Author's Note: Yes, yes, I understand that this has been done time and time again, writing book one from PD from Michael's POV, but I can promise you that this will be completely different to however you might have read the others. But I'll be explaining all that at the end of this fic, read it if you wish or not, I don't mind.

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CracKing, the First

Chapter One

You know you're really bored when you start listening in on your three year young, completely obnoxious little sister's conversation with her best friend.

Which is exactly what I am doing right now; listening in on my three year younger, completely obnoxious and insane little sister conversation with her best friend of way too many years (in my opinion. No, seriously I don't know how she puts up with her.).

I shouldn't be listening and not for the reasons you might think, you know what with the whole eavesdropping on people's conversations are bad, though with psychoanalyst for parents, we're actually encouraged to do so. Eavesdrop on other people's conversation I mean. It's supposed to help us to understand different people or some sort of crap like that.

Personally I just find it rude and irritating and I'll happily beat anyone I catch eavesdropping on my conversation with my notebook.

But anyway, sometimes I just get bored, like we all do and I was kind of curious to know what this conversation between these two was about, even though I really shouldn't be listening because that involves listening to her and that is something that I'm trying really hard not to do at the moment…

"Mr. Gianni's cool."

What Lil? I mean, yeah he is. He's a pretty funny guy, but why is Lilly saying so? I must have missed something, but then I am actually trying not to listen and am only doing so because I'm bored.

Yeah, real great start to the school year Moscovitz! Twenty-four days in and you're already bored. On the bright side I've managed not to do anything particularly stupid in these past twenty-four days that would suggest to anyone that my feelings towards my little sister's best friend are anything other than those of an older brother.

Fuck this is hard and I've just missed completely what she said…crap, oh wait, wasn't that the idea? Why do I have to be so bored? Why does she have to be in this class?

Oh, right because she's flunking Algebra which is what Mr G teaches… is that why Lilly is calling him cool? To try and convince her that flunking Algebra isn't so bad? No, it looks to be a bit more than that, but she's speaking in such a low voice, a complete contrast to Lilly's, that I can't hear what is being said…

Ok, now I'm really confused. What the hell is Lil now on about? And her face is going so red, it's kinda cu… Crap!

"Tell her you don't want her going out with him." Wait, what? Whose going out with who now? "I don't understand you, Mia. You're always going around, lying about how you feel." And she isn't the only one, but what feelings has she got to lie about? She's fourteen years old! A freshman! A kid… crap! "Why don't you assert yourself for a change? Your feelings have worth, you know." Thanks Lil… oh, wait she's talking to her, not me, but sometimes I seriously have to wonder if my little sister doesn't have mind reading abilities. Though, if she did, I'd probably be dead by now as she would not take too kindly to my own feelings towards a certain person.

Ye-ah, I am so going to burn in a very special level of Hell. A level they reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theatre (1)… Yeah, I need to get a life!

Well there's the bell!

I shut down my laptop, slung my backpack on to my back and made my way for the door, though not before I unlocked the supply closet where we've been locking this new Russian kid. He is supposed to be this musical genius… and ok, I say supposedly because the only stuff he plays on his violin is Stravinsky. Like the only thing! Which is fine for like… a minute. After hour? Yeah, then it starts to grate on your nerves and makes you just want to smash the stupid thing over his head, musical genius or no.

"Ah, thanks." He squeaks once I let him out.

I just shrugged at him and said you're welcome. I didn't bother to mention that if he played something other than Stravinsky, he might not end up being locked in the supply closet but I'm almost afraid to because you never know what the alternative might be with this kid.

I was the last person to leave the room, closing the door behind me because Mrs Hill won't be back anytime soon from the teacher's lounge to close it herself.

I was half way to my Trig class when I saw her being shoved to the side by Lana Weinburger, causing all the books she was carrying in her arms (Why didn't she put them in her bag?), to topple to the corridor floor.

No, Moscovitz, don't…

Oh fuck it.

I strode over to where she was kneeling on the floor trying to pick up all her things and shoving them furiously into her bag.

"Hey, easy." I said, picking up a book that didn't quite look like a school book. It had no title on its front and it just… didn't look like a school book.

