Pokemon Story

I own nothing but the story you are reading… but I do want a Pikachu!



The sky was a beautiful shade of warm hues as the sun dropped into the horizon. Two trainers walked through the course sand and continued until they reached an isolated bank, the place they were searching for. "Misty," said Ash cautiously. He walked up to her, with Pikachu following behind. "I think we should come back later, maybe in the morning?"

Misty rolled her eyes. "You've faced way more dangerous things than trying to catch a Pokémon. Besides, Omanyte are rare and only the few that are left, come from the sea every million years, in different locations. Professor Oak told me this was where they were gonna appear to mate and lay their eggs." A ripple was seen on the water and then a mass of calcium shells were waddling up to the shore. "It's time. Corsola, I choose you!"

The pink coral Pokémon emerged from the red ball and was ready to serve its master. "Alright," yelled Misty, "Spike…" Before Misty even had a chance of finishing her sentence, the Omanyte all attacked. Hundreds of Water Guns and Mud Shots filled the air as they targeted the duo. The amount of power between each of them was insignificant, but together as a whole it finished Corsola. Misty was left to take the rest of the damage as she was pushed onto her back.

"Misty!" Ash ran to her side and attempted to pull her up. "Come on Misty." The Omanyte continued their barrage. Ash was taking all the damage. Great welts were forming on his body from the extreme pressure. "Get out of here Misty…"

"Ash! You can't…" The boy pushed the girl and told her to get away.

"I'll get that Omanyte for you if it's the last thing. Come on Pikachu. Thunder!" A massive thunder came striking down on the horde of ammonite looking creatures and one by one some of them fainted. "Run Misty…" Ash looked down at his waist and reprimanded himself. Both he and Misty had left their Pokémon back at Oak's place because they believed it would be easy… what an underestimation. Ash looked back at the Omanyte and saw something that only made his day worse. The Pokémon had spread out, as three Omastar walked through. "Pikachu… Quick Attack!"

The yellow mouse Pokémon ran through and hit the middle one, but the others weren't after him. As the one was involved with Pikachu, the others were aiming at the humans. An Ancient Power and a Hydro Pump were in the air, already gliding towards Ash who had jumped in front of the Waterflower.

"Ash… no…"

Misty ran out of the Pokémon Center with a look of content on her face. She had just received news that a friend of Professor Oak's had just collected some Omanyte eggs, and was willing to give one to the professor. Misty smiled and looked down at her companion. "We have to go get the egg; I guess we have a journey ahead of us huh Pikachu?" Pikachu smiled and jumped on her shoulder as they walked toward their destination.

As much as the water trainer hated to travel in woods, she had to, to find the shortest way possible to her destination. She cautiously stepped inside, and with a deep breath and started to walk. The forest was rife with sounds as the two continued to make their way deeper and deeper into the wilderness. She saw a Caterpie climbing onto a tree and she sighed; a memory played itself in her head, but she only continued on. Night fell quickly that day and they soon had to stop to set up camp. Pikachu and Misty fell asleep as soon as they hit the sleeping bag, because their journey was a long one.

The moon and the stars were still very visible in the night sky when Misty awoke. She slowly got up, trying not to wake her sleeping companion. She didn't know why, but she felt that she needed to go be next to a body of water. There was a lake she remembered about and she went to it. The lake shone with such lunar brilliance as she approached it; nothing could've possibly made this night any better. As Misty was relishing in the beauty of the world around her, she heard rustling in a nearby bush.

"Who's there?" she asked, voice trembling. She stood up, and had a pokeball ready in case she needed to fight. The rustling grew louder, and closer. Finally, a hand poked out and she saw a black paw. The creature was probably as tall as she was, maybe a little shorter, but still… her senses were on high. The creature took a step out of the foliage, his feet also black. As its whole body started to show itself, she gasped. The Pokémon turned and saw her.

It was a Lucario. Lucario, first of all, were not native to the Kanto region, so to see one here was just amazing. Misty began to throw her ball when the Pokémon walked up closer to her, but then it told her to stop. "What?"

"Please, can you just let me rest?" Misty lowered the ball but still kept it in her hands. She walked up closer to the Pokémon, clearly captivated by its appearance.

"Why can you talk?" she asked. "Why are you here? You're not from around here…"

"I don't know, I just can, and I don't know what I'm doing here. I woke up here, but I don't remember when, but ever since, I've been in battle after battle. Why do people want to capture me?"

