taste of frustration

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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"It's been seven hours long
And your shadow still hangs on"
—La Roux, "Fascination"

Shadows&shadows&bags under eyes
They're things they have in common
(but maybe that bugs Scab to begin with, because he can't stand having another him in the w_o_r_l_d)

D.a.r.k.n.e.s.s. is much more
in Draco, though
It c-c-clings to him like a burial [shroud]
That kid's never gonna get back the :)c h i l d h o o d(: of which he was

Scabior, on the other hand, e~m~b~r~a~c~e~d
his darkness a long time ago
(a miscreant's misspent youth)
&it's taken him all this t-i-m-e *tictoc* to adjust&
now that he's found himself in a position of
He's. So. Screwed.

{Agh, Draco, you've got the l/o/v/e/l/y grey eyes of a wounded animal}

Scab rather liked reporting to Malfoy Manor
—a day-to-day chance to glimpse those grey eyes—
Draco's stare began lingering on the Snatcher in passing
~perhaps that red streak in his hair was like a
&&Draco just c o u l d n ' t tear his eyes away~

{Oh, Scabior, you're a damned magnet to Draco's +p-o+l-a+r-i+t-y+}

Scabior was the "leader" of the Snatchers in front of Draco
(Greyback could go sCrAtCh someone, for all Scab cared)
Draco was not as w:e:a:k & did not /cower\ at the Dark Lord's name when Scabior was in the room
(Merlin, wouldn't it be nice to think he could draw on Scab's obnoxious confidence?)

B - U – T

There was a d.I.f.F.e.R.e.N.c.E.
between being friendly with Scabior
"being ;]f r i e n d l y[; with Scabior"
& Draco knew that line that was .::not::. to be crossed

{And really, plenty of people had already ?questioned? by now
that Draco had let H a r r y off so easily

So where did it leave them?
In a room full of captives&&a half-arsed attempt to escape?
Ah, if only A*u*n*t*i*e Bella hadn't lost her temper
(but that was the real chance)

• w e a k •
Draco found Scabior
[u n c o n s c i o u s]
&&Scabior had had enough
the Snatcher's ploy was no more

"Now or never, Draco"

A nod—a lean—a whisper
and Scabior thought Draco would cave…
But apparently he was not as persuasive as he thought,
for all he got was the ghost of a kiss & a pitiful excuse:

"…but, my family…"

So Scabior left
he fought
he survived
&&he lived with a permanent s_c_o_w_l on his face, the taste of Draco

(of bitter ¤f r u s t r a t i o n¤)

lingering on his tongue…


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