It seemed to him, as he fell, that everything was moving in slow motion; he was granted a whirlwind glace of Jackie, tumbling head over heals towards the bubbling water below, he could make out the frozen sheet of the waterfall, and the dark grey sky.  There seemed to be no other sound, beside that of his own breath, as he twisted and turned about.

Then, with a stinging slap, Sam plunged into the cold water, surrounded by white frothing bubbles.  He tumbled and spun in the water, not knowing which direction was up or down, as he was swept down through the pool, and taken by the current out into the stream beyond.

Sam's head burst above the water, and he drew in a deep breath.  He then began splashing about, trying to keep his head above water, as the stream carried him along.

Suddenly, a hand grasped his own, and it's grip held.  Sam then felt a tug, and his feet were kicking at rocks.  He shock his the hair out of his eyes, and saw Jackie pulling him up onto a rock in the middle of the river.

"Thanks," he gasped, as he struggled to get a footing on the slippery stone.  Looking down stream, Sam saw many other rocks dotted the river, but were closer to the shoreline.

"Don't mention it," Jackie said.

"What happened to the raft?"  Sam asked.

A loud bang on the shoreline drew their attention, towards five wolves, gathered around a dark green sheet, which they were in the process of ripping to shreds. 

"I think that answers that question," Jackie muttered, "Looks like we're back to square one."

"I've got a better question," Sam said, looking around, "How do we get of this rock?"  On both banks of the river, the wolves stood, some sat, watching them.  The shore line and beyond was dotted here and there with light foliage, meaning if they made it to shore, they wouldn't have any cover.  In front of them, lay the fifty-foot waterfall, and behind them, the river stretch on, out of sight.

Sam titled his head towards the heavens, letting the rain slap him in the face.  Lighting flashed, and thunder roared once more.

"What about the shotgun?"  Jackie asked.  Sam shook his head.

"It's somewhere down there," Sam said, pointing towards the waterfall, "lying at the bottom of the pool, along with our flashlights…"  Sam patted his pockets, "…and the rest of our ammunition."

"Well, what about my gun?"  Jackie asked.  Sam spun around to face her.

"Gun?  What gun?"  She reached into her left hiking boot, and pulled out a small revolver, no bigger than the size of his hand.

"This gun, remember?"  She said, "You gave it to me, before you originally left for the boat house."  Sam mentally kicked himself.

"Oh yeah," he said taking the gun, "It's just with all that happened, I forgot about it."  He popped open the chamber, and saw six shiny bullets.  He snapped it shut.  "Okay, maybe we could…"

He paused in mid-sentence when a lighting bolt light up the night sky, and he got a good look at the weapon in his hands.  It was an RG14.  With it's shortened barrel, and low calibre size of .22, this weapon was easy to conceal, and could be carried anywhere. However it's one major drawback was its limited range, ten yards.

He looked up at the shore.  The nearest wolf was about 20 yards away.  "Well, this is useless," Sam, muttered, depositing the weapon in his trouser pocket.  "I don't think we could even wound on of those wolves with this pea-shooter, let alone use it to help us escape."

"So what are we supposed to do then," Jackie asked, "Just sit here and wait for them to go away?"  Sam looked from her, to the wolves, and back again.

"Until someone comes up with a better plan, that's exactly what were going to do."  Sam hunched over, and wrapped his arms around his legs, hugging them close, as he tried to ignore the rain, falling down all around him.

"Here," Jackie said, as she took of her coat once again, and wrapped it around the both of them, "We can't have each other catching a cold. 

As she leaned her head against Sam, he looked up at the darkened sky once more.  What were their hopes of survival?  He'd always been in tight situations before, and managed to get out of them, but here, he saw no way out.

"Where are you, Al?"  He whispered.  If he needed his over sexed, over dressed friend more than ever, it was now.  It was then; that Sam notated that the rain seemed to have slackened off.  It was still raining, but the wind was howling and bowling like before.

Maybe the storm was finally clearing up?  Sam hopped so.  It was the last thing he remembered, before drifting of to sleep.


Al waited patently as Gooshie worked away on the computer. 

"Well?"  Al asked.  Gooshie paused for a moment, and then shook his head.

"No go, Al," he muttered, "The storms to fierce.  I think it's eye is passing over the island in a few minutes, we can get you in then, but only for that time frame, after that, I'm making no guaranties."

