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Chapter One

"He's seeing someone in his office now, you can wait out here for them to finish," the snappish, prematurely grey-haired, nose-in-the-air secretary for the Head of the Auror Office explained without taking her eyes off the report she was clearly pretending to be working diligently on.

Ginny stood in front of her desk for a long moment, battling with her immediate instinct to snap out and inform her that if Rufus Scrimgeour asked to see Ginevra Weasley at eight in the morning, he should be ready to see her at eight in the morning. Also, tell her how rude it is not to bother looking someone in the eye while speaking to them. After having literally bitten her tongue, Ginny finally stepped back and made her irritated way to the empty seats against the far wall.

Ms. Secretary didn't bat an eye.

Sometimes you have to choose your battles, Ginny thought with an uncanny amount of restraint (for her at least). This was not the time to blow up at her boss or his secretary, lack of caffeine or no. She slumped in the chair farthest from the horrendous woman's desk without satisfaction as immediately the polished wood seemed to cling to every exposed piece of her warm skin. After unsticking herself a few times, and becoming as comfortable as she possibly would be, Ginny started to feel the anxiety of this meeting growing inside her like some sort of despicable parasite.

She knew exactly why she'd been called in, she'd been expecting it for days but since Scrimgeour had been abroad lately working in Germany with the European Auror Liaison Office (or EALO) trying to gain foreign support for the ever increasing threat of Voldemort and his multiplying faction of Death Eaters, he'd been a little busy.

Ginny looked up at the magical ceiling fan, allowing herself to be calmed by the spinning blades as she miserably recalled her previous mission and the events that led to her being asked to come in early on a Friday morning, too early to wake up any earlier to get herself her much needed coffee in the AM, though it would have surely been worth the pain. A girl needs her coffee, alright?

The raid had been in the works for months. It was a small Death Eater safe-house on the outskirts of northern London. Intel had discovered its existence last July but it wasn't until reconnaissance and surveillance teams were called in did they realized what a significant find they'd made.

In Ginny's seventh and final year at school the battle that had been building for eighteen years finally erupted on the fields of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Voldemort and his force of miscreant creatures and his power hungry, pureblood supremacist followers challenged the protection of the school and Albus Dumbledore's leadership in the wizarding world.

The battle lasted three gruelling nights which have been held in honour each year since on the fourth, fifth and sixth of May for those who fought and fell defending their friends, family and countrymen. Both sides lost many, but in the end it came down to sheer passion and will to live that won the battle for the students, staff, families and Aurors. Though, it is impossible to speak of their success without mentioning the alliance between Dumbledore and the magical creatures which inhabited the forest. If the centaurs and Acromantula had not joined the fray, Voldemort's giants and wolves would have devoured every last one of them without mercy.

The battle had been fought and won, but Voldemort had not been defeated. He and Harry met in a ferocious combat that will be remembered for generations to come. But neither came out victorious. Voldemort's army was severely injured and his followers were scattered, but with his malice and determination still alive, the war went on.

In fleeing, Voldemort had learned a valuable lesson: in open battle, strength could be overcome, enemies' powers could be underestimated and even the slightest overconfidence and miscalculation could spell utter ruin. He decided to change his tactics: recruiting in secret, subtly manipulating those in power, staying away from any of Britain's watchful eyes. He was succeeding, gaining back his full strength in the shadows. There was no way to track him as he never stopped moving and his erratic destinations, which made sense to no one save him, always left the Order one step behind. Wherever he touched down turned to evil and disarray. Groups sympathetic to his cause were popping up all around the country, somehow coming together to spread fear and mistrust throughout the communities.

No one knew who they could trust, and people were soon growing too afraid to even try. Was it worth the risks of their loved ones? It was just a matter of time before those responsible banded together and assembled their own recruiting bases, growing ever more independent yet loyal to their Lord. The safe-houses started popping up one year after the Battle of Hogwarts. All over the country potential Death Eaters were being trained, tested and educated to the will of a man most had never even met. The development was quick and soon these simple facilities were turned into near impenetrable safety zones for all who pledge allegiance to the pureblood cause.

With the weak minded Minister bought off with alluring promises of leadership, gold and safety, progress was made even more difficult by the passing of new laws and regulations, instated simply to do exactly what they were doing. Requests to raid any of the known locations of such safety zones took weeks, sometimes months, to process and by that time it was always too late.

They always knew.

