sexy way that gave the impression she didn't give a fuck. She was absolutely beautiful. I hadn't been this attracted to a girl in a long time and I think I was enjoying it a little too much. I don't know how I could even handle being involved with someone right now… I was still a mess. What was I saying? I hadn't even talked to her yet and I was already killing off our relationship. Maybe I am going crazy. Whatever.

"Hello Mallory" I smiled at her and pulled my hand through my hair to try and calm my nerves. We continued to keep eye contact and I heard Aiden clear his throat.

"Tyler could I talk to you in the kitchen for a minute?" Aiden bumped my shoulder as he walked past me pulling me out of the hold Mallory seem to have over me. Our entire apartment was very small. You could take ten steps and walk through most of it, I'm not even kidding. I followed him in and could already tell he had something up his sleeve. "Look you've been so out of it the past couple months. You don't do anything but work and sleep." Great. Getting lectured again." You don't even try to get with girls anymore which I get or whatever but its been two years Tyler. Two fucking years. You need to start living life again."

"Yeah , I guess." I knew I had been out of it recently but I don't think I realized just how bad I had gotten. He didn't need to bring up the anniversary to me like I didn't know, I obviously knew. Plus I think he meant that I should get with Mallory. Which to tell you the truth I was liking that idea a little too much right now.

"I'm serious dude. You need to get out of this..funk..or whatever you want to call it. Mallory's a cool girl, hang out with her for a while." He winked at the end of his sentence and led the way back to the living room. So he wanted me to hook up with her? This made me oddly happy and I didn't want to admit why.

"Well I'm going to go take Sara into my room for a while." Before I could even realize what he was doing he grabbed the other girl and went into his room. I was alone with Mallory. I didn't know what to do next. I hadn't really hung out with a girl outside of the bars Aiden was always bringing me to, trying to get me to have fun.

I looked over at her sitting on the couch and saw she was watching tv and not looking at me. Part of me wished she had been looking and part of me was glad she wasn't. It gave me a moment to look her over, when I did I noticed she had on a very tiny black skirt and a blue tank top. It was simple and yet incredibly sexy. I went and sat down in a chair across from her. I didn't want to sit next to her because that could just make things awkward so sitting in the chair seemed my best plan.

"So, Tyler."

"So, Mallory."

"Why are you sitting so far away from me?" She looked over at me and smiled.

"I'm not sure. Would you like me to move?" Say yes. I tensed up hoping she'd take the bait. She didn't say anything but patted the cushion beside her. I relaxed as I got up and moved so that I was sitting beside her. I could feel her body heat and I suddenly had the urge to touch her. I was attracted to this girl and this was rare for me. I didn't know whether I should take advantage of that or leave it alone.

"What are you watching?" After I said it I internally smacked myself who asks that while sitting next to someone obviously watching it with them?

"Some cooking show on food network.." She smiled and almost seemed embarrassed. That couldn't be it though she was probably just wondering why I'm so weird.

"Do you cook?" Why not..I was already on the cooking conversation path let's keep going.

"Um not really.." She laughed and looked at me. "Do you?"

"Yeah I can make a few really good things."

"Maybe you could cook for me sometime?" After she said it she looked like she regretted it. That confused me? Why would she regret saying that? I need to stop over analyzing everything.

"Yes I think that we could arrange something." I winked at her and she smiled but it wasn't the same smile as before-this one had sadness behind her eyes. Although, as quickly as the sadness behind her eyes came, it went.

"Do you want something to drink? Beer? Rum? Vodka? Soda? Water?" I offered everything I could think that we would have in our fridge, rambling on until she cut me off. I probably sounded like a blubbering idiot.

" I'll just take whatever you're having" She gave me a small smile as I got up and went into the kitchen. I scrambled for a moment before deciding that I needed something harder than beer. We had so much alcohol in the house because Aiden was always restocking. He wanted to make sure if we ever had an impromptu party, we'd be prepared. I ended up grabbing rum and made two rum and cokes. It would calm me down faster and then maybe I could try not to make a fool of myself. I downed mine and had to make another because my nerves were coming back and I needed them to disappear if I were to actually be normal tonight.