"That'll be enough," Al said, turning around and heading for the image chamber room.  "Contact me the second you're ready, Gooshie," Al said, "Sam's going to need all the help he can get."



The sound was loud in Sam's ear. It wasn't a click that was especially effused with menace. Nor did it sound heavy or metallic. Just a plasticy double click. The faint plasticy double click that a safety switch makes when someone rotates it from safe to single-shot and from single-shot to quad-burst on an assault rifle.

At first, Sam thought that it was part of his dream.  But the ruff voice that followed most certainly was not.

"Get up, both of you!"  That made him open his eyes.  It was only spitting now, but Sam was more worried about the old man standing in the boat with some sort of assault rifle pointed at their heads.

"Huh?  What!?"  Sam looked over at Jackie, who'd just woken up, and was looking, rather shocked, at the man standing before them.  He was well into his sixties, with short silver hair, and wearing a long yellow rain coat.   He was standing in what looked like an old PT boat.

"Who are you?"  Sam asked.  He couldn't help to shake the nagging feeling that he'd met this man before.

"We'll have enough time for questions later," the man said with a deep German accent, "right now, get in," he motioned with the barrel of the gun.  Sam helped Jackie to her feet, and then into the boat.  The man with the gun, kept an eye on the both of them, as they climbed down into the boat.

"Please," Sam said, "We're very grateful that you…"

"Shut up!"  He snapped.  He then pushed forward on the throttle, and switching his attention between them and the waterfall, he drove straight for it.

"Excuse me, sir," Sam said, "We're going too…"

"I said shut up!"  The man boomed back.  "And keep your hands were I can see them!"  Sam raised his hands again.

"Hey," Jackie said, nudging him in the side, "Check it out."  The wolves were gone.  The shredded boat was still on the shore, but no wolves.

Sam didn't have much time to thin k about it, as the boat suddenly passed under the fall, and behind it, into a small cave.

Then, Sam saw the metal door.  It was built into the rock, open, and beyond it, lay the lighted area of what looked like a factory.

"What is this place?"  Sam asked.  The man ignored them, as they passed through the door, and inside.

Sam got his first good look at the place.  It wasn't a factory, but more like an underground submarine dock.  He could tell, because an old diesel sub, and a mini sub, lay moored to a cement dock.  Cranes ran across the ceiling like a web, metal creates were stacked here and there, discarded forklifts, trucks, and jeeps dotted the room…

….and lining the sides of the room were red banners, with the infamous swastika on them. 

"Oh, boy!"  Sam groaned.

Now he recognised the boat.  It was a Leichte Schnellboote, the German PT boat, and the reason he didn't recognise the assault rifle was, because it was a MP44, the German made assault rifle.  And that meant that the submarine was a U-boat.

"Yes," the man said with a smile, "I can tell by the looks on your faces.  This is what you think it is, an underground laboratory of the Glories 3rd Rich.

"You're a Nazi?"  Jackie asked.

"I am a German, a son of the Vatherland!"  The man roared.  "The master race!  I am more than, 'Just a Nazi,' young lady."

Just then, it hit Sam.  He recognised the man.  His Swiss-cheese memory finally kicked in.  "You!"  He cried out, "You're the man I was sent here to find!"

"What?!"  Both Jackie and the man asked.

"You're the missing tourist I was sent here to originally find!"  Jackie stared at Sam, then back at the man.  "Edward Lane, I presume."  Sam muttered.  The man nodded.

"Yes, that is the name I booked myself under as.  However, my real German name and rank is SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Georg Schmidt."

"The SS."  Sam muttered.  "Figures."  Georg smiled, as he pulled the boat up alongside a cement dock, and then jumping out, tied the boat up, and motioned with the gun for them to step out onto the dock.

"Please, do so kindly as to step this way," Georg said, standing back to let them proceed first.

"David," Jackie whispered to Sam, "What are we going to do?"

"Just sit tight," Sam whispered back, "Let's see where this leads us."

"Don't bother plotting escapes," Georg called out to them, "There is no way of this island.  I've already seen to it."

"Then you're the one who's been sabotaging everything, cutting the power, smashing the phones and the radio's.  You were the one who cut down that tree, and nearly killed us!"

"I'm sorry, my dear boy, but I'm afraid I had nothing to do with that."

