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It was sometime in August. I was nine. Tuney and I were at the park down the street. We were on the swingset and I was looking up at the sky. It was cloudy out today but I didn't care. Tuney and I wanted to do something other than sit around at our house, so we walked to the park.

I had a secret though. I could sorta fly. That's why I loved the park. If I swung super high and jumped off, I would just float slowly down to the ground. That's what I didn just now. That's why Tuney's yelling at me.

"Someone could see you! You could have been hurt! Don't scare me like that, Lily!" I looked at her with wide eyes.

"I'm sorry Petunia. I won't do it again." She sighed.

"Promise?" I nodded and smiled at her. We hugged and she wasn't mad anymore.

I know she's worried about me but I also think that she's jealous. I could tell by the way she wouldn't look at me for a minute. Ever since I could do stuff she couldn't, she doesn't always want to talk to me. But she doesn't say anything about it. She never does.

"Lily what do you call that? Why can you do that?" She asked me. I shrugged and heard a twig snap in the bushes at the treelines of the forest.

"Who's there?" asked Tuney as she was backing away, dragging me behind her. Mum didn't come with us so she was in charge. I don't know why she was pulling me to the sidewalk though. It's not like we could run the three blocks home. I stepped forward and she yanked on my arm.

"Tuney, it's probably just a rabbit or some poor lost animal." I walked through the playground equipment up to the bushes. I pushed them aside, but still staying in sight of Tuney so she wouldn't panic.

"Hey... I'm not gonna hurt you. Come on out." I said quietly. I was suprised when I got an answer.

"Okay. Go get your sister, then come back." Said a voice that sounded like a boy's.

"Be right back." I told him. I turned around.

"Tuney, it's safe. It's just a boy." I called. She stalked forward and looked about ready to kill me.

"You know what Mum says about talking to strangers!" She yelled. I was about to say something, but I tripped over my own feet and into the bushes.

"Lily!" Petunia screamed.

"I'm alright." I said. I looked around. There was a clearing, a little hole in the trees. It was just a dirt floor with leaves and twigs littering the ground.

Suddenly there was a hand in front of my face. It belonged to a very pale boy who looked about my age. He was wearing mismatched clothes that were mostly black and a size too big. He had pitch black eyes and greasy black hair. I took his hand and he helped me up.

"Thanks." I told him.

"No problem Lily." I gasped and looked at him wide eyed.

"How'd you know my name? Who are you?" I asked.

"Well I just heard 'Tuney' yell your name. And my name's Severus Snape." Severus? What a weird name.

Right then Tuney burst through the bushes holding out one hand. In that hand was her shoe. Not sure how she was gonna u se that as a weapon to defend us with, but okay.

"Oh thank Gosh you're alright!" She said, dropping the shoe and running over to give me a hug.

"Tuney, this is Sev." I said. Sev was so much easier to say than Severus. I hope he didn't mind. He waved and she looked at him.

"Sev? What's it stand for? Seven?" I almost laughed for two reasons. One, we had both thought Sev or Severus was a weird name. Two, the look on his face was priceless.

"It's Severus." He told her.

"Wait! Have you beed watching us?" Tuney asked being worried. He nodded.

"How long? What did you see?" She questioned him. I immediately knew she was trying to find out if he saw me almost fly. I didn't really care if he did. It's not like he would tell anyone, there would probably be no one to believe him.

"I saw her jump off the swing." He said pointing at me.

"Well she jumped just right and the wind slowed down her fall. That's what happened." Said Tuney. He shook his head.

"It's okay, you don't have to lie. I'm a wizard too." My mouth dropped open and I stared at him with wide eyes.

It all made sense. It was magic that let me fall safely. It was magic that unlocked my door when I didn't want to stay in my room. It was magic-

"What are you talking about, you freak?" Tuney asked him. A look of understanding flashed on his face.

"You're muggles aren't you?"

"What?" Tuney asked.

"Non-magic people." He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well of course we don't believe in that junk! It's silly isn't it, Lily?" She asked me.

"Well..." I could go a million different ways with this. Two options came to mind though. Tell her the truth? That I actually believed in all this stuff and always knew that there had to be something out there? Or play the good little sister? I glanced at the boy and knew he was telling the truth.

"I believe." I said in a whisper. She wouldn't take this well. He lips were in a straight line while she sent a death glare my way.

"I'm going to go swing." She said while she turned around and stalked out of the clearing. I stared at the spot where she left. I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard Sev say,

"I'm sorry." I closed my eyes and sighed.

"No reason to be." He just nodded. I couldn't believe it. There was a whole other world out there, and Severus had some of the answers.

"I've got to go. Meet me back here in two days, same time?" I asked him.

"Yeah, that would be awesome." He replied. I waved and walked out.

Tuney was actually still there. She stood up and walked to the sidewalk. I sighed, so that's how it's gonna be. We walked home in silence, the only noise was our shoes on the sidewalk. Mum had left a note on the door saying she went to the store and the back door was open. Petunia crumpled up the paper and threw it at me. I just rolled my eyes and followed her to the back door and into the kitchen.

"Tuney." I said, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"What? You want to talk to me? What happened to that freak that you just met, huh?" I stared at her. She was really mad. I didn't think she'd be this mad.

"You're a freak. Just. Like. Him. Get away from me!" And then she ran upstairs to her room.

I felt the tears fall down my cheeks. I just sat down on the tile floor and cried. She doesn't understand. She never would. I doubt we would ever be close again.

That's how Mum found me. Curled in a ball on the kitchen floor. She just sat there hugging me.

"It's okay honey. It'll be fine. Shh. It's okay. Mummy's here." I didn't say anything because she doesn't understand either.

I guess only Severus would understand.

They don't understand.

And that's their mistake.

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So I was at soccer practice and we had to run around the field. Well, there's a boys' team that practices on the other half of the field. My friend looked at them and then turned to me and asked (not very quietly) "can guys get wedgies?" I looked at her weird and said, "well yeah... wedgies come from the butt." And then all the boys were staring at us... *sigh* it was sooo weird.

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