She looked up at me weirdly, like she couldn't quite believe that I was helping her, which is stupid because why wouldn't I? Oh, right… I hadn't be, achem, exactly the warmest of people towards her of late.

But I have a really good reason for that. A very good reason, in fact, but I can't exactly tell her what it is. Actually I can't tell anyone what it is. So now my whole family thinks I'm being a jerk to her all of sudden for no particular reason other than I'm just being a jerk towards her.

Damn, why couldn't she have come here next year… wait, then she would be thirteen… ah, crap! I can't win!

"Here." I said, handing her the notebook and oddly her face went this really bright red colour. It was kinda cu… Never mind, though I can't help but wonder why. Was it her diary or something? That's new. I didn't know she kept a diary. She never did before to my knowledge, not that I've been spending all that much time with her of late.

Yeah, but you still don't wear a shirt when she's around at home, a voice in the back of my head pointed out which I pointedly ignored.

"Thanks." She mumbled, taking it, snatching it more like, back from me and shoved it quickly into her 'SAVE THE WHALES' backpack.

And then she just left, just like that! No 'bye' or anything. Though when was the last time I had said 'bye' to her… come to think of when was the last time I said anything to her… that wasn't a teasing remark… um, um, um…oh god, she must hate me.

Argh! How much longer can I keep this up? I mean, what does it matter anyway? I mean, it's not so uncommon for a senior to date a freshman. I mean, bloody Josh freaking Richter is dating a freshman! So why can't I?

Because she also happens to be your sister best friend, and she known you since she was like six years old which means she could simply view you as an older brother or some really, really annoying person who teases her and acts like a jerk towards her most of the time.

Well, there are a few reasons why I can't just go up to her and say 'Hey Thermopolis, you want to go out sometime?'

Those and the fact that over the last couple of months I have forced myself religiously to call her (both out loud and in my head) 'Thermopolis' her last name as opposed to her first name 'Mia'.

Why you may ask? Because this way… I have no flipping idea. Originally it was one of my bizarre methods of trying to stop myself from liking her so much, but… it hasn't worked. At all. In fact, I think it's just made it worse.


Crap, I'm late for class!

Not that Patterson is going to care much. He'll be too busy tell off Backstreet Boy Clone and his cronies off to pay much notice to me.

(1) TV series Firefly created by Joss Whedon, episode six 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'

Author's Note: How I'm planning on writing this fic:
Firstly this will be written in First Person, but not in diary form (if anyone is having trouble keeping up with what day we are on, just let me know and I will post little notices or something at the beginning of each chapter or make references as to page numbers that I have gotten the text used in a chapter from.).
Secondly, I am making him a sound a little older than how I've read him previously in other fics and more like how I've pictured him to sound in the books (as I am an older reader, I do picture him as I see other guys my age. I'm nineteen). He still be seventeen, I'm just giving him the maturity that I read him to have while reading the books. Basically I'm doing the same thing as I did with Josh in my To Catch a Princess fic, just giving him a little more depth and a greater understanding of the character. Actually to tell the truth, I'm writing this more for my own benfit than anything else, like with my Josh fanfic (Which will have some elements from it playing into this fic, so if you want to give that a read, you can get kind of two sides of a coin)
Thirdly I'll be setting the year of this fic as being in September of 2003. I know that that conflicts with when Buffy ended (Which was May 20 2003) and other things but I'm trying to work within the time line that Meg has given us. For example; in Book 10 child are squealling over Penguins crying out "Happy Feet" (Happy Feet came out in America in November of 2006) and in book 10 it's May, so I'm guessing that Mia is turning 18 in 2007, meaning that Mia was 14 in 2003. And then there is also the whole iPhones coming out and so on. See, I have thought about this. So it's 2003 in my fanfic. Not that I'm actually (at least I don't thing) going to be referencing to much else that happens in 2003, but I'm just putting that out there.
And fourthly, there will be swearing and some minor sexual references, nothing too major but just letting you know ahead.

Ok that enough of my ranting. Thank you for all reading and reviews are much loved and appreciated.
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