This meant two things. There were leaks in the Ministry, but in times such as this, the Ministry would always be infiltrated. It was simply too difficult to keep tabs on every employee and their families and whether through fear, blackmail or greed, some were bound to turn sides. But it also reassured the Auror divisions' suspicions that there was a central location for Death Eater intelligence: a specific headquarters of sorts that would be able to pass along information to all the subsequent branches across the country. It also accounted for the monetary mysteries that kept surfacing.

Despite appearances, most of the pureblood society in the wizarding world had had their family fortunes squandered generations ago. Very few pureblooded families in Britain, save perhaps the Malfoys, Parkinsons and Longbottoms, had the acclaimed galleons to back their names. Some were lucky enough to remain land-rich, but most had no option but to integrate into muggle-born and half-blood society or rot away in squalor and filth like the last of the Gaunts. Both options would prove distasteful and unsuitable for one of the old bloodlines, so they would leap at the chance to have their children or themselves join those seeking to abolish the mixing of the bloods and reinstate the purebloods to their "proper" place.

But the money had to come from somewhere and it had to be regulated. Where better a place than London, right under their very noses? It was the centre for the health system of St. Mungos, the banking system of Gringotts and the political center in the Ministry. The Aurors knew they would find it in their backyard, but Fudge's new policies made it impossible to get a go ahead to begin the search.

Then the disappearances started again as they always did when Voldemort began to grow more confident. First from smaller towns, members of the community would simply vanish, sometimes from bigger cities and well established wizarding communities, all from areas Voldemort had been known to have passed through. But when Ministry members began to disappear without any response of action, Dumbledore intervened.

No one knows for certain what was said on that fateful day when those two men of power were alone together in Fudge's office for those three hours, no one except Fudge and Dumbledore. But when the two emerged, Scrimgeour was given the okay and the resources to begin his search. However vain, greedy and power hungry Fudge may have been, Dumbledore could instil in him a fear unequalled by any Dark Lord. No amount of gold could fill the hole in his spirit that Dumbledore always managed to expose.

Ginny remembered the day well. Kingsley Shaklebolt, the commander of the Auror field-agents had entered her office with an uncharacteristically happy expression. "We've got the go ahead. You're on the team that's going in," was all he said before leaving to spread the news around to the rest of the bureau.

Ginny sat in her closet-like space with her mouth open for the longest period, trying her hardest to let his words sink in until finally she leapt out of her chair as she let out a little whoop, dancing around her limited space, knocking reports and quills off her desk. Similar exclamations of joy could be heard throughout the office; some had been waiting for over a year for this break to come.

She also had an extra reason for being so ecstatic, Kingsley had put her on the team that was finally going to get to find the London house and secure it.

She'd only been an agent for five months, having finished her training in September. With the recent run of things, she'd only been out for three field assignments, none of which were particularly eventful as they had always shown up after their targets had cleared out. All they could do was secure the empty buildings and file the painfully redundant paperwork that Fudge had deemed necessary.

Not this time.

She knew Kingsley trusted her through and through, he'd known her father since she was just a baby, he'd spent many evenings in Order headquarters when it had been re-established in her fourth year and they fought side by side in the Battle of Hogwarts. Picking her for this mission was a great demonstration of his faith in her and she made a promise to herself not to let him down.

But there she sat in Scrimgeour's office, waiting to be called in. Ginny knew in her heart that if she hadn't done what she had, they would have lost more than one agent. In the midst of a battle, risks had to be taken, decisions had to be made without hesitation when there wasn't enough time to consult the authorities that weren't there in real-time. Ginny understood and took full responsibility for what had happened, though given the chance again, she knew she wouldn't have done anything differently.

The door on the far side of the office opened and out came Rufus Scrimgeour and Mafalda Hopkirk, head of the Improper Use of Magic Office. They were just finishing up their conversation. "We'll set a date for your people to meet with my Aurors sometime next week."

"Thank you for your time, Rufus," Mafalda returned and they shook hands in parting as she walked passed Ginny and left the office.

"Miss Weasley is here to see you," the secretary intoned sourly, causing Ginny to wonder how the hell she ever got her job. That's Agent Weasley, to you, Ginny thought crossly.

"Yes, thank you, Miranda," he replied, looking over to where she'd been sitting for the last five or so minutes. "Agent Weasley, why don't you come in?" he requested, holding the door open for her.