"You are a rare Pokémon in this country. As long as you walk without a trainer, you will get battled."

"I don't mind the battling, but I don't want to be captured."

"Alright then," yelled Misty. The blue Pokémon looked at her confused. "You can travel with me until you know what you want to do. By the way, my name is Misty."

"Wow, thanks."

The next morning, Pikachu woke up and saw Corsola playing with the newest member of the team. "Good morning Pikachu. This is Lucario. He'll be joining us on our journey." Pikachu looked at the new Pokémon; for some reason, he seemed remotely familiar. When Lucario's eyes met with Pikachu's, he felt as if he knew the little yellow Pokémon too.

"Pi Pikachu!"

"Why is this Pikachu not in it's pokeball like others?" asked Lucario as they walked through the forest. Lucario mentioned earlier, that he knew where the town was, after wandering aimlessly around the forest.

"He never liked the ball, ever since I knew him. Actually, he belongs to my friend…"

"Are you looking after it until he comes back?" Misty looked at him, and smiled. For some reason, Lucario grabbed his head.

"Are you okay?" yelled Misty. Pain ensued from Lucario's head as he continued to scream. He saw black shadows inside his head, as if he were watching a movie that was so dark you couldn't make out the actors. And just as fast as it had begun, it ended; the Pokémon stood up like nothing had happened. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm alright." They walked silently the rest of the way until they reached the town. Afternoon had already hit and it was already time for lunch. Misty knew that Corsola and Pikachu- she only brought those to start fresh- were starving and without Brock here to cook for them, they were doomed. She detoured into a Pokémon Center and asked for a room. She deposited her Pokémon inside and left Pikachu to look after them.

"Pika pi," he said in a disappointed voice.

"Pikachu, if you stay… I'll bring you back a bottle of ketchup." Misty's voice was singsongy and Pikachu complained no more. "I'll bring back food for everyone, and some more for our journey okay? Bye." Misty and Lucario walked into a café. Once they stepped inside, all eyes were on them.

"Well I'll be damned. Somebody finally managed to catch that Lucario I've been hearing about." Lucario was about to say he wasn't captured, but Misty stopped him.

"Yes, can I just get two pounds of Pokémon food and a bottle of ketchup please?" The man at the counter looked at her quizzically. "Yes, I said a bottle of ketchup. Do you want anything Lucario?" It looked across the menu and picked out two cheeseburgers. They sat down as they waited for their orders.

"Do you ever feel like your forgetting something?" Misty nodded.

"I forget things a lot."

"Not like that. I mean, I think I lost my memories. I see visions in my head and I don't know what they are about. They feel like they are special and I…"

"Order's ready." Misty got up and paid the man.

Once outside they continued their conversation. "Lucario…" Misty stared back at him, and for a moment she was reminded of Ash. She shook it off. "If you think you lost you're memories, then I'll help you."

"Misty, thank you so much! Then I'll help you on your journey. What are you looking for?"

"I'm out to get myself an egg from a scientist."

Misty arrived back in the room and served the food. They all ate to their bellies content and Corsola returned to its ball. Pikachu on the other hand, fell asleep with the bottle of ketchup in his arms. Lucario walked toward the sleeping Pokémon, and when Misty saw this she screamed. "Lucario no… Pikachu doesn't like…" It was too late. Lucario had already slipped the bottle away from Pikachu who grew mad. He used Thunderbolt and shocked the blue Pokémon before returning back to his slumber with his beloved bottle. Lucario sat on the floor, eyes wide as the visions passed through his head. He saw them, not at all as clearly as he would've liked, but clear enough. He saw through someone's eyes this Pikachu and some of the adventures, especially when he got electrocuted.

"I remember. I see Pikachu…" Misty hadn't heard what the fallen Pokémon had said and helped him onto the bed. "I think I'll remember what I lost if I travel with you guys."

"That's great Lucario, it really is." Lucario didn't know, but he felt something toward Misty, something he knew a Pokémon couldn't and shouldn't feel. She saw him staring at her and he turned around in the bed, trying to get himself to get some sleep.

