SUMMARY: Sarah and Jill must team up and work together in order to save and protect Chuck – which leads to some interesting conversations and confrontations. This story takes place some time in the second half of season two of "Chuck."

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"Casey! Stop that! That's disgusting!"

"Cram it Walker! This is a buffalo wing establishment and licking the sauce off of your fingers is allowed!"

Sarah gave Casey a deathly stare from across the table in their booth. Casey stared back, not intimidated at all.

Chuck, sensing a confrontation brewing, interceded. "Hey guys, cool it! We're in a restaurant – a very busy and crowded restaurant. And besides…."

He turned toward Sarah, seated next to him.

"Sweetie, Casey is right. Slurping the buffalo sauce off of your fingers is a tradition when eating buffalo wings. It's practically a national pastime."

Sarah frowned while Casey looked triumphant. But then Chuck turned to Casey.

"But Casey, that tradition does not include slurping so loudly. Sarah is right, you are overdoing it and being gross. So have a little courtesy and show some manners and take it down a notch. Be an officer and a gentleman."

Casey's expression darkened. "You always take her side. Why am I not surprised," he said.

"Casey, it is possible to slurp buffalo wing sauce without noise and without being rude or crude. Allow me to demonstrate," Chuck proclaimed.

He reached over and grasped one of Sarah's hands in his. Both Sarah and Casey looked shocked as Chuck pulled Sarah's hand up close to his face and inserted one of her sauce stained fingers in his mouth. He gently and silently sucked the sauce and then slowly slid that finger out of his mouth.

"See?" he said holding up Sarah's finger for Casey to see. "All the sauce gone and did I make any noise? No!"

Casey looked angrily at Chuck. "Bartowski! You do that again in front of me and I will kill you!"

Chuck smirked and turned to Sarah hoping for help in finding a suitable reply but then had to do a double take at Sarah's expression. Her mouth was open in an "O" and her eyes blazed with heat.

"Uhhhh…Sarah?" Chuck said as he started to loosen her hand.

But Sarah's hand grasped his firmly and her other hand shot out and grabbed the back of his neck and jerked him to her for a kiss. It was a while before she stopped but she still held his face close to hers, staring deeply into his eyes and managing, just barely, to resist the urge to sweep the table clear of the dishes and food, get up on the table and pull him up there on top of her. And if that wasn't possible, because they were in public after all, there was always the back seat of their car parked outside, she thought.

"What have I said about you two and lady feelings in front of me?" Casey snarled.

"Stuff it Casey! We've earned this!" Sarah retorted and kissed Chuck again.

Chuck smiled at his two teammates. Sarah was right. They had earned this. Team Bartowski had been really making a difference in the past year. The team had destroyed many Fulcrum cells, foiled a lot of plans and had even captured many key Fulcrum leaders. Beckman was pleased and showing it. The war against Fulcrum was going well, very well.

Plus, he and Sarah had been doing great. Chuck had been so surprised with Sarah after that road trip. He didn't know what had caused the change in her but since then she had been open and eager for a relationship with him. And at times, she had even been aggressive. But he loved it. He loved every minute with her.

Sarah's stroking hand on the back of his head brought him out of his thoughts. He leaned in for another kiss.

"What did I tell you two about the lady feelings in my presence?" Casey complained again.

"Stuff it Casey!" Sarah repeated and kissed Chuck again.

The two of them sat there gazing lovingly into each other's eyes and grinning.


"Yes Chuck?"

"Don't think I don't know that you're trying to distract me while you steal my French fries."

Sarah gave him a pouty look.

"I just don't understand…if you want French fries, why don't you just order some for yourself? Why do you always have to steal mine?" he complained.

"Because this is more fun," Sarah replied and popped a fry into her mouth. And before he could protest, she popped one in his mouth. And then she kissed him again.

"Oh for crying out loud!"

"Stuff it Casey!"

Chuck grinned and stood up. "I'm getting a refill. Anyone else need anything?"

Sarah handed him her glass. "More Diet Coke please."


"I'm good Bartowski," he said and started munching on another buffalo wing.

