"Oh, they're... they're hideous! Disgusting little rats! Where are the spots?"

"They won't get their spots for a month or so yet."

"Oh,... well in that case, I'd like all of them."


Cruella raised her gaze to the scrawny man in front of her. "What?"

"You can't have them. Any of them. We're... we're keeping them all."

"Oh please. You can't possible care for all of them. Why, you can barely feed yourselves!"

"We'll find a way to manage," Anita responded levelly.

Cruella couldn't believe it. I can't believe they're saying no!

"Right, you're not taking any of them, and that's final!" Cruella could hardly believe that the composer was the one standing in her way here.

"Fine!... You'll regret not taking this offer!" she yelled as she stormed out the door. Oh yes you will. I will have those puppies if it's the last thing I do!


Anita was right. It was an obsession. Her every thought revolved around getting enough puppies to have enough fur to make a new coat. She didn't care what she had to do to get them, and any shred of humanity Cruella had left fell away and was replaced by insanity.


Her mind reeled as she crawled out of her car after it landed in the ditch. She heard sirens above, and all she could do was glare at Horace and Jasper with pure contempt and shout, "You idiots, IDIOTS!" through sobs. She knew it was all over.


She woke to find herself screaming in her sleep. She looked around at the jail cell that would now be her home for quite some time. She shivered under her thin blanket, longing for her furs more than ever, but somehow she managed to fall back to sleep for a while longer.

She was awakened by a guard hitting the bars and shouting to her that she had a visitor. Who the hell would visit me? she thought. She walked over to the bars and looked into the hallway. The person standing there was the last one she would have expected to see.

Anita walked closer to the bars, but not too close. She was holding a bundle of something in her arms. She looked Cruella straight in the eye and said simply, "I know you may not comprehend this now, but I forgive you."

With that, she shoved the bundle through the bars, and left.

Cruella stared at the bundle and slowly unwrapped it. Inside was her nicest fur coat. She stared at it for a moment in disbelief.

She held it to her face and cried for the first time in her life.

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