Misty sat down on the grass, and looked up at the sky. They had just walked from the Pokémon Center; it was already dark, and the moon was in full bloom. "I think we should stop and set up camp here." Lucario was lying on the sleeping bag when he heard a distinctive noise. The forest was quiet so the sound of an airplane landing was really conspicuous. Lucario got up quietly, trying not to disturb the other sleeping patrons and followed the sound. He saw a various amount of people leave the plane; they were all dressed the same, as if they were in the same organization. He heard a voice coming from the walky-talky the leader had in her hand.

"That Lucario should be around here somewhere. We'll bring him to you." The leader turned to her team. "Make sure to search everywhere for him." Lucario believed that if he didn't fight then Misty and the others would get involved. He walked up to the leader and readied himself for battle.

"Lucario… you guys know what to do." One of the grunts walked in front of him and brought out a Doduo. The grunt yelled at his monster, ordering him to use Pursuit. Doduo ran close to Lucario coming just inches to his face before the aura Pokémon used Metal Claw. His claws scratched at the bird causing it to jump back to its trainer.

"Go! Fury Attack." Both heads came attacking at mind numbing speeds. They both attacked, growing in power as they did. Lucario tried one more time. He let out a powerful Force Palm, filled with all the energy he had left. His palm pushed forward, causing a massive shockwave that obliterated everything in his path. As the jet the mysterious group flew in fell to the floor, Lucario ran back to camp.

"Misty… we have to go." The red head woke up slowly, wiping her eyes of sleep when she heard the commotion. She got up quickly and checked it out.

"What happened there?" she asked. When she finally got close enough, she saw the only thing that could've made the night any worse. Lucario seemed to have sensed it.

"What's going on?"

"Team Rocket…"

Their footsteps slammed down on the moist floor as they ran away from the Rockets. They kept on running, Pikachu still on Misty's shoulder as they bust into a Pokémon Center late at night. Nurse Joy was astounded to see a girl and her Pokémon running so fast in the dead of night.

"Is everything all right?" asked the concerned nurse.

"Oh yeah. We just wanted to have a race," she said between breaths. She laughed breathlessly as she asked for a room. Pikachu was still tired from all the adventure and once he touched the soft mattress, he fell asleep. Misty and Lucario on the other hand were wide awake.

"If Team Rocket is here, then they must be after you."

"You seemed really scared. You okay?"

"Yeah, it's just that they will do whatever it takes to get what they want." Lucario was wide awake; unlike Misty, he couldn't get back to sleep. He was still thinking about what Misty had said.

'They'll do whatever it takes to get what they want.'

He saw the look on Misty's face and he really believed that. Lucario looked back at her and Pikachu once more, before he headed back to the forest, back the way they had run away from. The Rockets were still there, a new ship on its way when Lucario arrived. The boss-woman looked at him and chuckled.

"You're not getting away this time."

Misty woke up to the sun shining straight at her. She felt sleepy still and turned around in her bed seeing Pikachu and his bottle of ketchup sleeping peacefully. She smiled and turned back around to get herself comfortable. It wasn't ten seconds that she jumped out of bed, yelling, "Where's Lucario?" causing Pikachu to fall. She looked around the room, and then realized what had happened. "He's gone… because of Team Rocket. He wanted to keep us safe." Pikachu climbed onto her lap.

"Pika Pi." His hands went up and he motioned for her to come on.

Misty smiled. "You're right. If Ash taught me anything, it's to take care of your friends." So off they went, back to the clearing where Lucario had found the Rockets. They followed the footprints left in the mud as they passed the camp, and when they got to the place, nothing was there. There was only the ship that they left behind, but other than that, no life. Misty didn't give up though. She walked up to the open jet and explored the inside, searching for any clue whatsoever that would lead her to where the thieves stayed. Nothing was found after an extensive search and just as she was about to give up, she heard two voices.

"Damn that commander of ours. How the hell could she just leave us here? Do you know how long it takes to get back to the base back in Cinnabar Island?"

"I know what you mean," said the other, "just how do we get back over there?"

"We'll find a way." They walked inside the jet and saw Pikachu and Misty. "Who are you?"

"Well, I gotta go. Pikachu, Thunderbolt." The electric mouse shocked them and they fell to the floor. "I know how to get to Cinnabar Island."

