Reincarnation Ch. Dos

Back for more I see well, let's see what happens to our heroes now.

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Donna sat in the aircraft, as she stared at the monitors gleaming in front of her.

"I hope you know this is it for you…" She felt all kinds of emotions course through her as she heard those words: anger, sorrow, and worst of all fear… fear she really couldn't do her job. And if that happened? Well the worst thing she could think of was her separation from Giovanni and that's it. Donna closed her eyes and shook her head. She opened them. They knew where Arceus was staying, courtesy of a kidnapped civilian from a town they had just left, and she was coming for him… hard.

Misty sat down by the fire, clutching her Omanyte egg, watching as Ash played with his Pikachu. They were at Professor Oak's friend's lab, and she had offered to let them stay for the night, but they wanted to get back home as fast as possible. Ash had wanted to meet his mom, Mr. Mime, Prof. Oak, Brock… everybody, but Misty thought it'd be a bad idea to tell too many people about this. His body was not his… and again she thought it probably never was going to be again. Pikachu jumped away from Ash and sat on Misty's lap.


"I'm alright Pikachu." Ash stood in front of her, a frown evident on his face.

"No you're not. You're thinking about my body again aren't you?" he said with a smirk.

"No I'm not… I'm just…" He pulled her into him, after she stood up, and attempted to kiss her again. She pushed him off. "See? I knew it." She sat back down.

"It's just that it feels weird getting kissed by a Pokémon."

"Don't worry. You thought I was going to stay like this for the rest of my life?"

"What other choice do you have? You were reincarnated, and I'm pretty sure you'd have to die again to go into another body."

"Then let's go…" She shot a mean look at him. "I'm kidding. Look Mist, we'll find a way to get my body back." She nodded but even Ash saw the doubt in her face as she walked away from them and into her sleeping bag.

Ash and Misty were on foot, walking to the next town. The night was cool, and scents of barbequed meats perforated their senses. Ash sniffed the air. "It smells so good," he said drooling. He grabbed Misty's arm and started running toward the source, which wasn't that hard since there was an orange glow ahead of them from the fire. They reached the town's edge and Ash jumped in line for the meat. Misty looked around. She saw many items of Arceus. Arceus memorabilia, Arceus balloons, and some people even wearing Arceus masks.

"What is this?" whispered Misty to herself.

"We're worshipping Arceus." Misty looked down and saw an old man. He was standing besides her, watching the stars, as if he wasn't paying attention to her. "We here are grateful to Arceus. He is our lord and we celebrate when he comes back."

"Arceus? What is it?"

"Follow me girl." The old man walked over to a giant fire-pit where many people were gathered, talking and laughing blithely. "Sit."

Before she had a chance to sit down, Ash came and asked her for some money. "Misty, can I have some money? They won't give me or Pikachu any food." With a sigh she pulled out her wallet and gave him some money. The old man was watching them all this time. A voice was heard and the crowd silenced.

"We are here to worship Arceus. Creator of our worlds, creator of us. He holds within him the power of all legendary Pokémon, and he can do what none of us can ever imagine…" The voice droned out of Misty's head. "Can do anything?" she thought, "That no one can ever imagine?" She knew that Arceus was the only one who could ever get Ash back to normal. The sounds of drums and flutes brought her out of her thoughts as the townspeople began to dance. Ash sat next to her, Pikachu on his shoulder.

"Ash… I think I know how to get your body back." He stared back at her, meat dangling from his mouth.

"Really, how?"

"They were talking about a Pokémon… Arceus."

"How are we supposed to find it?"

"I don't know." Ash stood up and looked around. He spotted the same old man who had talked to Misty; he called him over.

"Hey, do you know how to get to Arceus?"

"That I do young man." A shock rose in both Ash and Misty.

"Young man?" said Misty, "That's not a young man, it's a Lucario."

"I know about you two. Please, don't make an old man like me explain. Either way, why don't you all stay at my house tonight and I'll show you where Arceus is. He is in danger of some others…"

The spacecraft landed on the sandy coast of the island. The waves rocked slowly, almost touching the craft. Donna exited and looked up at the top, clouds covering the peak. Looking back at her team, she made her way to the cave on the side of the mountain. Once they entered, the smell of fire filled their noses. This wasn't just a cave, it was a volcano.

