Well, here it is: Chapter 1 of the next story in my Disney Villains Backstories series! Enjoy!


Her new room was dark, and small, and uncomfortable, and... well the list could go on endlessly. Honestly! The bed was plain and hard, such a contrast to her large four-posted and red draped one at home which was plush and luxurious. There was nothing else in the room but a sink and the toilet. There wasn't even a mirror for her to look in! Outrageous! At least she had the room to herself. Oh, and what she had to wear! Though the black and white stripes matched her hair, the ensemble was not flattering in the least. And the shoes! How she wanted her red pointed-toe stilettos back! But my coat! What have they done with my beautiful fur coat?

All at once she was consumed with her rage again. She ran to the bars that formed an entire wall of her square cell and rattled them furiously. "YOU IDIOTS, YOU IMBECILES, YOU, YOU, YOOOUUU-!" She screamed, her insults eventually becoming an earsplitting screech. Not that it mattered. The two people she was insulting were in a completely different wing of the prison, seeing as she was in the women's half, and they were men. Eventually, two guards came with a doctor. The guards grabbed her roughly, and held her by her arms while the doctor took out a syringe and painfully injected something into her arm. She squirmed and screeched all the while, until the injection took hold, and she fell to the floor unconscious. The guards placed her on the bed and left with the doctor, locking the door behind them.

"Well, doc-tor, wot do you say 'bout her?" the one guard asked. "Coz, I think she's stark raivin' mad!"

"She 'asn't stopped screamin' since she came 'ere," the other said.

"Her examination showed her to be fully in possession of her mental faculties, but she does seem to have a strange obsession with-"

"With wot?"

"Fur. Specifically, Dalmatian fur."

"Uhhh, why would she-"

"We don't know, but we do know that she was the one (along with two accomplices) to dognap those fifteen Dalmatian puppies from that home in Camden, along with eighty-four others!"

"That's... *counting and doing very slow mental math*"

"I'll save you the trouble of counting, that's Ninety-nine Dalmatians. We don't know what she intended to do with them because she wouldn't tell us."

"Cor! Ninety-nine Dalmatians..."

Back in the cell the woman was in a restless place of her mind. A dark corner where many unwanted thoughts and memories had been shoved, to be covered in dust and cobwebs, but they were there none the less. Tonight, in her unconscious state, with no control over her mind, they came forward unbidden. Her cold, dark surroundings helped a measure in reviving them because it felt all too familiar. The dust and cobwebs were brushed off, and the memories were as vivid and alive as ever.

Well, there's chapter one! I just want to be clear, I've based this off of Cruella from the 1961 animated version. I will be spelling her name a little differently than most other people do, but I think Deville looks better than DeVil. They'd be pronounced the same way anyway, so I don't think it really matters. Also, if you couldn't tell, the guards are written in London Cockney dialect. I'm sorry if it bothers you but I'll be doing dialects for the rest of the story, so please bear with me!

Any suggestions? Chapter 2 is almost done, but I may take some into consideration.

Until next time!