Chuck walked across the room to the drink dispenser and filled up his glass with tea. He set that down on the counter and was just about to put Sarah's glass up to the dispenser when he heard someone squeal out his name and then felt a body slam against him and arms wrap around him.

He barely avoided dropping Sarah's glass as he tried to figure out who was upon him. The arms grasped him so tightly and the body pressed so close to him that he couldn't recognize the person who hugged him. All he could see for sure was a mass of dark hair.

The arms finally relaxed and the person pulled back a little to look at him. "Chuck!" she said again.

"Jill!" he said. He grinned at the brunette as she came in for another hug. This time he returned her embrace. They pulled back after a few seconds and looked at each other.

Chuck studied her, worried that he might see some signs of physical or emotional wear or distress from her time in prison. But he couldn't see anything like that at all. She looked good and she looked happy.

"It's good to see you Chuck!" Jill said with a big smile. "You're looking good!"

"Well it's good to see you too. And you're looking good too." He paused for a moment, not sure if he should bring up prison or not. But he wondered. "So…are you out of…well, are you…umm…."

"Out of prison? You can go ahead and say it Chuck."

So…are you?"

"Yes, I got out about three weeks ago. Thanks to you and General Beckman and for some time off for good behavior. I'm still very grateful to you for your help, you know?"

"And Sarah, don't forget Sarah," Chuck pointed out.

Jill's smile lessened. "Oh yes…Agent Walker, who could forget her. And speaking of…."

Chuck felt an arm loop through his and a body press up against his left side. He turned and saw Sarah standing beside him with a forced smile on her face as she looked at Jill. "Hello Jill!" Sarah said in a flat tone.

"Agent Walker," Jill greeted.

The two women eyed each other, not saying anything further. Jill gazed at Sarah's arm looped through Chuck's and how close the CIA agent pressed against him. Then, as the brunette turned from Sarah and looked at Chuck, Chuck could feel Sarah's arm tightening through his and her body pressing even more against his side.

"So Jill, what is going on, what have you been doing now that you're out of, out of…."

"Prison, she's out of prison, Chuck," Sarah finished.

If Jill was annoyed by that, she didn't show it. She didn't even look at Sarah as she spoke. "I'm working, I'm working now at a pharmaceutical company. I just started there last week. It's what I went to college for and you could say that after everything that happened, I'm now have my life back." She smiled brightly at Chuck. "And I owe it all to you Chuck."

"And Sarah!" Chuck interjected.

Jill then glanced at Sarah but didn't say anything. Once again, the two women studied each other. Chuck wasn't sure what was going on but he could feel Sarah clutching him tighter. Jill looked at Sarah and then Chuck.

"So, I guess you two are together now?" Jill asked quietly.

"Yes, yes we are," Chuck enthused as he turned his head to smile at Sarah, who smiled back.

Jill looked surprised. "Well…that's, that's…wonderful…wonderful. I'm happy for you Chuck," she said.

"Thank you!"

"Chuck, I—"

A voice calling Jill's name from the other side of the restaurant interrupted. Jill, Chuck and Sarah turned to the source – one woman among a group of five men and women at a table. The woman waved and called out, "Come on, we have to get back before we're late."

"Coming!" Jill said. She turned back to Chuck and then dug into her purse and pulled out a card.

"Chuck, it's great to see you! Here," she said as she handed him the card. "Give me a call and we can catch up." Then she quickly leaned forward and kissed him and walked away.

And as he watched her walk away and then depart with her group, Sarah's grip on his arm tightened even more. He turned and looked at her. Her expression was unemotional.

"Where's my Diet Coke?" she asked.

Chuck glanced down at his hands, one which held the card Jill gave him and the other which held Sarah's glass, which he still needed to fill with Diet Coke.

Which he did immediately. And which he had to do with Sarah holding onto his arm the whole time – while he filled the glass with Diet Coke from the drink dispenser, while he walked back to the table with his iced tea and her Diet Coke and while he sat back down at the table.

Casey, eating the last of his buffalo wings, eyed Sarah's arm still attached to Chuck's as the couple sat down at the table, and snorted.