The boat swam on the waves, making its way, for the island that lay directly in front of them. The old man had told them that Arceus was always spotted in the highest peaks of the country, and the mountain they were going to was just that. Its peak couldn't even be seen, what with all the clouds drifting in front of it. As the boat slowed down, the captain came out. "Here we are lad."

"Thank you, we really appreciate it."

"No problem, but might I ask what you are going to do here?"

"I might just train my Pokémon; they've been itching for a tough battle," answered Misty.

"Very well then… see you later." The man waved and so did Misty, waiting until he was just a speck in the blue horizon. Ash and Misty walked along the edge.

"Reminds you of when I was still alive doesn't it?" Misty looked at Ash and stopped where she was. Her face had lowered and her hands clutched tightly around the egg that was in her hands.

"It was all my fault…" she whispered, "all my fault!" Ash grabbed her shoulder and made her look up at him. Her eyes were filled with tears as she let out her pent up sadness. "Everyday, I went on, because I thought that as long as I took care of Pikachu, everything would be okay… but it wasn't. Everyday, I walked around, and you didn't because it was my fault you died. If I hadn't made you come with me, you would still be alive; you'd still be breathing, and holding Pikachu, in your own body." She dropped to her knees, sobs filling the island air. Ash dropped down beside her. He wiped her tears, his blue fur soaking up the saltwater flowing down her face.

"Misty…" He came closer to her, blowing a breath of air onto her cheek. "I am alive. I am breathing." His voice was one of calmness and understanding, like he understood how she felt. "You had nothing to do with it. I wanted to make sure I was there when you caught your Omanyte, and I wanted to see your smiling face when you did. What happened was because I jumped in the line of fire to protect you…" His vision that had played after the terrible headache in the Pokémon Center came back. "I'll get that Omanyte for you if it's the last thing. Come on Pikachu. Thunder!" He saw the massive thunder come striking down on the horde of Omanyte and he saw some of them fainting. "Run Misty…" He had said. He looked down at his waist and saw that they both had only brought one Pokémon each. The boy looked up and saw the horde making way… he knew something worse was about to happen. "Pikachu… Quick Attack!" He saw Pikachu fighting and he knew he had only one goal: To save Misty. The boy jumped in front of the giant rock that spiraled toward the Waterflower, and the last thing he heard was…

"Ash… no…" Ash looked to the weak voice and saw the rock hurdling toward her. He tried to reach her, but he was just to slow…

"…if you had died, I wouldn't have known what to do. I love you and that's why I did what I did with no regrets." Her sobs had stopped, but tears were still coming down. "Now get up." His paw wrapped around her upper arm, gently pulling her up on her feet. He started walking forward when he felt a hand on his own biceps.

"Thank you Ash." Misty walked up to him and kissed him, just like he had done to her in the Pokémon Center. He looked at her as they parted, knowing how disturbing it was for her to kiss him when he was a Lucario. "I love you too, and real body or not won't change that." Their hands interlocked, (as much as a mammal with no thumbs could) and together they kept walking along the coast, remembering only the good times.

As they neared the corner, they saw a large piece of metal. "What's that?" said Misty as she ran toward it. Lucario was already by her side, and he gasped.

"It's Team Rocket's aircraft. They must be after Arceus. The old man was right."

"Not to mention, they might want to take you back too."

"Don't worry about me. I can handle myself perfectly." Ash looked to Pikachu, "you ready?", and then to Misty.

She threw her pokeball in the air, and a flash of light later, her Corsola was out. "You know I am."

The cave was dark and nothing was able to be seen. They cautiously sidled across the walls, trying to make use of the darkness if they ran into any Rockets. There were two caves now, one leading to the right, and one to the left. On the left side was a grunt.

"Looks like there showing us the way," said Ash. He was about to tell Pikachu to use a thunderbolt, but Misty stopped him.

"Hey, want to warn everybody were here?" she silently yelled, "Use a move that isn't noticeable, or let us handle this."

"Fine," said Ash irritably, "Use Iron Tail Pikachu." The sliver tail glowed as it smacked the grunt in the back of the head, him completely unaware of the intruders in the cave.

