Prologue: Team Work

Naruto decide to go out into the wild with a few people he knew were excellent trackers. He Chose Kiba, for his excellent sense of smell, Neji, for his Byakugan, and Rock Lee, for his tremendous speed, which would surely test him.

"Alright gang, listen up," Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs, from ten feet away. "This is going to be a challenge for all of us, the goal of this mission is to both, better my Ninja hiding skills, and your tracking and catching ability." Naruto pointed to a sun dial on a nearby pillar. "When that sun dial reaches twelve, the search will begin, until that time, workout your strategy.

With those words Naruto began his journey into the forest, laying behind him traps and decoys to throw off the strongest senses.

"Okay, it's clear that I am the leader, for my superior sight so everyone listen to me," Neji said in a very cocky manner. "No I should be leader, Naruto smells and Akamaru and I'll find him in a snap." "Yes, but when you are face to face with 1000 Naruto shadow clones, while the real Naruto is far gone, who will be able to snag him? The answer is simple, it is I who should be leader so as to position you in ways to capture, our elusive foe" said Rock. The gang bickered and argued about who should be leader for seven of their ten minutes to come up with a plan, before Kiba and his best friend stated, "Fine I'll catch Naruto my damn self" "No it is I, Rock Lee, the fastest and most brilliant, and best looking Ninja to ever grace the lands of The Leaf Village, who will catch him" Neji only had this to say, "Sorry, but one fact is simple. I am a genius, with an I.Q. on a level you feeble minded Neanderthals couldn't even process, and fate has been written once before with the great finale being this, me catching Naruto."

On those last words of 'who is greater' the three lone wolves headed off into the forest in search of Naruto.

{A/N} this is a Woo original that will be progressed into a longer story with more chapters. R\R