"Here you go. Its rum and coke." I handed her the drink and she nodded thank you as she took a sip.I sat down back down next to her but this time a little closer. As I took a large sip of my drink I could feel the alcohol in my system already which caused my tense muscles to relax slightly. I looked over at her and was met with those green eyes looking back at me. "I love your eyes" I said without even thinking.

"Thank you" she smiled at me. I wanted to make her smile again. I wanted to see those full pink lips of hers pull into that smile again and again. Luckily liquid courage was coming to my rescue. I could do this. I needed to make the most of this situation because I was obviously attracted to her and she was incredibly beautiful. Why she was still here after having me stare at her half the time and the other half make stupid comments no one cared about was beyond me. Maybe she was attracted to me?

"I'm sorry I'm not the best conversationalist. I just.." I didn't know what to say. I'm really fucked up and have a lot of baggage in my life, can I kiss you?

"Don't worry about it." She smiled at me and finished off her drink placing the glass on the coffee table in front of her. She then pulled her legs up on the couch with her so that her knees were touching my thigh. I looked over to meet her eyes once again. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip and then pulled it between her teeth. I wanted her. Badly. I wanted to touch every inch of her.

"Tell me about yourself." If I could keep her talking I would stop thinking about touching her, at least I hoped.

"There's nothing to tell. I'm twenty and I've lived in the city my entire life." She kept eye contact with me as she answered. I wanted her to tell me more but I didn't know what to ask. "What about you, Tyler?" She said my name so softly that I almost didn't hear it.

"I'm not interesting either. I'm twenty one and I've lived here since I was young." If she was going for cryptic answers I could do the same thing. Not like I'd actually go all into my life story but still. "You don't look twenty one.." I didn't realize I had said this out loud until she laughed and squinted her eyes at me.

"Oh really? How old do I look then?" She was teasing me now and I knew it.

"I don't know..eighteen?"

"Why do you think that?"

"Your eyes" It didn't make sense for her to lie about her age, maybe I'm just overanalyzing things again. Although, there was a maturity behind her eyes that I couldn't ignore.

"What's your favorite food?" She broke eye contact with me and looked down at her hands in her lap.

"Uh Italian. I know a good place a few blocks away and I work there. So I suppose that may be a biast opinion." I looked up from my lap to see her laughing quietly." What about you?" I noticed we were both leaning in towards each other drastically. I had my arm draped around the couch above her shoulders and she was sitting sideways with her legs tucked under her. She still had her knees touching my thighs and was leaning into my arm on the couch slightly. I just wanted to touch her. My jeans were causing there to be no actual contact to her pale skin and I couldn't think of anything but touching it.

"I basically eat everything" She laughed as she said this and I looked at her with mock surprise.

"Yeah okay. No one as skinny as you eats everything." She was very slim and fit I could see the muscle definition in her arms and legs. The window beside the couch was letting in a neon glow from the lights which made her skin look almost translucent. I looked a little closer and I noticed she had bruises on her legs. I wondered where she would have gotten them?

"Thank you?" She laughed again. I was becoming addicted to her laugh it was so playful and carefree. It made me laugh too. "But I could eat more than you anyday. It's a gift!" She said playfully and poked my chest in the process.

" Oh really?"

"Yes. Although, I'm probably better at a lot of things than you are." She winked at me. She fucking winked. What did that mean? I kept eye contact as she looked at me from under her eyelashes. She was leaning in so far now that my arm was an inch away from being around her shoulders. I wanted to close the gap and touch her skin, it looked so soft.

"Like what?" I said suggestively leaning in closer to her and whispering in her ear.

" Let me show you.." I wasn't prepared for her to actually do anything so when I felt a tug at my earlobe I shivered.