"Bartowski, what the hell is it with you and brunettes?" he asked as he chewed.

"What are you talking about Casey?" Chuck asked with a puzzled look on his face.

Casey just shook his head in disbelief and stopped chewing. "Want me to spell it out for you? First—"

"AHEM!" Sarah said and glared at Casey. That stopped his talking and with a shrug, he took another bite out of his buffalo wing.

Sarah then turned to Chuck and glared. But not at his face, at his hand. He looked and then realized that he still had Jill's business card in it.

Sarah arched one eyebrow and, unsmiling, held out her hand for the card.

"I wasn't going to call her," he said.

Sarah arched her eyebrow again and still held out her hand for the card.

"No, really, I wasn't going to call her, I promise."

Sarah snapped her fingers twice and still held out her hand for Jill's business card. How anyone could make mere snapping of fingers so commanding and forceful, Chuck would never know. But Sarah managed. He immediately put the card in her hand.

Casey snorted loudly. "You two are so whipped!" he said.




Ellie parked her car into a space at the Walgreen's lot, opened the car door, got out, slammed the door shut and pressed the "Lock" button on her key chain as she dashed toward the store entrance, not even bothering to wait and make sure that her car "chirped" to confirm that it was locked.

Once inside, her eyes quickly scanned upward and right and left, looking for the sign for the beauty supplies aisle. And upon spotting it, she dashed there and searched the shelves until she spotted what she needed.


She grabbed one can, two cans, three, four, five, six, gathering them in her arms. Three cans would probably be plenty. But she didn't want to take any chances of their running out again. And as she turned to head to the counter, she struggled to hold onto the six cans. And lost the battle as one escaped and rolled down the aisle. Ellie debated whether or not to chase after it, thinking it would just be quicker to grab another one from the shelf and just go. She hated to leave it on the floor as she always picked up messes that she caused. But she was in a hurry. And this was an emergency. And she didn't have much time.

The decision got made for her when she saw someone pick up the stray can and hand to her.

Ellie hardly glanced at the good Samaritan as she got the other five cans firmly gripped in her left arm and reached out with her right to take the sixth can and then added it to the others. "Thank you!" she said and started to dash off.


Then Ellie actually looked at the person. That voice sounded familiar. And the face looked familiar. Who? Oh yes, she did indeed know this person.

"Jill?" she said hesitantly. Yes, her eyes and mind confirmed that it was indeed Jill. That Jill.

"Yes! Hey Ellie!" Jill greeted.

Since Ellie now knew about Chuck and Sarah's spy life as they had told her all about it a while ago, including that road trip adventure with Jill and how Jill helped out, Ellie no longer had an overwhelming desire to smash the brunette's face in for what she did to Chuck back in college and after. But while she may not want to kill Jill, she didn't want to be friends with her. All of what she had put Chuck through was still a sore spot with her. And she could tell that Sarah felt much the same as she recalled Sarah's icy expressions when she and Chuck had related that adventure.

"Hello Jill," Ellie replied cordially.

Jill eyed all of the hairspray. "What's with all that? A hair emergency?"

"You could say that. We ran out and I was dispatched to get some more."


"Yes," Ellie replied. "All of the bridesmaids and matrons are getting ready for the wedding today and we ran out of hair spray," she explained. And then with a great degree of satisfaction, she added, "We're getting ready for Chuck's wedding."

"Chuck?" Jill said quietly.

"Yes, my brother is getting married today. Getting married to the love of his life."

It pleased Ellie that Jill looked a little sad there for a moment. "Sarah Walker?" she asked.

"Yes!" Ellie enthused.

"I thought as much," Jill said. She then looked up and down at Ellie. "I was wondering why you were dressed so formally. And you look good by the way. Well, you did say you had a hair spray emergency, so I won't keep you. I imagine that you have to get back quickly. Nice seeing you Ellie. Please give Chuck my best." And then she walked away.

Ellie waited until Chuck's ex was out of sight. Then she clenched her fist in triumph. "YES! In your face!" she cheered. Then she dashed toward the checkout counter. She had a wedding to get to!