Ginny stood up quickly, eyes watering as she felt the back of her thighs lose a layer of skin to the cruel plastic seat. She contained the few choice words she kept especially in mind for situations such as this, feeling that her mother would be very proud of her. She passed the foul woman's desk and received a dirty look. Ginny had to forcefully control herself from sticking out her tongue.

She entered the office with Scrimgeour following behind after he had shut the door. It was a very simple room, one very polished desk with two chairs facing it. The walls were lined with newspaper clippings, going back from before Ginny was even born. Behind the desk was a framed Auror certification similar to the one hanging in hers. A simulated window looking out the wall showed the beginning of the day to be clear and bright. Scrimgeour sat down behind his desk and motioned for her to do so as well.

"Well Agent Weasley, I'm sure you're aware of why I called this meeting today," he began. Ginny's heart began to pound in her chest and she felt her face flushing under his gaze.

This was only her second time speaking with the man. The first had been when he'd handed her that signed certificate on her graduation into the office. She knew from her connection in the Order that if they ever managed to get Fudge out of his comfortable position, Rufus Scrimgeour was the top contender for his post. She made sure to give him a steady, confident look whilst trying not to feel like she was thirteen, back in Hogwarts getting lectured by her professors in their offices.

"Yes, sir."

"Hmm," was all he said for a moment, seeming to consider what was going to follow. Ginny swallowed nervously. "Kingsley has nothing but good things to say about you and your performance over these last few months."

"Oh," Ginny replied, thrown off kilter for a moment at the unexpected praise, "I appreciate his kind words. He's been an inspiring commander to work under."Scrimgeour gave her a long look before nodding in acknowledgment. He was clearly a man of few words.

"Well Weasley, I've read the reports from your last mission so we both know why you're here," Ginny tried not to sigh, they both most certainly did. "But I would like to hear your account of things."

Ginny adjusted herself in her seat, too jittery to sit comfortably, she held herself on the very edge of the chair. She'd been going over the mission from morning to night ever since she'd gotten back from it, thinking through every detail, every action. Everything she wanted to say came pouring out in a coherent flow of that night's chronology. "There were five of us assigned to the raid. Myself, Agent McKinnon and Agent Dunn were from Kingsley's field-agent division and our curse-breakers were Agents Johansen and Nicholl. With the Intel we got from our scouts in the surveillance office over the last few months, our five man team was more than enough." Ginny paused because from here on in things got messy.

"We were going to apparate a mile from the location just before dawn and continue on foot. Our two breakers would work quickly on the wards that were reportedly in place and we would be in before anyone even knew we were there. The reports made known to us that there were ―at most― four people in the safe-house at all times. We had them outnumbered and the advantage of surprise, they shouldn't have stood a chance. Once we disabled the floo and set up our own Disapparation wards, they'd have nowhere to go but with us back to the Ministry."

Scrimgeour listened attentively. Ginny knew that he knew all this already, he'd read the report, but she wanted to get everything out exactly how it had happened.

"When we reached the location, everything went wrong." Ginny suppressed a shudder as she remembered the exact moment that they realized they'd been set up. "We got there at the right time and the house was quiet and dark, but when Nicholl started up on the first of the wards, hell broke loose. There were new defences all around the building that we weren't prepared for; she was thrown back as soon as she touched it. Light exploded from inside the building and for a brief, crucial moment we were all blinded. Eight Death Eaters, robed and masked, came out and began to fire curses at us. It was so obvious they'd been waiting for us. Somehow they knew were coming and when." Ginny tried to keep the bitterness from her voice. It was not the first time there had been leaks in the office.

"We had to stay around Nicholl while Agent McKinnon, our primary Healer, got her back to consciousness. Lucky for us it was just a stunning ward, but until her and Johansen brought it down, we were stuck out there. They'd erected their own Disapparating wards so the tables were turned and it was us who couldn't get away. The battle continued and finally they had us so overpowered that they came out from their own wards to surround us. Even with Nicholl back in the fight, we had no chance. Dunn was hurt and eventually Johansen was down. One of the masked men threw something at us, it was small and didn't look like much, but it exploded in a burning flash of hot, white light. We had no defence." She remembered their helplessness.