Lucario was stuck inside of a chamber after he had willingly let Team Rocket capture him. He usually would've fought, but he had to make sure they didn't go after Misty… he had a feeling she was going to try and save him. The chamber was dark, and he could see nothing through the thick, dark glass. Even so though, he wondered why he could see them. He couldn't even hear through the glass. He saw the Rockets clearly, and what's weird, is that he saw colors surrounding them. Some of them were various shades of various colors and he seemed to tap into what they were feeling. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew this was a special power.

The airplane slowed to a stop at the abandoned mansion, landing right behind it. The grunts walked in, carrying the chamber containing the aura Pokémon. The commander walked inside, going up the four flights of stairs and finally stopping in front of a man sitting at a lavish dining table. He had a bottle of wine brought to him and it looked like he was waiting for his dinner. He turned and looked at the package the grunts set behind the woman. His voice was deep and menacing, but also calm and collected. "What do you have for me Donna?"

"Forgive my intrusion," she said motioning to the dinner, "but I think this Lucario should make up for my lateness."

The man stood up. He walked, his suit following his every shape. His hands touched the smooth glass and saw Lucario's glorious form. "It will fetch a nice price and make a strong Pokémon." He glanced over at the grunts and dismissed them. "Donna," he said when they were alone, "you've outdone yourself." The man grabbed her, caressing her, as he pulled her close to him.

"Giovanni…" said Donna as he brought her in for a kiss.

Lucario tried wriggling inside of the case. He saw the two figures out there, one of whom he knew was the boss woman who had captured him, and the other he wasn't too sure. Red aura surrounded the two and he tried even more to escape as he heard moans growing louder and louder…

Misty and Pikachu climbed off the boat, after thanking the driver. They sidled to the front of the mansion and when they were there, in front of the door, Misty called on Corsola. "We're going to need some major help okay?" The trainer and the two Pokémon entered the house and the battle started. Two grunts were standing next to the door as it flew open and they got knocked out as the ochre wood hit their heads. On the top of the stairs, more grunts continued to flock downstairs. Misty laughed as she saw the grunts uncoordinated attempts as they created a huge mass on the stairs. "Pikachu, Corsola," said Misty, "Thunderbolt, Spike Cannon!" The mass fell to the ground one after another as if the were domino pieces. The heroes ran through past the third floor, and up to the fourth, where the two adults had already finished their fun. Misty looked around and saw the chamber.


Giovanni righted himself and questioned Misty. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to take Lucario back. He isn't yours."

His laugh echoed around the room. Pikachu and Corsola were standing their ground. "You think so don't you?"

"Yeah I do. Let's do this you guys."

Lucario had tried to tune out the moans that were ensuing when Donna and Giovanni had been having sex, but that's not what he had heard now. He heard Misty's voice and he saw her aura and the aura of everything in front of him. Misty's aura was pale yellow –of one who was hopeful– and that of the Pokémon were a metallic yellow –that of one who had a power awakened– as they waited for the other Pokémon to be thrown out.

Donna threw out a Meowth and a Gyarados. "Let's go. Meowth Payday. Gyarados use Aqua Tail." The two Pokémon ran forward and attacked Corsola and Pikachu. The barrage of water slapped Pikachu to the ground and the gold coins bombarded the coral Pokémon. Donna followed with Taunt.

Misty noticed her Pokémon getting irritated. "Hey you guys cool down. Pikachu use Thunder, and Corsola, use Earth Power." A huge thunder clap filled the room as a huge bolt came storming down on the two opposing Pokémon. They fell onto the floor, trying to stand back up, growing weaker each second. Following the thunder attack that Pikachu just produced, Corsola used Earth Power. The ground beneath the foes shook as lava started spewing around them. The fire surrounded them and then finally they fell to the ground fainted.

"Oh no… Meowth, Gyarados." She brought them back into the capsules, and started to bring out her other Pokémon; Giovanni stopped her.

"Don't." He pushed Donna aside and stepped up. "Tanaka…" a butler walked in, a Persian following him. Tanaka handed Giovanni a pokeball; another battle was about to ensue.

Lucario was getting frightened. Giovanni had an aura of evil surrounding him, and he felt that Misty was in danger the longer she continued to battle him. He struggled, concentrating his mind to its full extent to bring strength to his muscles. He thrashed inside of the chamber, earning a small crack in the process.

Giovanni's two Pokémon, Persian and Gyarados, claimed the field in front of the other tired and battered Pokémon of Misty. He was calm, cool, and collected, as if everything was in control. He let the lady go first.

