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It was September the first. I was eleven and on a train. Severus and I were sharing a compartment. We had been best friends ever since Tuney outcasted me. He told me all about magic. That's where we're headed to, a school that teaches magic. Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in other words a magical boarding school. We had our trunks on the racks above us. I've had my trunk packed for weeks -not that I would tell anyone that though.

The train was supposed to be leaving in a couple of minutes at eleven o'clock sharp. I was so exited! I would finally be learning magic! And Severus was with me too! Everything was going to be perfect this year. Sev was telling me about his summer.

"It was horrible. My mum and dad were always fighting so I was at the park more times than not." I nodded. I knew what it was like to need an escape from family.

"My summer hasn't been much better. Tuney's been even worse."

"I'm sorry." I glared at him. He knows I hate it when he apologizes for Tuney being mean. He was about to say something but then the door flew open. I stood up, about to close the door, but then two boys ran in. Well I guess one ran, the other fell.

"Hellooo there. My name's Sirius." Said the one that ran in. He was now sitting in my seat and staring at the other boy as if he were crazy.

"Lily." I said, looking at the boy who was on the floor. He was just staring at me. I waved my hand in front of his face.

"Are. You. Okaaaay?" I asked him. He blinked and jumped up sitting next to Sirius.

"Yup yup yup! Perfectly fine! Why ya askin?" I looked at him in shock and Sirius just burst out laughing.

"Potter. Black. Get out of here." Sev said. I was suprised at the dislike in his voice, these boys weren't doing anything.

"Was I talking to you?" Asked Sirius.

"No, he wasn't. He was talking to the lovely Lily." Added the other boy. He turned to me.

"I'm James by the way." I smiled. So these were the troublemakers Sev told me about? They were funny, not obnoxious.

"Well... James, I think you dropped these." I said while handing him a pair of round glasses.

"Yeah... I'm practically blind without them. That's why we're in here. Running from some older Slytherins who we might have thrown a dungbomb at. My glasses started to slip and I thought this was our compartment." He explained.

"Oh..." Was all I said. Sev was giving them death glares so I decided it was probably time to make them leave.

"Well as great as it was to meet you, you should probably go." I said.

"What? Why? Don't you like me?" Asked Sirius. I smiled.

"Sure... I guess. See ya later then?" I asked trying to be polite. They just smiled and walked out the door.

"What were you thinking?" Sev asked immediately.

"What?" I was confused... I didn't do anything wrong did I?

"You just told Potter and Black you'd see them later... and you were nice! After I've told you what they've done to me!" It was true, they had made fun of Sev saying his hair was greasy and he wore weird clothes.

"I'm sorry..."

"It's okay."

Later once we arrived at Hogmeade station, we were told to get on these boats. They were small and I wasn't so sure about crossing that big lake in them, but Sev told me it was perfectly safe. So now we're like halfway across the lake and it looks so cool with the lights from the school.

"Do you think they do that on purpose?" I asked Sev.

"Do what?" He replied.

"Well... have us come at night. So we can see the castle looking so pretty." He looked at me like I was being silly so I decided to be quiet.

"Yeah, Lily! I think they do!" I heard a voice say, coming from my right.

"Um... who's that?" I asked.


"Oh... wait, you were listening to my conversation?"

"Yup yup yup!" My mouth dropped open.

"I wasn't talking to you!"


"So it's kinda rude to listen in on what other people are talking about!"

"Not really."

"Just shut up and go away!"

"NO! I won't." And then I heard a splash. And then I was soaked.


"Yeees?" I so wanted to slap him right now. I glanced at Sev and he had a look that said 'I told you so!'

"You. Got. Me. Wet." I said slowly.

"Come on... the water's fine!" He said as he grabbed my hand. I tried to jerk my hand away but he held on, causing me to lose balance and fall in next to him.

"What... the heck... was that for?" I said when I finally resurfaced.

"I thought you'd enjoy the water with me." He answered smartly. Sirius started laughing and suddenly I felt the urge to punch both of them.

"Lily, give me your hand." Said Severus, who was still in the boat. So I did and he pulled me back in. As soon as I was situated though I heard someone yell:

"CANNONBALL!" And then they jumped in. Getting me wet. AGAIN. I looked and it was Sirius, joining James in the water.

After being sorted, Sev got put in Slytherin and I got put in Gryffindor. I went and sat by a nice looking girl named Alice. She asked me why I was soaked and I said it was a long story. It was about halfway through the feast when there was another disruption that really made my day worse. James and Sirius came and sat across from me with two other boys who I recognized from the boat we road with them.

"Hey Lily-flower!" Said Sirius. I just decided on a death glare instead of responding.

"Do you like chocolate?" Asked James. I was shocked so I just nodded.

"Well... Here!" He said, throwing chocolate sauce at me. I wiped it out of my eyes and glared at him.

"What. The. Heck. Potter!" He glanced at his friends. They looked unsure.

"It was... supposed... to be... funny. You know... a... prank?" He said.

"Well I can assure you it wasn't FUNNY!" I yelled at him. A bunch of people started to stare at me, but I just ignored them.

"First you make fun of my friend. Then you barge into our compartment. Then you get me wet. Then you pull me in the lake. Then I get out and you get me wet AGAIN! AND NOW YOU THREW FREAKIN' CHOCOLATE SAUCE AT ME!" I yelled. I just ran out of the doors and sat down in an empty hallway.

I just hoped that Sev wouldn't come out now. They might be mean to him, but he wouldn't understand how I was feeling. He wasn't drenched in water AND chocolate. Her first day of Hogwarts couldn't have been much worse. It was all their fault. Stupid Potter and Black's.

They messed with me.

And that was their mistake.

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