"Okay, then who else did all that, the wolves?"  Georg smiled. 

"Exactly."  Sam stopped and turned around to face him.

"Excuse me?"

"The wolves," Georg said, "You've been seeing all around you, have been the saboteurs, not myself."

"That's impossible," Sam said, "To do those things would require thumbs, something those wolves do not have!"  This time, Georg laughed, actually bellowed.

"Fraulein," Georg said, pointing to a big steel roller door, "Would you be so kind as to open that door?"  Jackie shrugged, looking from Georg to Sam, then walked over to the long chain, and pulled on it.  The metal squealed in protest, as the door slowly was rolled up.  "Now, march!"  They walked through the door, and came out on a catwalk, overlooking a huge loading by below them.

"Oh my God!"  Sam gasped. 

Stretching before them, six miles in length, half lit and desolated, was a city.

Crudely fashioned tent-type dwellings were spread out across the loading bay.  Here and there, were dots of black ash, were it looks there might have been a fire. 

And here and there, among the tents, were wolves.  They all looked up at Sam and Jackie, as they came in.

"Dear, God!"  Jackie breathe in, "It's a whole bloody civilization, down here!"

"Marvellous, isn't it?"  Georg said, grinning with pride.  "They are the perfect weapons of war!"

"What do you mean?"  Sam asked.

"My dear stupid American," Georg said, "Take a good long look at those, 'wolves,' down there."

It was the first time Sam had gotten a proper look at the wolves.  The ones he'd seen where in the darkness, or only seen the head.  Now, he saw everything.

They looked misshapen and distorted.  Their hind legs were somewhat thicker, it's feet look outlandishly large.  Georg grinned, like a child at Christmas.

"Now, watch this!"  He made a few quick gestures with his hands, and Sam realized, he was performing sign language.  "Watch!"  He snapped, and what happened next, was completely unexpected.

There was aloud squelching sound, as the hind legs of the wolves, suddenly extended.  Sam could see bones moving, and sliding under the fur, and locking into place, creating longer legs, as they stood, yes stood on their hind legs.  Its stance reminded Sam of the way a Kangaroo stands.  Then, they dislocated their front legs, snapping them forward into hidden sockets.  They rotated their front paws around, and three slender long fingers uncurling from where they'd been stored.  Followed by two thumbs which un-curled on each paw.  The sight of two thumbs on their hand like paws was discomforting, not as much as the three inch long claws that slid out from their finger tips.  Finally, They snapped their heads forward, so they were hunched over, and they all turned to face the three of them.

They looked a misshapen and distorted human with a wolf head.  No, not human.  The way the muscles moved... it wasn't human.  An organic patchwork, Frankenstein's creature.  The sight was truly one to behold.  In all his adventures, Sam had never seen anything like this.  This was… was…. Unbelievable.

"What the hell are they?"  Jackie gasped, getting over the initial shock.

"I'm glad you find them fascinating," Georg said, "They are the product of years of genetic manipulation, millions of Marks, the latest of cutting edge technology, and the finest doctors in all of the 3rd Rich.  You are very privileged to be looking at the legacy of the Brilliant Dr. Joseph Mengele."

"The Angle of Death."  Sam muttered.  Georg smiled once more. 

"I see you've heard of the good doctor."

"I thought his specialty was in experimenting on twins?"

"That was only part of his work," Georg said, "His true goal, lay in the future of the 3rd Rich, the super-soldiers that would lead us to victory."  He looked over at another door, a normal sized door, and pointed with the muzzle of the gun.  "Come," he said, "I'll try to explain, to our feeble minds."


Al was on the point of thinking about leaping himself when Gosshie announced that the eye of the storm was passing over Sam's position.

"Finally," he muttered, stepping onto the platform."


They were marched down the catwalk, with the wolves watching them.  Georg quickly walked in front of them, and keeping the gun on them, opened the door, and they all walked inside, Georg closing the door behind him.

The room they had entered was an office of sorts.  Charts of different kinds of dissected animals covered the walls; one end of the room was filled with what looked like twenty filing cabinets containing God only knows.  Stacks of folders marked 'TOP SECERT' covered the main desk, along with books, pencils, pens, some playing cards, and a glass jar containing was looked like an unborn wolf cub.

"Welcome to my office," Georg said with pride.

"This place could use a woman's touch," Jackie muttered, glaring at the mess that littered the desk and floors.