"There was a lot of confusion as we tried to keep our backs to each other and not hit our own team members with any of our curses. Somehow in the fray, Agent Dunn was grabbed by one of them. I tried to get a hold of him but as soon as he was taken, the group began to retreat back to the protection of their wards. We were no longer a threat, Johansen was down, McKinnon and I were exhausted and Nicholl was struggling with what looked like a dislocated shoulder."

"With a member of your team now taken, how did you react?" Scrimgeour asked, speaking for the first time since she'd begun her narration.

"I was furious, sir," Ginny admitted with deep sincerity. "I wasn't going to lose another team member to those monsters," she explained, pushing away the painful emotions and memories that came with those words. "I wanted to go in there after him. I wasn't going to let Dunn disappear like all the others. You know we've never found anyone who's been taken yet."

"What was Agent McKinnon's reaction? He was your team leader, am I correct? And with Agent Johansen's status, you were down two men when they already had you outnumbered nearly two to one."

This was where things got difficult. It was getting to the point where Ginny's presence in Rufus Scrimgeour's office was going to be brought up.

"Agent McKinnon did not want to pursue. We were clearly defeated, Johansen probably needed to be brought to St. Mungos and Nicholl's was working on staying conscious, even after McKinnon had realigned her arm into its socket. With the wards still up, we were beyond screwed," Scrimgeour coughed a little and Ginny added an apology for her language before continuing.

"I told McKinnon that I wasn't going to leave Dunn behind. We had no time to contact headquarters and get another group to back us up, he could have been gone anywhere by then. McKinnon was hesitant, he didn't want to take the risk but Nicholl was on my side and finally, McKinnon agreed. With Johansen down and McKinnon tending to him, it was Nicholl and I who had to start tearing down the new wards. I had only the minimum Auror training for taking them down, but with her experience and both of our perseverance, we pushed on through."

"And did you manage to get through all of their wards?"

"We broke through many of them, but the more wards you've got around a building, the more complex they become, all having to work together. Nicholl and I reached a standpoint where we couldn't bring anything more down. It was a very sophisticated Wand Ward: anyone carrying an unchecked wand could not pass."

"That sounds like a level D Ministry issued protection ward, does it not?" Scrimgeour asked contemplatively.

"We thought so too, sir."

"Hmm, please continue."

"Yes, sir. Well at this time we realized we weren't going to be able to get passed it and so we had a choice to make. Some of the wards were only disabled while we were physically holding them back with our own magic; once we left they would be reactivated. It took two of us to hold them off, so only one of us would be able to go in and as it stood, they would be unarmed. Agent Nicholl's was the only experience curse-breaker that we had left, and Agent McKinnon couldn't leave Johansen so the decision was a simple one. When McKinnon found out what I was going to do, he tried to stop me, but I'd already dropped my wand and was inside the building's protection. He tried to come after me but with only Nicholl left battling the wards, she lost power quickly and most reaffirmed themselves."

There was a thick silence in the office. Scrimgeour's piercing expression was impossible to read but Ginny did not blanch. She knew what she'd done had been insane and reckless, but if given the chance, she would do it all over again. "You entered a Death Eater safe-house unarmed, without any sort of back up against your team leader's orders." It wasn't a question, merely a restating of fact. "What were your thoughts at this time, Agent Weasley? This was your first serious mission as I understand."

"I was thinking a lot about my training, about working with Alastor Moody in defensive combat. He always made a special point to remind us that witches and wizards too often become conditioned to believing that their only weapon or protection is in their wand. It is the mind, the body and the will to survive that protect us, and my heart was pounding with the will to come out of this alive with my friend and partner. If I couldn't make a difference in freeing him, I was thinking that maybe I would be able to catch where they would take him, or even apprehend one of the Death Eaters. I was thinking that while there was breath in my body I could do something, anything."

"How did you get inside the building?" he asked without commenting on any of Ginny's reply to his previous question.

"They figured they'd had us pretty badly beaten and that we wouldn't be able to get through their protective enchantments, which was very nearly correct, so as far as guards go, the outside was quiet. I decided to go around the now still house and find a subtler way to get in other than the front door. The back was cluttered with overgrowth and a derelict fence that I had to climb over, but otherwise my path was clear. The back door was locked with magic and I wasn't going to be able to get through it without alerting the whole house to my presence. For a short while I nearly succumbed to misery as I thought I had failed, but a crack of light coming from the second floor caught my attention. I looked up through the spaces between the wooded planks that made up the balcony above me and I saw that the door leading out to it was left unlocked and open. The faint smell of cigarettes told me that someone had probably been up there smoking recently and was potentially still nearby on the inside. I used a window's ledge to give me a step up so that I could reach the bottom of the railing's spindles. With some improvised manoeuvring on my part, I finally managed to hoist myself up to the second story. I quickly climbed over the rail and pressed myself against the wall beside the open door so as not to be seen by anyone looking out. I waited like a statue in the shadows for any sound from inside before I chanced a glance through the open crack. A man of about forty was leaning against the far wall twirling his wand in the air. His mask was off but I didn't recognize him. He looked mostly bored and inattentive or else he would have noticed the door opening a little further."

