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Henry Foss sat beside Helen on the leather couch in the library, she's reading on a Saturday night by the roaring fire place, he wants to talk to her but she looks busy so he goes to stand up instead "just let me finish this sentence." She stopped his with a gentle hand on his forearm and finished reading the sentence while she was speaking; she closed the book "how can I help you, dear?" she smiled softly at the boy she thought of as her son all these years even though they never shared the words.

"I…your busy." He played with the scruff on his face as he tried to grow a full beard, trying being the operative word.
"Never too busy for you, hmmm. Now what's on your mind, Henry, please?"
"I'm Gay," there. He said it. It was out in the open, off of his chest.
"Okay," Helen nodded; she waited for him to finish the rest of his thoughts.
He blinked "okay? I told you I was Gay…I…okay?"
"If you were expecting some sort of melodramatic response, you came to the wrong woman, Henry, you know this."
"I know...it's just…it's not like I took out the garbage."
She rested a hand on his knee "you are my son Henry, I may not have birthed you and you may not be blood, but you are my son. I love you unconditionally. That just doesn't mean scraped knees and nubbin bites. That means the time that you crashed my Audi, those time that you missed curfew and told me that Missy Stevenson might be pregnant and you were marrying her even though the baby wasn't yours, I never stopped loving you, nothing can stop me from loving you, Henry. I know I don't say it. But, I do mean it. Who you fall in love with doesn't change who you are. It's legal. You're happy, that's all I give a damn about, okay?"
Henry nodded and paused "you really see me as your son."
"Of course!"
"I have a boy...Er…friend...Crush? I dunno he's cute, we flirt, and we…are kind of dating."
It was funny, she never had this conversation with him about girls, he seemed to much more relaxed now that he was 'out' so much more happier, lighter even; "oh yeah?" She was expecting him to blush, but smiled when he didn't.
"His name's Eric, I think you'd really like him, he's a business commerce major with a minor in public relations. I know you don't care about anything like that, but he talks more than I do, so you might like him." He chuckled and blushed "okay I really like him and it feels good to be able to talk about it. Heh, I'm Gay, I like guys, and I don't know why it was so hard for me to admit it before. I'm Gay."
"You're not Gay. You're Henry. You're sexuality doesn't define who you are."
He broke into a face splitting grin; "hey Doc?"
"Yes Henry?" Her hand was still on his knee, but they were facing each other.
"I love you too, you know; Unconditionally."