Sam then heard the sound of the Image chamber door opening, and Al's cry of surprise.

"Sam?  What the hell is…"  Sam moved his hand behind his head as if to scratch an itch, but wagged his finger, motioning for Al to zip it, and sit tight.  Al understood, and kept quite.

"Let me begin – for you – at the beginning."  He walked over to his desk, and picked up one the few books there.  It was the bible.  "It took God one day, to create intelligent life.  It took us three years."  He placed the bible down.  "When the tied of the war turned against us in February of 1943, The Fuhrer realised it was going to take a super weapon to save the 3rd Rich.  He turned to the countries many scientists to develop weapons that could tilt the balance once more in our favour.  It was Dr. Mengele who first submitted the idea for the super-soldier.  His experimentation on the limits of the human body had lead him to a cretin Japanese research camp in Manchuria.  Unit 731."

He shuffled through some folders on his desk, and picked up one, with Japanese and German writing across it.  He handed it to Sam.  Sam opened it, with Jackie and Al peering over his shoulder.  Inside where pictures of Chinese men, women and children, nightmarishly disfigured.

"Unit 731 was originally a chemical weapons research facility, were the Japanese researched far more deadlier chemical weapons than Germany ever did.  However, some of there research showed the limitations of the human body, what it could do, what it was capable of –" he grinned, showing his teeth, "—and the effects of mutations."

Horrified, Sam closed the folder, and flung it back at Georg.  It fell harmlessly to the floor, spilling its contents out on the floor for everyone to see.  Georg just chuckled.

"That's what started the research."  He looked around the room.  "Since France belonged to us, we made good use of its Empire and it's resources.  This island was out of the way of the allied bombings, and work could go on here, undisturbed.  Argentina and other South American countries that supported the Rich gave us their resources we required, saving precious raw materials for the German War machine back home.  We were self sufficient, and we were making progress.  Or so we thought."

He picked up another folder, but never handed this one to Sam.

"We started out with super-humans, soldiers we could control and lead into battle.  However, the results were somewhat… disappointing.  The human brain is a Pandora's box, full of unexpected surprises.  The super-humans we were working on, could not be controlled, and some outright killed themselves what they saw what had happened to them.  We suggested using the corpses of fallen SS troopers, their brains would remain loyal to our cause, but Heinrich Himmler nearly had a fit.  And there we were, we were running out of test subjects, and our deadline was running out, even faster."

He indicated to the numerous charts of dissected animals.

"One day, I was observing the wildlife on this island, when I saw a chameleon, camouflage its self to hid from a predator, and that's where it all began.  A carnivore's brain is simple, so simple enough that t only needs the basic instructions," with his free hand, he indicated with his fingers the three points, "hunt, eat, and survive.  I searched long into the night, searching for the perfect predator that would make the perfect soldier.  In the end, I suppose it was inevitable.  After all, the wolf, is the greatest hunter of them all, just like our U-Boats.  Silent, and deadly."

He picked up another folder, and handed this one to Sam.  Sam flipped it open.  Inside where diagrams of wolf brains, pictures of dissected wolf brains, and other animals, the very ones that covered the room.  There was a chameleon, a Kangaroo, a gorilla, a cheetah and even some insects.

"Some insects have been known to mimic their natural predators in order to survive.  I would that the next step.  It would be a giant leap in evolution.  A predator that could alter its appearance.  Blend in with any background, and remerge as a dangerous killing machine, with of cause a few added extras."

"You call that blending?"  Jackie cried out, pointing at the office door, as if she were pointing at the wolves them selves.  "Have you seen them?  They don't look anything like a wolf should!"

"Yes, I must admit," Georg said sadly, "We weren't able to fully perfect them, but in the confusion of the darkness and rain, you thought they were ordinary wolves.  Right up to the point when you saw them in full light." 

No one spoke.

"Now, where was I?  Oh yes, with all our previous experience in genetic manipulation and mutation, we were able to proceed much faster.  Soon, we had our Adam.  Our first perfect super-soldier.  The tests that followed were more than anyone expected.  We gave them limited intelligence, and the test proved they had the intelligence of a caveman.  They communicated with each other, and their handlers by using hand singles, their limited intelligence, and the shape of their mouths prevented them from speaking.  We tested them with modern weapons, and they learnt fast, their keen sight and smell made them perfect marksmen.  Their heightened abilities made them faster, and stronger than any man.  The creature we had produced was a predator far more dangerous than man could ever hope to be."

