Team Work


Neji and Kiba sprung at the false versions of themselves. The fakes dispersed and now the four looked at each other in a faceoff. Meanwhile Rock was still recuperating from being knocked to the ground then introduced to copies of his allies.

"What on earth is the meaning of this?" He shouted to anyone who would take the call. "Those are clones," Kiba answered, "They were sent by Naruto to throw us off his trail. "Nah! They are the clones." The Kiba copy said. "You woke up with us, they just burst in here. Not to mention it's on the space where Naruto camped last night." The two Kibas fought over identity, while the Nejis stood, eyeing each other down. "Enough of this," The new Neji declared, "I know of one way to distinguish the difference. Neji bolted toward his clone, kunai drawn, and took a slash at him. The clone dodged it, "Nice try," He retorted, "But I took many forms of martial arts to deal with the likes of you."

The clone fought back with an intensity that rivaled the original's and now the Kibas joined the battle as well. Twin vs. twin could be seen dueling on the former camp. One Neji would swing a punch that would be countered by the other, who would land a kick. Kiba also had a rough time with his clone, which mirrored him somewhat closely. Amongst the confusion Rock lost sight of who he woke up with and who had just burst in.

The battle slowed long enough for Neji to speak. "This is getting us nowhere." His words were cut off by a projectile from Kiba. He deflected the kunai and began speaking again, 'If we cut ourselves and bleed." Again he was silenced. He now knew what the score was. The only way he'd be able to say what needed to be said was if he defeated one of the clones. He worked his way too Kiba in hopes of teaming up to overpower one clone, but met resistance. Akumaru barged out of the woodwork and made a beeline for Neji. He headed butted Neji sure not to make any slits. "This is the information I needed." Rock bragged. "Kiba has a wolf, the clone doesn't." "That's some great detective work, Captain!" His Neji congratulated him.

Rock vaulted through the air towards his collaborators. There he stood ready to take on the imposters. "Rock, you goof! They took my dog." Kiba woefully expressed, to no avail. Rock and his united team of followers darted towards Neji and Kiba. They fought off attacks from four sides, all the while thinking of a way to prove their innocence. Then it hit him like a slice from a kunai, the answer. "Kiba, stand down." Neji ordered to his dog friend. "What? Why?" "Just do it, Kiba. Trust me, please." Kiba stood down, and halted his defense. The two alleged clones were knocked across the camp where they landed with a thump. "They're down, I'll finish them." Kiba pronounced, but was met with harsh words from Neji. "Clones don't bleed, dumbass." Kiba landed upon him ready to finish the job.

It seems like Neji will face his end at the hands of a clone, while his idiotic partner cheers him on, but finally the wires connect, or the hamster wakes up, or even the light is reignited. Rock was brought to the realization that he had been helping the fakes, and raged out with a force that would even startle a furious Sakura. "You two are the FAKES!" He began his rant, "I'll destroy you with everything I've got." He ended his rant. At that moment Neji grew into a monster, in the eyes of his foes. He pulled out a kunai, and took, what seemed like, one step towards the farthest enemy, Kiba. He grabbed Kiba by the back of the hair and flung him into the air. In the blink of an eye, literally, he was behind Kiba in the air. "YOU DECEIVED ME!" he slashed him down to the ground where he disappeared in a smoke puff, leaving behind a log. In the next second he was behind Akumaru, holding him in the air by his faux tail. "YOU HURT MY FRIENDS!" He slammed Akumaru down to the awaiting ground that disappeared the same way. Then finally he ran, in under a second, to Neji and looked him coldly in the eye. "BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, YOU MADE 'ME' HURT MY FRIENDS." He kicked the phony Neji into the air and met him there. "THAT IS UNFORGIVABLE." Rock kicked the false Neji around the sky for a few minutes, before the guise it wore broke down, and he disappeared mid Kick.

Rock came from the sky to face his injured allies. "Sorry guys. I was a fool." He began to apologize but was cut off by Neji, "Yes, you were, but that is of no concern. The plan was for Naruto to fool us, and apparently it worked, but all that is important is that we survived and learned." "Yeah, nut he fooled me more than anything, and you two got hurt because of it. I had to be rescued from the clones by you two, because I was too oblivious to see through the ruse." Rock stated feeling sorry for himself. "Rock, we have hardly any time to feel sorry for ourselves. We have lost enough time in Naruto's web; let's move out on the trail we actually found last night." "Okay, Neji. I'm sorry." "Yeah whatever just help bandage Kiba and me."

Rock began bandaging his wounded partners then began to say, "Neji, I have something to say to you." "What is it, Rock?" "I believe you should be captain." "Really, why now all of a sudden?" "I was the captain for this fake squad, and look what good that did." "I guess so, but we need full group consent." "Yeah, I say its fine by me." Kiba spoke up. "That was a pretty nice plan you had during the heat of the moment. I couldn't have thought of it." "Well this is great news. I promise to lead this squad into our soon to be captive, and we will take him and win this challenge." With that said the group, now bandaged, headed off into the forest in a random location to find the path of their target, Naruto.