"Pikachu Thunder on Gyarados and Corsola use Rock Blast." The rocks flew from the floor, aiming at their target. Persian was a speedy cat and every high flying rock missed it. Persian stopped smack dab in front of the pink Pokémon.

"Thunderbolt." The Persian gave a sinister smile, much like its owner as its garnet red gem created an electrical bolt that knocked Corsola onto the wall behind it. It tried to get up, the Corsola did, awaiting what Misty was going to tell it to do.

"Recover, Cor—" Misty's words were cut off.

"I don't think so. Thunderbolt once more." Pikachu watched as the Gyarados took the Thunder attack fully, not flinching in the least. He saw Corsola, and the Thunderbolt about to be administered and he ran in front of her. Just as the yellow zigzag line emanated from Persian's gem, Pikachu took the attack. Pikachu felt his power recover, and Misty saw this as her chance.

"Recover, and then use Earth Power on Persian. Pikachu, Iron Tail on Gyarados." Fully rejuvenated, the Pokémon continued their barrage. Their attacks slammed onto the suspecting foes, but this time, they had a great affect. Persian was down on the ground, wobbling on its legs as it tried to stand. Gyarados hit the floor hard as Pikachu smashed his metal tail onto his hard skin. As Pikachu was still in the air from the last attack, "Pikachu, Iron Tail on Persian!" Misty was so confident in Pikachu's ability to defeat the Team rocket leader, and she had every right to be.

Pikachu was right above the cat now, straight on and bound to not miss. Only… when the attack collided, it wasn't with Persian, it was with a Nidoran. All faces turned to Donna who had brought out her Pokémon at the last second.

Lucario struggled even more in the darkened chamber as he saw/ felt the anger, and danger in Giovanni grow. The crack grew a bit more, creating unseen streaks through the glass.

Giovanni looked at his Persian, at the Nidoran, and then at the trainer who had released it. Misty and Donna both saw his jaw tense; he called Donna over. Donna walked wearily over to her boss, cautious of every move that she made. She stopped in front of him, at least five feet away. He urged her closer. "I won't bite," he said. His voice was indefinable. It held a mix of many things, but those that stood out told Donna to run. Funny thing about intuition though… it only counts if you listen to it.

Donna was now in front of Giovanni, his face only inches from hers. He spoke, his voice low. "What do you think you're doing?" She started talking, but he cut her off. "You got in the middle of my battle."

"You were going to lose sir…" The Donna that had been on the jet, and the Donna that had just fought our heroes was no where to be seen; this Donna was a complete opposite. Her voice was low, as if she was insecure, and she cowered as she spoke to Giovanni.

"Was I going to lose? Did you know that?"

"I was just trying to…" He slapped her across the face, blood leaking down her nostrils.

"Get out of my sight."

"Yes sir," she said, her normal voice back.

Giovanni looked over at Misty. "Well, let's get back to it shall we?"

They picked up where they left off, but it didn't look bright for the water trainer. Corsola attacked with everything that she could give, all her strength, but it produced no seen affects. The foes kept on getting up, kept on attacking. Gyarados stood behind Persian, him in the background as Persian attacked both Corsola and Pikachu. Pikachu used Iron Tail and that's when he saw Gyarados. Persian looked back and saw that the serpent was finally ready to release the Hyper Beam. It wasn't aimed at Pikachu.

Corsola tried desperately to move away as the beam of light projected toward her but lo, it was too late. The orange and yellow beam dissipated as it hit Corsola and she lay on the ground fainted. Misty called her back. "Good job. I guess it's just us now huh Pikachu?"

Lucario sensed desperation now. He too was desperate. His paw had reached out his palm from his thigh and raised it to the glass. He concentrated and used Metal Claw.

Giovanni was the first to hear the sound of metal cutting through very thick material, and he stared as the black paw stepped out. The glass fell to the floor, and Misty, realizing that Giovanni was staring behind her, looked back to see Lucario. She ran over to him, giving him a huge hug. Lucario spoke to Giovanni.

"This is the end for you…"

"Au Contraire," said Giovanni. Pikachu was surrounded by a purple pool of sludge. Toxic. Lucario jumped onto the field and took actions into his own hands.

"I'm my own Pokémon. If I win, you let us go, and if you win, you get me, but not them."

"That's hardly fair. Throw in the Pikachu and we have a deal."