Then, he hung his head, and sighed.

"But by then, it was too late.  Two days after we sent out footage of our successes, we learnt of the Fuhrer's death, then a week later, Germany surrendered, and the greatest experiment in the history of evolution was left to gather dust.  But we were not about to give up what we'd discovered, not after coming so far.  We had only produced twelve wolf soldiers, when the surrender came.  Without funding, they would surly die out.  It was then, that those of us remaining carry out the experiment through to the end.  Germany would still be victorious, and we would get our revenge on all of our enemies!  It wasn't too difficult to create a she-wolf, but we could only manufacture about six, before our remaining resources dried up.  But still, it was enough to ensure the survival of my children."

"Your… children?"  Sam asked.

"And why not?"  Georg said proudly.  "God created us, and we are his children.  I am their God, I created them, and they are my legacy!"

"Didn't I see this guy on 'One flew over Cuckoo's nest?"  Al asked, looking up at the ceiling.

"You're nuts!"  Jackie said.

"That's what they said about Darwin," Georg snapped, "And soon, I'll prove my genius to the entire world!"

"What do you mean by that?"  Sam asked.

"Do you honestly think that I would waist my time here, creating the perfect hunter, just to let it rot in the darkness?  This isn't about science achieving great things!  This is about revenge!  Pure and simple payback!"

"On who?"  Sam asked, already knowing the answer.

"Who do you think?!"  Georg shrieked.  "The Allies, but more importantly, the United States of America.  They were the ones who provided the manpower that destroyed the 3rd Rich, if they had just kept to themselves, Germany would be the great country should have been, today!"  He pointed out the office door.  "Soon, my children will leave this wretched island, and go forth, and spread like wild fire across the United States, destroying it, like they destroyed my Germany!"

"The U-boat."  Sam muttered.

"Yes, the U-boat!"  Georg cried.  "The boat was designed to carry equipment, not torpedos, it'll hold their whole species, all forty of them!"

"Forty!?"  Sam said.  Jackie leaned closer and whispered.

"Looks like someone's been busy."  Al couldn't help but cracking up in laughter.  But something didn't make any sense.

"Why come back here, now?"  Sam asked, "After all this time?"

"I told you, the last of my team and I created some females so the species wouldn't die out, I never said how long that took.  It took me a while to get the necessary funding, and resources to do so, and believe me, those kinds of resources don't come cheap.  It took us twelve years to keep them alive, to the point were their population was growing, not falling, or staying still.  They had to be at that level if the plan for revenge was to be a susses.  Only the recent events from the fifties and early sixties kept me from deploying them, my hope was that the US and the USSR would destroy each other, both of them, enemies of the Rich.  But the recent defusion of the Cuban Missile Crises changed all that.  It was obvious that you weren't going to destroy each other, I made plans once more."

He crossed behind his desk, and sat down in the chair there.

"I set about training them, teaching them basic guerrilla warfare.  They still knew how to use weapons, and there was new blood.  The only dam in my plans was the go ahead for the hotel.  Everything had been perfect until they opened this blasted hotel!  When the construction crews moved in, I came along as a building supervisor, the original one I had… disposed off.  I kept the wolves in the safety of the base, providing them with prey to hunt, while training them further.  Finally, the hotel was open, still not fully finished, with limited staff, and I booked myself in, in order to stay on the island without raising suspicion.  My chosen date for the invasion of the US was coming up soon, and it was now or never.  I unleashed them on the island, and they proved themselves to my best expectations.  They quickly disposed of all the guests and staff on the island."

He then rubbed his chin.

"All except you two.  I really don't understand how you two have managed to survive all this time; you should have been killed long ago.  My wolves are known to lead their prey into traps, but they just kept you moving along in the direction of this base, as if they were handing you over to me."  He looked out the door.  "This will require much study, that is why I brought you here, why you have been aloud to live as long as you have.  Now that I've explained myself, I think it's time you returned the favour."

"Not quite," Jackie said, "You said your chosen date for the invasion of the US was coming up, soon, what date is that?"

"Why, the 8th of May, this very year."

"The 8th of May," Sam asked, "Why then?"  Jackie realised its significance.

"VE Day," she murmured.

