Summary: The way back into each other's hearts is slow and excruciating. But sometimes, Katniss can't stand small steps. Patience was never her forte. Katniss & Peeta after he plants those primroses.

Short one-shot. Unedited so I apologize for any mistakes.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

She's bringing him stew and has to bite her lip against the irony of it all. She's never brought him food before. That was his job, when he brought her bread and cakes before everything fell apart.

Before he was hijacked.

It's taken Katniss a long time to swallow her pride. She's come to realize that it was probably painfully easy for them to hijack Peeta. Despite his deep love and despite the fact that he's a fighter through and through, Peeta's still human. Katniss' heart hurts every time she realizes that her resistance to accepting his love was probably very frustrating.

That was what the tracker jacker venom latched onto in the end. His resentment. She has no proof of this, of course. How does a doctor prod into the deepest recesses of a person's soul? But she knows Peeta extremely well by now.

She blames herself that she doesn't know him like the back of her hand. That she doesn't know him like he used to now her.

So here Katniss is, standing in front of his door. Greasy Sae's stew sits like an imperfect offering in her shaking hands. If this relationship is going to work, she's going to have to show him that she means it.

That she really loves him.

That she realizes it was unfair of her to make him please her without anything in return.

That's she's going to give everything up, including her precious pride, to make him realize that this is real.

He opens up the door after a long moment. The temperature is freezing but Katniss' stomach is heated from nerves. Peeta's cool eyes take in his visitor, lingering on the pot in confusion.

Katniss misses the days when his eyes would become soft whenever they landed on her. But that's unfair and one of those selfish things she'll have to give up. So she simply pushes the pot through the chasm between them.

"I thought since… since…" Words fail her and she has to start over. "Greasy Sae made this and I thought you might like some." That was better even if it all came out in a rush.

He regards her with some confusion. Katniss wants to stroke his face. Wants to hug him. Wants to apologize.

It's not about what she wants anymore. It's about what he needs.

So when he asks, "You've never brought me food before, real or not real?" Katniss forces out an honest answer instead of becoming indignant.

"Real. I've never brought you anything before."

Peeta regards her for a few more moments. He then gives her a look that tells her he appreciates her honesty. Katniss feels like her knees will give out in relief.

They both seem to realize they are staring at the same time. Peeta graciously accepts the pot and thanks both Greasy Sae and Katniss. Katniss almost wishes she could cook so she would be the only one he thanks. She wonders if this kind of jealousy is still too self-centered or if she's just being too harsh on herself.

In return, Katniss simply shrugs. She's still not the best communicator. But they both can see that's she's trying. Katniss has always been an "actions speak louder than words" kind of girl, and the simple act of bringing Peeta dinner speaks volumes.

They both stand there awkwardly until Katniss spits out a curt "bye" and quickly strides away. She wonders if it's alright to be crushed over the fact he didn't invite her in. She also wonders when she made it a habit of crying.

I hope this isn't too OOC, but I've always wanted to see some fics where Katniss and Peeta deal with making their relationship into something more after he got hijacked. I may extend this fic if you want more, but until then, this is just a one-shot.