Donna walked with a quick pace, leaving her grunts behind her as she crossed the cave. Only when a cave opening came by did one of the grunts pass her, to tell see if that was indeed the way. About thirty minutes later, the Rocket boss was face to face with the slope that lead to the top of the mountain. She grabbed ten of her best grunts, the others staying behind in case of unwanted intrusion, and then together they walked the grueling slope. Every step put more strain on their bodies. Oxygen was in low supply as they got higher and higher up into the atmosphere. Once or twice, they had to stop just to get their breath. Of her ten, only six made it to the top with her. Donna stepped up, and saw what she was searching for… the Pokémon that would keep her dream alive.

Her hand shot forward like an arrow, pointing to the giant slumbering Pokémon, signaling her men to capture it, any means necessary. They all released their Pokémon, two Pokémon to the six grunts fighting made it twelve against one… and it was only going to go one way. Being as it was Team Rocket, and all the grunts have the same Pokémon, six Dodrio and six Muk, attacked. Arceus wriggled in his sleep, as if he had felt a feather on his body. Then the twelve Pokémon attacked again and again until he forced to wake up. The awakened Pokémon wasted no time in wasting his intruders. He used Hyper Voice. The vicious sound waves, broke through whatever Donna was planning, reducing her twelve team, to eight. Upon seeing the fainted Pokémon, she decided things will go better if she joins in.

Both her Meowth and Gyarados were in the battle, ready to take on Arceus. With her remaining help, she told them to attack from all sides. The grunts did, picking up the places their boss's two Pokémon couldn't. Together, they managed to make a scratch, but a scratch did nothing to the Alpha. Arceus stepped down from his roost, and in a blink of an eye, he was gone. The grunts were getting scared, desperate, and Donna noticed this too. "Keep it together men." Some of them didn't heed her warning, making their Dodrio use Tri-Beam Attack. As the thunder and the ice and fire shot into the air, Arceus attacked them with Extreme Speed. This attack reduced Donna's number from eight, to a mere half of that. With a yell, she ordered complete cooperation; everyone must do exactly as she says, from that moment on. Her Gyarados attacked first, then her Meowth, followed by an assail from all that was left from her best squad.

Misty followed behind the Lucario as they reached the last opening, where there were about twenty grunts, standing around waiting either for orders, or something itself to happen. Misty poked Ash. "I have an idea, follow me." She pointed to the sloped walkway and he understood that that was his destination. Running with Pikachu, and Misty running with Corsola, they took to the sides of the huge cave, trying to stay out of sight in the semi-darkness. Too bad plans don't always go as planned.

One of the grunts noticed the streak of pink and called out his Pokémon. "Go Doduo," he said, guiding his Pokémon to attack the Corsola.

"I don't think so. Corsola, Spike Cannon." The silver spikes cascaded onto the brown bird, and making it fall onto its belly. If that didn't get some much uneeded attention, then nothing else would've. The other grunts followed the trail of silver back to Misty.

"Hey, it's that girl who beat us at the mansion." By the sound of their voice, they were looking for some payback. More Pokémon appeared as numerous amounts of lights flashed in the cave. Ash looked back, after he finished attacking his own foe, and started telling Pikachu to attack. Misty shook her head.

"You know what you have to do. Go save Arceus." Ash's face was hard, and he was trying to figure out what he should in fact do, but she was right. They were here to ask the Alpha Pokémon for a favor, and him being in Team Rocket's grasp was not going to help. With a short nod, he motioned for Pikachu to follow him up the sloped trail, him having just a bad a time as the other grunts who took the same direction just minutes before.

Misty stood, back against the wall as about twenty Pokémon stood in front of her. She looked at Corsola and saw Corsola breathing hard, her small pink body panting fiercely; Misty bent down to her level. "I know you're tired, trust me, I am too, but we have to do this." Corsola nodded. Standing back up, Misty instructed Corsola. "Let them see Hell." The grunts had laughed at her when they heard her threat, but all that ceased when the ground shook. Unlike the last time, when Corsola used this move in the mansion, there was lava. The lave rose up, as if happy to be free of the pressure that had been built atop of them over the millions and millions of years, as if the demons of Hell were running around the room with no sense of direction. Rocks cracked, red hot liquid squeezing through whatever they could. The lava flowed and the grunts knew better. If they died here, who was going to help reap in the reward for helping capture Arceus?

Misty had knew it would be risky to use the move, especially since it had been a volcano, and now she was stuck, behind a rock wall, just waiting until the fires of Hell claimed her too. If it wasn't for Corsola, or the egg she held in her hand, she would've given up, but as long as she held out, even though she herself thought it impossible, it would be good enough.