"Correct, it would have been a generation since the defeat of Germany, quite fitting, don't you think, since it was 20 years between the first and second world wars."  He twisted his free hand in the air, "kind of poetic."

"Kinda insane is what I call it," Al snapped pointing his cigar at Georg, "Sam you've gotta do something!"

"Look, Georg," Sam began, but Georg jabbed his gun in Sam's direction to let him know he was still in charge.

"I don't care for what you have to say, American," he snapped, "So now, I'll just find out, why you weren't attacked."  He motioned with the rifle muzzle to the office door.  "Outside!"  They exited the office, and onto the catwalk.  "Now, I'm going to…"  He dropped of, as he looked down at the shantytown below, to see no wolves anywhere.  "God in heaven?"  He shouted, peering down, "Where have they go…" 

"Now, Sam!"  Al shouted.  Sam ball up a fist, and swung around with a left hook, it connected right on Georg's left jaw.  There was a solid thwack, and Georg was sent sprawling onto the catwalk.  The rifle fired of a few burst, but as he hit the ground, it was knock from his hand, sliding over to the edge of the catwalk.

"Get 'em!"  Jackie shouted, as Sam leapt down on Georg.  But as Sam went for his neck, Georg lashed out with his knee, getting Sam right in the belly.  Sam woofed, as he clutched his stomach, and Georg lashed out with his boot, kicking Sam in the face.

"Sam, he's going for the gun!"  Al shouted.  Sam saw Georg crawling towards the edge of the catwalk, where the gun lay.  Gun? 

Sam reached into his pocket, and pulled out the small handgun, and pulling back the hammer, he pulled the trigger.

Georg cried out, and jerked on the catwalk as a bullet tore into his right shoulder. 

"Hold it right there!"  Sam growled.  Georg just lay there, clutching his shoulder, then, he slowly rolled over to face them.

"Fool," he breathed out heavily, "you're both fools, if you think you can escape."

"Uhh, Sam!"  Al said.  Sam looked down into the shantytown, and saw heads, poking out from the tents.

"Oh boy!"  Sam said.  Georg chuckled. 

"I told you, you can't get off this island alive!  My children are devoted to me, and me alone, if I'm under attack, they will come to my aid, no matter the cost!"

"What are you…. Oh!"  Jackie said, as she saw the wolves slowly approaching the catwalk, and all three of them began to wonder, how high could they jump?

"Oh, they can jump up here," Georg said, answering the question for them, "I would run, if I were you, they like running prey!"

"Those are the freakiest looking werewolves I've ever seen," Al said, as they began to gather just below where they were on the catwalk.

"Jackie," Sam muttered, not taking his eyes of the wolves, "Run, now!"  They both took of down the catwalk, while Georg just laughed at them.

"Sam, look out!"  Al shouted, as the wolves started following them from the ground, but for some reason, they kept switching their vision from Sam, back to Al.  Sam and Jackie both reached the big roller door, and rushing through, pulled on the chain, and closed the door, just as the wolves were jumping up onto the catwalk.

"Do you think that'll hold 'em?"  Jackie asked.

Five claws suddenly sliced through the metal door, leaving a slash mark in the door.  Then another, and another, and yet another.

"Come on!"  Sam shouted, as he grabbed Jackie's hand and they started running across the loading bay, towards the Leichte Schnellboote, still tied up at the dock.  As they drew nearer to the boat, Al appeared before them.

"Sam, hurry!"  He shouted, pointing over at the roller door, which was shaking from all the blows, "They're braking through, there's at least four of them up there now!"  They jumped down onto the boat, and Sam looked at the control panel.  He didn't know what to do.

"Oh, here, let me!"  Jackie pushed him aside, and got the engine running in no time flat.  "See?"  She said.

Bullets suddenly spanged all over the boat, and they both ducked for cover.  They both peeked a look, to see Georg standing by an open door, with the MP44 clutched in his hands.

"I told you, you're not going to leave this island alive!"  And to emphases his point, he fired more rounds at the boat.

"Shoot back, damn it!"  Jackie hissed at him.

"With what, this?"  Sam hissed back, holding up the RG14.  "Its limit is 10 yards, he's fifteen yards away."

"You better think of something, Sam!"  Al cried out, pointing furiously over at the roller door, which was falling to pieces.  One wolf even had his head, and right arm through the door, and was bitting at it.