"What about me. I'm a Gym Leader, and I master in Water Pokémon. If you win, I'll join Team Rocket, along with Lucario."

Giovanni laughed. "You two… alright then. Let's get on with this."

Lucario focused his thoughts and imagined all the terrible things he could do the Pokémon before him. He used his Dark Pulse move and attacked Gyarados. Gyarados wailed as the rush of dark thoughts clouded his mind, making him lose HP in an instant. Then just as fast, Lucario produced an Aura Sphere. The sphere collected the aura of his opponent and shot it back at them. Gyarados fell to the floor, Giovanni looking aggravated, probably at the thought of losing a fine specimen and a new team member.

He recalled Gyarados and angrily commanded Persian to attack the aura Pokémon. Pikachu jumped out of the toxic sludge and onto Lucario's shoulder. Lucario knew he had this in the bag. He smiled at Giovanni, and as if he had the move Taunt, he taunted Giovanni. He turned around and slapped his butt. "I bet your Persian couldn't hit me if its life depended on it." Giovanni clenched his jaw again. "I heard you were the big bad boss for Team Rocket… where's that guy now?" Giovanni was getting distracted, he didn't notice that Persian was too, and confused at that. Misty saw this and commanded Pikachu.

"Quick attack, then Iron Tail." The mouse complied, jumping off his ally, but Lucario stopped him.

"I want to finish him off…" Misty shrugged and Okayed him. He stood in front Persian, who was giving off a menacing growl, and he felt like… like he needed to turn his hat around (if he had a hat). The intensity of the battle just controlled him and he couldn't let it go; this was just too much fun. The images played in his mind. He saw both Misty and a boy he knew to be Brock for some reason or another, and he saw a whole horde of people he recognized, but he himself at this moment didn't know. He fell to the floor, headache scorching his mind. Misty crouched next to him, allowing Pikachu to finish the job as she dragged him out next to her.

Pikachu did what he was originally asked, defeating Persian with his Iron Tail. Giovanni called –quite calmly– for Tanaka, and when he appeared, he picked up the Persian. Giovanni looked to the two on the floor. "I keep my word." With that he left the room, allowing the trio to get over to a Pokémon Center.

Nurse Joy and Misty had both been insistent on having Lucario checked, but he wasn't having that. The moment he stepped into the room, he stayed there. Corsola and Pikachu were fine, eating their fill of Pokefood for the day's hard work. Misty sat on the bench on the side of the Center and watched her Pokémon eat. A shadow hovered above her.


"I'm glad you're okay. I was worried sick about you." Lucario opened his mouth to say something, but let Misty continue. "At least the boatman was nice enough to drop us off next to our destination. We'll be at that lab by tomorrow." She looked up at him. "Did you find out what you wanted to do?"

"Misty," said Lucario, sliding closer to her, "the only thing I was thinking, was if you were okay; I feared for you're safety." His paw cupped her face and instantly, her thoughts trailed back to Ash. Again she shook it off, but it was stronger this time. She couldn't help but mutter his name.

"Ash…" said Misty, cupping his face as well. As the name rolled off her tongue, Lucario felt a major head pain working its way up again. He clutched at his head, screaming. This time, it hurt worse. It was brighter, whiter, fuller. He had to take it all in, from the beginning, all the way to the end. He saw his various journeys, and he saw his various friends. Misty was on her knees, grabbing the Pokémon's shoulder, shouting for Nurse Joy. Chansey walked up with a stretcher and pulled him over to the medical room. Misty wasn't allowed in, but she stayed by the door. More and more visions flooded his mind, no longer black or white, but in full vivid HD color. More and more screams emanated from him as well. As the final play raced by his eyes, he calmed down enough to fall into a deep, deep sleep.

"I'll get that Omanyte for you if it's the last thing. Come on Pikachu. Thunder!" He saw the massive thunder come striking down on the horde of Omanyte and he saw some of them fainting. "Run Misty…" He had said. He looked down at his waist and saw that they both had only brought one Pokémon each. The boy looked up and saw the horde making way… he knew something worse was about to happen. "Pikachu… Quick Attack!" He saw Pikachu fighting and he knew he had only one goal: To save Misty. The boy jumped in front of the giant rock that spiraled toward the Waterflower, and the last thing he heard was…

"Ash… no…" Ash looked to the weak voice and saw the rock hurdling toward her. He tried to reach her, but he was just to slow…

Lucario woke up with a start… just as the rock was about to hit Misty. He woke up and he felt a gentle breathing next to him. Misty was lying on the side of his bed, still sitting in a chair. He smiled at her, and that feeling, that he knew that a Pokémon shouldn't have for a human was back.