Ash heard the screams as the mountain shook under his feet, causing him to fall onto the floor. He screamed, worried of what Misty had done, and as he stumbled back towards the way he came, Pikachu yelled at him. Even amidst all the sounds of fear and death, he understood. He looked back, praying a silent prayer that Misty and her Pokémon were okay. He took all the pain he felt from the lack of oxygen, and with it, he ran, ran all the way to the top.

Arceus fell to the ground, as well as all the other humans on the peak, but that didn't deter Donna. She quickly attacked, her men following her lead. She knew that as long as they had the element of surprise, they could possibly win, though that possibility dwindled with each passing second. The attacks actually did hit Arceus now, and he was getting irritated. His roost was beginning to burn and he had to deal with Donna. As Donna's and her team's Pokémon were about to send their final blows on the weakened Pokémon, and as Arceus braced himself for what was too come, a bolt of Thunder came shooting from the sky, knocking out all of Donna's team and her Gyarados completely out. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the Lucario and the Pikachu stand in front of Arceus.

"It is mine. I will not… I won't leave here without it." Donna forced her Meowth to attack. What it could do against three powerful Pokémon, it didn't know, but it listened to its master. Meowth used Feint Attack, and at least got a hit in on Arceus before the powerful force of Aura Sphere slammed into it. The cat fell onto its side, watching as its master brought out the pokeball and called it back in. "Damn it! I can't go back to Giovanni! I can't, but I have to try don't I?" The now crazed Donna flung herself onto the leg of Arceus. She started climbing up on his leg, trying to get onto his massive back. As if this was a waste of his time, Arceus walked over to the edge of the mountain peak. The lava from his roost was leaking down the side, and into the water, forming a mask of steam. He jumped up and down, like a bucking bull, and walked away as Donna fell from the top peak, all the way down, down, down, her screams disturbing the island silence.

Arceus walked back to his now ruined roost and sat down beside it. It too looked like it was exhausted. As Ash was about to ask Arceus the favor, he heard someone calling out to him. Misty ran to the boy, egg still in her hand. She was sweating, and sweating hard by what he could see.

"How did you get out?"

"There were rocks floating by and I knew that if I didn't act now, it'd be the end of not only me, but my Pokémon too." She looked up and saw Arceus, acting like he didn't know they were there. Ash called to him.

"Arceus." The Pokémon still didn't answer, but he did turn to look at Ash. "I heard that you could do anything, please can you make me human again?"


"Again with the speaking Pokémon," thought Misty.

"What do you mean no?" Ash stepped up closer to Arceus, as if his miniscule size (compared to Arceus) was a threat.


Donna fell and fell, thinking it was the end for her. She had lived out life doing exactly what she wanted to do. She helped Giovanni with things she never thought she'd ever before too. She was happy as she fell farther and farther, closer to the vast sea below. Donna was falling so fast that she couldn't turn her head, but she heard the sound that gave her hope. The aircraft flew beside her, doors opened and she saw Giovanni; her heart pounded. What was he going to say when he found out… wait she was falling from the mountain's peak; he had to know something was up. Giovanni extended his hand out to the Rocket boss and pulled her inside, he clutching and apologizing in his chest.

The craft rose higher and higher and for some odd reason, the door remained opened. Donna unhooked herself from Giovanni. His face told her nothing, but even so she bowed her apologies. "I'm sorry sir, I have failed you again." The sound of Giovanni walking toward her was masked by the rush of air entering the aircraft, but she felt his hands on her chin; he pulled her up.

"Don't worry about it Donna…" she thought he was going to continue, but he gave her a kiss instead. This was a very chaste kiss which confused her, because she knew of his nature, nothing innocent about it. After the kiss, he finished, "I knew you were going to fail all along." He pushed her back out the craft. Donna's eyes were wide, but she didn't scream, she didn't need too. She was content where she was in his life.

Ash stomped his foot on the rocky ground beneath him. "No, no! Please. I need my body back. Misty will never love me the some with out it!"

"That's not true Ash!" said a stunned Misty. "I've come to terms with it."

"No matter what the reason, I still say no." The alpha turned his head to the side and saw what the others had just seen too. The aircraft was hovering in the air besides them. "More of them?"

"Lucario please, don't make this harder for us." The Rocket Boss tossed his head to the side, talking to some crew of the vehicle. They looked outside and nodded, going wherever, or fetching whatever. Ash stood in front of Lucario again, and so did Misty, already bringing Corsola out. "Do it now boys."