"And how did you get passed him if he had his wand on him?"

"Well, I..." Ginny tired her very hardest, but still she blushed. "Itookoffmyshirt," she explained as quickly as possible.

Scrimgeour stared at her perplexed for a long minute. "Excuse me?"

She took a deep, embarrassed breath before continuing. "There was no way I wasn't going to get my face cursed off if I stepped inside and surprised him, so I, uh, sort of distracted him... by taking my shirt off."

Scrimgeour's face turned bright red as he choked on his own saliva. "That worked?" he coughed out finally.

Even in spite of her embarrassment, Ginny had to resist the urge to smirk. "Well sir, men are pretty easily distracted," she swore she saw Scrimgeour's eyes flicker down to her chest in wonderment. "It was over pretty quickly, he nearly tripped over himself by the time he realized that I'd infiltrated the house, but by then I was on him and knocked him out with a respectable punch to the face. I caught his body before he hit the ground and lay him down softly so as not to alert the rest of the house. I claimed his wand and dragged him out to the balcony where I bound and gagged him and got decent."

Scrimgeour was clearly still trying to regain his Head Auror composure. "What happened next? Agents Green and Bleams arrived sometime around then, did they not?"

"I was in there for about twenty minutes before anyone arrived. During this time I managed to incapacitate three other men and find where they were keeping Agent Dunn. I disarmed his jailors but couldn't move him as his injuries were so severe. They had been torturing him. My arrival was discovered somewhere within the house, I hadn't been able to hide most of the men I'd knocked out, so I barricaded the both of us inside the small room. By this time I was already weak and it didn't help that I was using a wand that wasn't my own. I knew that the first place they would check was their prisoner's room so I hadn't much time. I thought we were done for as they were working like maniacs to break through my feeble protections. Soon there was a hole large enough for them to send curses through. I got hit with the Cruciatus Curse as I was blocking Dunn and I went down. My shields were destroyed and any second they would have gotten at us. If Agent Green and Agent Bleams hadn't gotten through the wards in time with McKinnon and Nicholl, I'm not sure what would have happened," she concluded humbly.

"Yes, it was lucky for everyone involved that Kingsley sent in the pair of them when your team didn't report on schedule." Ginny didn't even want to imagine just how lucky she really had been.

"Well Agent Weasley, your mission was to raid the safe-house and apprehend those inside. We now have four Death Eaters in custody and due to your quick action, Agent Dunn was recovered." Ginny wasn't about to feel relieved because she had a sneaky suspicion the 'but' was still coming.

"Ginevra," he began, using her first name as a sign of familiarity, "as an Auror and sympathizer to your cause I commend your selflessness and steel bravery, but as Head of this department and with the responsibility of each and every Auror in this division, I must say what you did was reckless. It was dangerous to enter their safe-house by yourself without your wand. Our resources are spread thin already, and it would have been a great blow to us to lose not just Dunn, but you as well. Even Johansen, if he'd been injured severely enough, would have been another loss. It was great luck that all of you got out in one piece," he finished with an exhausted sigh.

"You're right sir, I know what I did wasn't in the best interest of the Ministry, but I couldn't live with myself if I walked away from a fellow man, a friend of mine."

"Agent Dunn wouldn't have been the first Auror you've known to be taken, would he?"

Ginny didn't exactly know what to make of his change in tone, so she nodded in agreement. She'd known more missing people now than she cared to.

"You were quite close with Agent Donahue, were you not?"

For a moment all Ginny could do was stare at him open mouthed in surprise. She finally collected herself together enough to reply. "I―yes, we were close. I had been… involved… with him before I began my Auror training." She was quite taken aback at how her private business managed to reach all the way up to her boss. How much higher did it go, seriously? she wondered in annoyance. The last person she wanted to be talking about was Edward Donahue.