He analyzed his dream and as everything played back he realized something… he heard Misty shuffle, and then wake up, staring at him with sleepy eyes. She looked back at him, her green eyes piercing his black orbs. "Lucario…?"

"No, it's me Ash." Misty looked at him a bit longer, and then she stood up, anger filling her body.

"How dare you pretend to be Ash!"

"I'm not!"

"He's dead. There's no way you could be him, not in a million years!"

"Misty you've got to believe me! What about the…"

"Shut up! Just shut up." Misty started for the door before her tears got the better of her. Lucario jumped off the bed and stood between her and the door. "Move!" Nurse Joy heard Misty's yell and knocked on the door.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yes it is," replied Lucario.

"No it isn't. Open the door!"

"Just listen to me a bit. I remember, just before I died, we went to go look for Omanyte eggs. The one you wanted so badly." She hadn't looked at his eyes once, thinking over what he was saying. "And…" he said almost triumphantly, "I remembered Pikachu. How much happened between us when he shocked me. Don't you think it's weird that you called me Ash just a minute ago?" She did think it was weird, but wasn't that just it? Wasn't it because Lucario and Ash were weird beings and they just happened to act the same way? Even with the many things that had happened in their lives; this was too out there… wasn't it?

"Ash…" Misty said as if trying out the name for the first time. Finally the water works started, and she ran into the blue Pokémon, tears running their course down her face. She mumbled incoherently and he chuckled.

"I always thought you were the cool one…" She looked at him, trying to get annoyed, but she couldn't, at least not this early. They stayed like that for a while, only the sniffles coming from Misty breaking the silence. Lucario rubbed the humans back and only then did that feeling come back, the feeling of want, the forbidden feeling between Pokémon and master.

"At least I know that my love isn't forbidden…" Misty looked up at him, and couldn't help but blush, even though it was a Pokémon, he was still Ash, her once dead love. She said nothing, looking down on the floor. She didn't notice the black paw snaking its way to her chin. Ash lifted the red head's chin and planted a long kiss on her lips.

Nurse Joy rammed the doorway. She was worried about the screams for help, and then the silence that followed and thought that something was wrong, when she saw the two making out. They jumped away from each other, blushes evident only on Misty, but the damage was done; Nurse Joy saw all that she needed too.

"I'm so sorry," she said running out of the room in no need for an explanation. They walked their embarrassed selves out of the medical room, collected their Pokémon.

Misty was still thinking how Ash came back to life, and in another body no less. Only one word came to her mind.


Reincarnation is the belief that a soul is reborn into another form, something living. Although previous life is usually forgotten, it doesn't always happen. Misty believed this was the only logical explanation for Ash's predicament; another problem though: he won't be getting his body back, as far as she knew, he was stuck like that forever. Putting it to the back of her mind for now, she concentrated only on getting her Omanyte egg, the start to all this adventure.

Donna stood at the foot of Giovanni, bowing down on one knee as did her underlings. She looked up at him, his authoritative power beaming down on her… this was why she did what she did, was who she was. Donna, ever since she had laid eyes on Giovanni, she knew she wanted to work for him, to stay by his side. She worked hard everyday, even using and training the same Pokémon as he did. Eventually, it all paid off in the end, her becoming boss of her own platoon, and of course with every good job, she gets rewarded. Donna looked back at the Rocket boss and listened to her assignment. He looked straight at her, his strong gaze piercing hers.

"Our scientists have gotten news about Arceus. He is in the Kanto region… somewhere. I want him." Donna and the others nodded and left from the room, Giovanni called her back. "I hope you know this is it for you…" he said casually, sipping on a fresh batch of clear wine. She walked out, feeling pumped up, because no matter where this went, it had to go in her favor if she wanted to stay beside Giovanni.


A/N: Hello! How did you enjoy this story? I realized after I was too lazy to change it that they were actually in search of the Omanyte themselves, not really the eggs, because if it were just the egg, they coulda come back the next day, after the Pokemon breeded, like Ash mentioned, don't you think? Well, on to Part Two!