The infant struggled in the woman's arms and started to whine and grabbed at some of the woman's blonde hair.

"Hey! Settle down little girl!" Sarah scolded her daughter. The little girl stopped and looked curiously at her mother. "And what are you getting so anxious for? You think I'm going to forget the Fruit Loops? See? I'm getting them right now."

Sarah balanced her daughter in one arm and reached out to snag a box of Fruit Loops from the grocery store shelf with the other. And then she placed her daughter back in her traveling seat which Sarah had placed in the shopping cart. The young girl looked like she was going to fuss at being back in the seat but Sarah smiled and leaned down and kissed her. "That's my girl! You want your Fruit Loops, don't you? Well so does your father," she said happily. Then she pushed the cart and traveled down the aisle.

"Agent Walker?" a voice behind Sarah inquired.

Sarah tensed. Friend or foe? She wondered. Even though she had been out of the game for a little while, years of field work had honed her senses to always be on the lookout for trouble. She tugged on her purse strap and maneuvered her purse from her side to her front and undid the top and placed her hand down in the bag giving her easy access to her weapon. Then, she turned around and made sure that she was also shielding her daughter when she did.

And found herself face-to-face with a familiar brunette. "Jill," she said flatly.

The former ex, rival and foe looked good. Her hair was shorter since the last time Sarah had seen Jill years ago in that restaurant. But it was perfectly styled. As was the rest of Jill. Everything about Jill looked perfect – her hair, her skin, her clothes. Sarah had to mentally shake off some jealousy and resentment at the brunette. It was no longer necessary, she reminded herself.

"I thought that was you," Jill said. "I saw you turning down this aisle and I had to come over and make sure."

Sarah smiled. "How are you Jill?"

"Good, really good. Things have gone well since…." Her voice trailed off, not mentioning those days on the run. Sarah knew that Jill wasn't lying. Every now and then in the time after, she had checked up on Jill. Thanks to her and Chuck's aid, Jill had gotten her sentence vastly reduced and gotten out of prison less than a year later. And with the NSA's help, she had gotten a job with a major pharmaceutical firm and advanced up the ladder of success.

Before either could say anything else, a small whine erupted from behind Sarah. Sarah instantly turned to her daughter and consoled her. "Hey, hey, it's OK! Mommy's right here!" She looked back at Jill and saw that the brunette's jaw was practically on the floor.

"Agent Walker?" she said in astonishment and shock.

"Actually, it's now Bartowski," Sarah replied with a great deal of satisfaction. "It has been for years!" She held up her left hand and wiggled the engagement ring and wedding band in front of Jill's face. Then she grasped her daughter, held her up and turned toward Jill. "And this is Chuck's and my daughter, Sallie. Sallie, wave hello to Jill here," Sarah said as she gently held Sallie's hand and waved it at the brunette, whose jaw, if it was possible, dropped even further.

"Sallie Bartowski?" Jill finally managed to whisper.

"Mm hmm. Chuck and I have been married for over three years now and Sallie was born about three months ago. Isn't she beautiful?" Sarah gushed and tucked back a stray curl on the infant.

"Sallie?" Jill squeaked.

"Mm hmm. Chuck wanted to name our daughter Sarah after me and I wanted to name her Ellie, after his sister. So we combined the two, the SA in my name and the LLIE in Ellie's name."

"You and Chuck and…." Jill's voice trailed off as she continued to look shocked.

Sarah nodded and couldn't help the huge grin that formed on her lips. And you helped me. You may not realize that but you helped me, she thought. I got Chuck, I got my Chuck and you helped me. Sallie gurgled right at that moment as if to agree with Sarah's thoughts.

"Well, congratulations Agent Wa – Agent Bartowski. Congratulations. Please tell Chuck that I said hello." And then Jill turned and walked away. Sarah watched the woman's retreating form. Then she turned to Sallie who looked at her mother curiously.

"That's your father's trashy ex-girl friend. But we don't talk or think about her much any more Sallie. No, we don't talk or think about her much at all. And why would we? Why would we bother thinking about her at all? Come on, let's head for home. We both want to be with your father!"


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