"He was reported missing nearly two months ago," Scrimgeour added, looking for any sort of reaction. By now Ginny had become quite adept at suppressing them in relation to him.

"Yes, and like the others, there's been no news or sighting since then," she replied evenly. Scrimgeour gave her that detested look of deep sympathy.

"Well Weasley, here it is. Every Auror you have ever trained or worked under sings nothing but praise for your performance, ethics, and determination. You haven't had much real field experience, but all the work you have so far been a part of has yielded the highest results. Kingsley Shacklebolt doesn't have as much faith in a lot of his senior Aurors as he does in you. It's not too difficult to see why. You have defended your actions well and it's obvious that you were working solely towards the benefit of others in the line of duty. If it was up to me, I would shake your hand and this meeting would be over," he sighed, Ginny already knew what was coming, "but as it is, this is not up to me anymore. Yours and your team's report has made its way to the top for the Minister to see and he has taken it upon himself to tell me what he would like to be done."

During the brief pause Scrimgeour allowed, Ginny tried to brace herself for the unpleasantness she knew was going to come. "You have been given three months suspension."

"Three months?" Ginny cried, almost falling off her seat. There must be some mistake. Scrimgeour nodded his head with regret.

"Ginevra, I know it's hard and for your infraction, it is quite a severe punishment, but looking at it from a Minister's point of view, he's got a new Auror who disobeyed orders and went on a solo suicide mission into a Death Eater safety den." Ginny was having troubles breathing. What am I going to do now? is all that kept rolling through her head.

"Shacklebolt has been fighting in your defense, but once Fudge's mind is made up…" He didn't have to finish. Fudge's mind had been giving the whole department nothing but grief until very recently. "You will be given half of your wages during the suspension, and the rest of this month's full pay." Ginny was barely registering what he was trying to tell her, but she nodded along anyways. This was a big blow to her life.

"Look Ginevra, I know this is going to be tough. You've got a lot on your plate and you've been through much recently. I think now this might be something you can take advantage of, after losing Agent Donahue and almost losing your partner Agent Dunn, you might want to spend some time away from the office, spend some time on yourself. These three months are going to pass like a blur and before you know it, you're going to be back here doing the work you're so clearly meant to do," he stood from his desk and Ginny numbly followed suit.

He extended his hand and she lightly shook it, pulling away after a moment as he held on longer than needed. "I wish you the best of luck, Agent Weasley."

He went and opened the door for her as she brushed past him, not thinking of anything except getting out of there. As she passed the secretary's desk she heard that snide voice call out to her. "You forgot to sign the visitor's book!" but Ginny was already out and into the hall before the last sound of her voice faded away.

Her feet took over for her mind, travelling along the memorized path to her own office where she diligently avoided any other early risers in her own bureau. She had a feeling that everyone would hear the news this morning and she did not want to see the same looks of absolute pity on each of their faces.

She slipped into her office unnoticed and quietly shut the door. She sat at her desk for a moment before have to stand and walk around, trying to figure out what she would bring home with her and what she was going to do with herself for the next ninety days. She paced around the office a number of redundant times, not even sure what she was looking for before her eye caught on something flickering on top of her desk. There was a folded copy of the day's Daily Prophet and as she smoothed it out to look at the cover, she was greeted with the baby faced grin of the Minister for Magic.

She stared at his gleaming, winking eyes for a long, long time, trying to find proof of a soul underneath. But the longer she stared, the more that sickening feeling in her stomach began to grow. Soon she was shaking with just barely contained fury, clenching the sides of the paper into tight fists until that sick feeling of acrid rage burst forth. She snarled, tearing his face into two pieces and whipping the paper across her suffocating, small office space, sending pages floating all around.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" She screamed apoplectically, kicking over her chair and grabbing a bottle of ink from her desk and throwing it at the closed door with a satisfying explosion of dark ink. She next sent a, perhaps ill aimed, kick at her desk and fell to the ground with another furious string of curses and painful tears as she gently cradled her now injured foot.

Her only possible relief was realizing that at least her day could not possibly get any worse, right?

Then again, it was only 9 o'clock in the morning, she had a long way to go until it was over.


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Sinking deeper into a spiral of unfortunate circumstances, Ginny starts wondering if she has anyone left to trust while Remus has been struggling with this problem all his life. The final battle is coming, and these two will need each other before it hits.