"Can't you get the boat to reverse out of here?"  Sam asked Jackie. 

She shook her head.  "The reverse lever is up there," she pointed to the control panel, "Right in his field of fire!  He'll shoot my hand off before I even tough the bloody thing."


"How many rounds has he got, Al?"  Al looked over at the gun, and punched in a few numbers, calculating the bullets he'd used up.

"What?"  Jackie cried out.  Before she could ask who Al was, Sam interrupted.

"Look at him, Jackie!"  Sam said, "He'd pumped up on adrenaline, if we can taunt him into wasting his bullets, that'll give us some time to reverse out of here."

"He's only got 21 bullets left, Sam!"  Al cried out.

"Hey, Georg," Sam shouted, "If your children are so great, how come we've managed to stay alive for so long?" 

"I admit, I don't know, but you won't live long enough to find out!"

"Well, maybe if you can't explain that, you mustn't be the great scientist you claim to be, or perhaps your children aren't the perfect super-soldier!"

That worked, bullets slammed into the boat.  "Sam!"  Al shouted, "He's down to 12!  And hurry!"

"Insolent American swine!"  He shouted.  "My children are perfect, you here me!?  PERFECT!!"

"Is that why they've spent 20 years in hiding?"  More bullets showered the boat.

"How dear you!"  He roared.  "When I'm through you with you, there won't be enough left for a DNA sample!"

"Sam, he only has 2 bullets left."  Al shouted, "And hurry!"  Sam felt around for the reverse lever, and just as he suspected, Georg started firing.  Two bursts of gunfire followed, by several loud clicks.

"What?!  No!"

"Now!"  Sam shouted.  Jackie leapt up, and jammed the throttle into reverse.  The boat began to move backwards slowly.

"SAAAAAAAM!"  Al's shriek spun Sam's head in the direction of the roller door, it collapsed as the wolves finally tore enough from it, and they spilled out onto the docking bay area.  Sam looked down at the boat moving in the water.  They weren't moving fast enough, he could even outrun it at this speed.

He looked back at the wolves.  They could jump of the boat, but then they would lose their only transport of the island.  For once in his life, Sam didn't know what to do, and everything looked bleak.

Or so he thought.  The wolves had stop charging at them.  They were squatting on the docking bay, just looking not at them, but right at Al.  Al in the meantime was freaked out by this, the forty odd werewolves looking right at him, he began to back off, so much that he wasn't looking where he was going, and floated down, to the surface of the water.

The wolves are whined, and lowered themselves down on their hunches. 

"What are you idiot's waiting for!?!"  Georg screamed.  "Attack!"  He made the hand sign for attack as he spoke.  The wolves just looked from Al, to him, and back again.  Georg looked over at Al, but couldn't see anything there. He blew on his silent whistle four times, and then once more shouted, "Attack!" making the hand sign as he roared.  "Attack, you fools, there's nothing there!!"

But the wolves wouldn't go forward.

"What's gotten into them?"  Jackie asked.

Suddenly, it hit him.  Of cause, Georg himself said that they only had the limited intelligence of a predator, like a caveman.  A simple mind can be taught things, and understand modern technology, what they know, like boats, planes, cars, guns, but they weren't taught about time travellers or holograms!  Predator's intelligence can only go so far, before they can reason right and wrong.  They can reason a gun if taught how to use one, they can be taught to understand what a car is, a boat is, a plane is, what a human is, but they can't be taught, or reason, creatures who suddenly change appearance, and smell, and creatures who aren't really there.  They were animals after all, and animals could see him for who he really was.  And this totally screwed up their logic.  So that's why they never attacked him when he first arrived, and that's why they were never around when Al was.

Sam smiled.  It looks like the super-predator wasn't so super after all.  "Al," He shouted out to the hologram, "You're scaring them, they're afraid of you because you're a hologram!"

"Who are you talking too?"  Jackie demanded.

"Never mind," Sam said, "just keep that thing in reverse."

"Really?"  Al said, and then floating back up to the docking bay, he pressed a few more buttons, and started floating around in the air.  "Oga-Bogga-Boooo!"  Al made childish scary noises, but it worked, the wolves lowered their ears, and tails, and started backing up, moving away from the floating human, who really wasn't there.