Four men in white coats replaced Giovanni at the edge of the door, the other two on the other door, carrying what looked like harpoon guns. Giovanni appeared behind them. "You still have a choice."

"Well choice this!" Ash and Pikachu both jumped up and released simultaneous attacks of the craft. As if it was a helicopter with the ability to move sideways, it dodged all their attacks coming from all directions. "I guess I didn't think that through." The Coats pulled the trigger, sharp hooks flying from the barrel. The hooks entered the giant Pokémon behind the heroes, piercing deep inside of him. They heard as the other three made contact, Arceus grunting in pain. He fell to his knees and tried to stand, but the Coats pulled the harpoons, making him roar. As the craft flew farther away, Arceus was lifted up with it. The hooks were pulling on his skin, the blood dripping, slow and red, like the lava of the mountain he roosted on.

Lucario was seen running after the hanging Pokémon, Pikachu following his master. Just like Donna had done, Ash climbed on Arceus's leg, trying for his back. "Let's go Pikachu, we do this to finish this." Pikachu nodded and jumped up, using Quick Attack first and then hitting a Coat with Iron Tail. The gun was dropped from the knocked out man and they felt a welcomed imbalance, the ship not welcoming it at all as it shifted to one side. Ash applauded his Pokémon and went to work attacking himself.

Ash set the Coats in sights. First using his Force Palm, he made the Coat let go of the gun, trying to cover his ears from the piercing sound. Again the shift happened and now Arceus was dangling by one hind leg and one foreleg. The Pokémon saw Ash and Pikachu fighting on him.

"Leave, I can do this myself." The arrogant Arceus tried to lift his head up, but even that he couldn't do.

"Stop, you need our help."

"I'm still not going to help you…"

"Who said I cared about that anymore." Ash jumped back up in the air and used his Aura Sphere, merging together with Pikachu's Thunderbolt to finish off the last two. The last of Arceus's legs were free, and he just barely made floated onto the mountain, rolling on the rocky ground as Ash and Pikachu rolled farther. Misty ran to them. The ship had not fallen like they hoped, but at least Arceus was free.

"Get out of here Arceus. They're going to kill you."

"Let them try." Arceus ran over to the flying contraption and unleashed a powerful Hyper Beam into the air. The orange-yellowish beam hit the aircraft, causing an explosion. At first a fire broke out, then the next thing you hear are the sounds of mini-explosions, followed by one big one as the burning piece of metal spiraled to the flowing ground below them. Giovanni, had jumped out of the machine, and now was on his feet, staring straight at Arceus, waiting for him to make his move. Giovanni called out his two trusted Pokémon and the final battle started.

"Go Persian, Gyarados! Toxic. Hyper Beam!" The Pokémon ran forward, Persian using his litheness and speed to jump onto Arceus's back. The purple puddle seeped into his skin, and him trembling as the poison ran through his body. The hyper Beam followed after Persian's attack and because of his previous use of the Hyper Beam himself, and of the poison acting on him now, Arceus was in no way able to move.

Ash lifted up his head and growled. "This thing is going to end here!" He ran forward and used his Metal Claw, scratching the cat away from Arceus. Following suit, Corsola, used Rock Blast. The rocks slammed into it one by one, each on gaining more power, last but not least, Pikachu decided to leave his mark too. He finished the Persian off with a Thunderbolt and threw his hands in the air when the cat fell to the floor. At that moment, Ash saw the aura around Giovanni. This time it was a dark and muddy blue; it symbolized the lack of facing the truth. Ash knew from there that Giovanni knew he wouldn't win, knew there was no way he could win.

Gyarados was still toughing out against the other two Pokémon. Arceus was down for what seemed the rest of the battle; he was no help to the heroes with the poison in his system. Arceus was the only one who saw the Rocket move pass him, and over to where misty was. He roared a weak roar and caught Ash's attention.

Giovanni was standing next to Misty, one hand in his pocket, pulling out a pocket knife. He reached over and stole the egg from her, knowing that they would never risk a harmless egg, and plus, if he was lucky, he could kill Misty too. Misty took a step forward, eyes wide with terror as the knife edged closer and closer to the fragile egg.


"Arceus made this hard, not me."

"Misty! Let the egg go!"