As they backed out, Sam caught a glimpse of Georg, standing on the dock, gun no longer in his hands, watching in outright shock, as the super-soldier he'd worked so long and hard on, withered before an image of light.  How ironic, like a war of the worlds twist. 

Sam couldn't help but shout out, "Oh well, Georg, back to the old drawing bord, hey?"

"YOU!"  Georg snarled, pointing right at Sam, "You did this to them, this is all YOUR FUALT!!"  He rushed over to a metal locker on the far wall, and wrenched it open.  Inside lay five rocket launchers, or Panzershreks as they were called.  He pulled one out, and aimed it in their direction.  "I won't have the pleasure of seeing my children tear you to shreds, but at least I'll have the pleasure of killing you myself!"

"SAM!"  Al cried out.  Jackie shrieked in fear.

Shear adrenaline shot through Sam, as Georg took aim.  He leapt over the control panel in a single bound, and sticking out his legs forward, landed on the front of the boat, skidding across, right into the triggers of the front mounted machinegun.

He was still sliding, as he grabbed the handles, and squeezed the triggers.

Fire spouted from the heavy machine gun as it fired, spent shells rained down on Sam, and cement exploded form the wall as he drew a crocked line right across the wall, with Georg in it's path.  Georg doubled over, as two bullets tore through his stomach and chest.  There was a sudden splatter of red on the wall behind him, and he collapsed against the wall.

The Panzershrek fell from his hands, to clatter harmlessly on the floor.  He slid down the wall, leaving a long smear trail behind him.  His head was lowered, and he breathed heavily, once; twice; then his chest stopped moving all together.

"Whoa!"  Al said.

"Bloody Hell!"  Jackie screamed.  "That was wicked!  I've never seen anyone move that fast in my entire life!" 

"Sam, check it out!"  Al called out.  Sam looked over at the wolves.  They were still whimpering, but they weren't looking at Al, rather at the body of Georg. 

"Turn of the engine!"  Sam instructed.

"What?"  Jackie cried out.

"Just turn it off!"  Sam snapped.  They all crawled over to Georg, and surrounded his body.  Then, they threw back their heads, and howled, a long, mournful howl.

"How sad," Jackie said suddenly on impulse.  Yes it was.  Sam thought.

"Al, what happens to them?"  Sam called out.  Al punched in a few buttons.

"Again with this Al, David who are you talking too?"

"Well, according to what we could find, during the time period of Georg's invasion of the US, the submarine, USS Trident was patrolling in the Florida keys, and they came across a diesel powered sub, when it never answered their calls, they suspected it to be Cuban, and they sunk it with two torpedos.

"How sad," Sam suddenly said.

"David?"  Jackie said, "Who is this Al person you keep talking too?"  Sam bit his lip.

"Al, what if I'm not here to help Jackie and David, but rather, them!"

"David?!  What is going on?!"

"You're kidding, aren't you, Sam?"  Al asked.

"Only one way to find out."  Sam got up and jumped back onto the dock.  The wolves all turned, and looked at him, as he approached.  "Al, help me out here, how do I do sign language."

Al came over, and using the hand link, gave Sam the necessary directions he needed. 

Jackie watched in utter confusion, as David began performing sign language to the wolves.  Their ears picked up, as they obviously understood what he was saying, or signing.  They sometimes signed back, like they were having a conversation.  Finally, it ended with the wolves nodding in agreement, and walking back to their shantytown. 

David smiled, turned to thin air, and thanked Al, who ever he was, and jogged back over to the boat.

"What did you say to them?"  Jackie asked.

"I just told them, that they were their own masters now, and that they should try to live a peaceful life, somewhere in the Amazon rainforest."

"You're kidding," Jackie, said, "Do they know where it is?"

"Their pack leader dose," Sam said, he's studied maps of the area, preparing for the invasion.  They know how to operate the submarine, and so they'll take that down the Amazon River."  Jackie shook her head.

"I don't get it, how did you know they would accept that proposal, and not rip you to pieces?"

"Simple, Georg said that they are fast learners, and they understand what they know, and what Georg didn't understand is in the time of his absence, they built their own civilization, like we did when our ancestors were living in caves.  With their master dead, they have no propose anymore, and no further need to invade the US."

"What do you think will happen to them?"  Jackie asked.

"God only knows, Jackie," Sam said putting his arm around her.  "God only knows."  Then, everything went bright blue, and vanished…..