"Give me Arceus!" His face was desperate. What did he think was going to happen when he actually got Arceus. Ash looked back to the egg in the Boss's hand, to Arceus, and then to Misty he stood, scared stiff. He wouldn't and couldn't no matter what offer another Pokémon over.

"I can't do that." Ash only was about to take a step when the knife poked into the delicate shell. Only a small peep was heard from Misty when the knife entered her egg. She fell onto her knees, thinking her egg was gone. As he pushed the knife farther inside the egg, a glowing was seen. All eyes turned to the egg, and Misty acted fast. She remembered the first time they ever dealt with an egg. It was actually an egg that her Ash, Brock, Jessie, James, and Meowth had fought over. Then once the egg hatched, it became hers because the Togepi had seen her first; her being imprinted in its head as its mother. She jumped onto her two feet, and pulled the egg away from Giovanni. No way was he going to be its new mother.

Giovanni, amazed at the light emanating from the egg, didn't notice the girl jump up and grab it. He didn't notice that now he had no hostage at all to bargain with Arceus. Giovanni pulled out his blade once more and stalked toward the Waterflower, as she clutched her egg. The egg's white glow finally died, and there in Misty's hands was a baby Omanyte. The Omanyte smiled at its mother, but it followed her gaze of fear to the man in the suit holding the knife. The newborn turned around to look at the man and then it doused him, as a fire hose would a burning house. Giovanni staggered backwards from the extreme force. Arceus was still too weak to do anything for himself, so Ash decided to take it in his hands.

"I'll make you suffer as well." Using his move, Dark Pulse, Ash sent visions of dark thoughts into Giovanni's head. Visions of horror, or what that man deemed as horror. He saw himself failing at life, saw himself not becoming the Pokémon worlds best Pokémon trafficking syndicate… saw himself as nothing. The thoughts pushed deeper and deeper in his mind, rooting on the nerves in his brain, making him believe they were real.

When the attack finished, Giovanni looked like he had gone through a truly terrifying ride. His eyes were wide with terror and he was holding his head. He was whispering, whispering at a fast pace to himself, as he walked toward Arceus.

"I'mafailureI'mafailureI'mafailure…" His footsteps trailed over to the abandoned roost that had belonged to Arceus. Ash figured what was going to happen and he grabbed Giovanni's arm.

"You don't have to this." Giovanni was still whispering to himself, his voice getting lower and slower. "Just leave."

"If you take the success from a successful man, he's nothing anymore…" whispered Misty. Giovanni pulled away from the Lucario holding him and stepped up to the bubbling pool of lava. In one fluid motion, the Rocket Boss jumped in, slipping under the red liquid, as he burned… burned in the fiery flames of Hell.

Arceus finally stood up, and he took a step forward. After a minute, he used his Refresh. Ash looked at him dumbfounded. "What the Hell?" he asked, "where was this when Rocket Boss was alive?"

"I needed to see if you were worthy of getting my help." Misty and Ash looked at each other, waiting for him to say what he thought. "You are worthy and I will grant you your request." Ash felt like he was lightweight, like he was a spiritless body, as yellow and black swirls of lights spun around him. He closed his eyes, imagining himself in his body, running through the tall grass with Pikachu, Misty jumping into his arms.

When Ash opened his eyes, he saw the sun dipping down into the horizon. Red and orange hues filled the skies. He saw his own hands wiping his sleep filled eyes, and he quickly did a once over, as if he couldn't believe he had his body back. The salt was tasted in the air as he sat up. "Where are we?"

"…" He looked around and understood her silence. It was the beach where he had died, where the Omastar had killed him.

"Where's Arceus?"

"I don't know… one minute light was surrounding you and then next thing we're here. Let's go, I don't think I could stay here any longer." Grabbing her hand he pulled her back down next to him. The weeks he had spent in the Lucario body had given him the confidence to do many things, one of which included being more forthright with Misty. He pulled her closer to him, bringing his lips onto hers.

"Better than a Lucario's kiss isn't it?" said Ash as they kissed under the eyes of the lowering sun at the beach that started their adventure… the beach that ended it.


A/N: It's Finito! First off I would like to say sorry to Donna, I thought that was a sucky way to die, but it made it such an awesome part in the story! Sorry to those also who wanted Giovanni to die differently, or not die, but I thought he deserved it for what happened to Donna so… yeah. Hope you enjoyed! :P