When you're told that one day you'll die, the best explanation that can be given is that you're asleep, without dreaming, and you never wake up. You're unable to see, hear, smell, touch, do anything. I didn't know what it was that the Cyber Leader did, but it brought me in that exact state. I didn't dream, I didn't see, I didn't feel, all was just dark. What was worse is that since I was in a machine, my thinking process worked as a machine as well. Since my thoughts process at a much faster rate than they would in my organic brain, what I would otherwise perceive as a few seconds started to feel like an eternity. To top all that off, I didn't know what the Doctor thought of me. He could see my destroyed android body and think that I'm dead. And with that, he will blow up the planet, as he was planning to do from the beginning. But how long would that take him? A few minutes? And if yes, if only a few seconds will feel like an eternity, how long will a few minutes be? So I'll be waiting for several eternities before I die. In my organic body, I would start to go crazy, but in this body, where I can't feel anything, this was perceived as an inconvenience. A thought that would scare me, but I didn't feel the fear. This caused a contradiction inside my own thoughts. The longer I thought about everything, the less sense things started to make. I could try not to think at all, but it was the only thing I could do in this situation.

I breathed in very deeply. I opened my eyes widely, while I felt my heart pounding inside my chest. What I did then, I can't remember for sure. I put my hands everywhere on my body, I breathed heavily for some minutes, I jumped out of... whatever I was in, screamed my head off,... not necessarily in that order, and probably a lot more things, but given the emotional state I was in I had little to no control over what I was doing or even thinking. At some point, I felt something hitting my head. It made me delirious for a few seconds, but in terms of thinking that was enough for me to rearrange my thoughts, and to calm down.

"Feeling better?" I heard the Doctor ask, although he sounded as though he were in pain as well.

I blinked my eyes, and rubbed my forehead, for that was where I was hit. I looked at the Doctor, and noticed he did the same thing. In other words, he had butt my head in order to calm me down. Seems crude, but evidently effective.

"Don't ever put me inside a machine again." I said, weakly.

"You have nothing to worry about." the Doctor seemed to whine.

I shook my head, which woke me up a little more. This way, I could take a better look at that machine I got out of. It was that stasis pod the Doctor had put my organic body in. Next to it lay that android body that I was in earlier. It looked damaged, which was to be expected. I don't know much about robotics, computers or machinery in general, but since I could still think and had all my memories, I would guess my mechanical body's CPU and hard-drive were still functioning. However, there must have been some kind of central system that would allow information to be sent and received (like me sending signals to the body so it would move, and receiving information through my "eyes" and "ears"), but the Cyber Leader damaged that, so there wasn't much I could do if I wanted to. Suddenly, I realized something else. All the other stasis pods in the room were switched on. And upon hearing many noises I didn't know, but all of which seemed to originate from the just outside the room, I realized something else.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Why won't I show you?" the Doctor suggested, "Come along."

It was then that I first noticed the Tardis was there. The Doctor opened the doors to enter, and I followed.

Inside, the Doctor pulled a few levers, pressed a few buttons, and suddenly turned back to the door. He opened it to show me the outside. What I saw was both gratifying, and weird, because I had no idea of what started all this. From the looks of it, all the androids had turned against the Cybermen. And not just the androids, but also the cars we had spotted upon exiting the Tardis when we first landed here. This was gratifying, as the Cybermen were losing, but weird because I didn't understand what was happening.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"There was a console on that bridge." the Doctor explained, "It sends a signal to the androids, giving them orders. I used it to order them to attack the Cybermen. I even amplified the signal so other machines react to it as well."

"Which takes care of the Cybermen here." I understood that much, "But what about the ones that are on their way?"

The Doctor shut the doors and returned to the console, while explaining: "Remember what I explained to you? About how the natives get their power directly from the planet's core?"

"Yes?" I replied.

"Well, these Cybermen have connected their ship to this planet's grid, so they could stay here long-term, while they investigated their way into apotheosis."

How hard can it be to say "turn themselves into ghosts"? But I decided to not say that out loud.

"However, now that I'm using their ship to send out a continuous signal..." the Doctor had started to use his console at that moment, "... that is being broadcast all over the planet, it's draining far more energy from the core than it otherwise would. The core can never sustain that much drainage."

"So you're saying..." I started, but the Doctor raised a finger to shush me.

With this, he turned around to the doors again. He opened them, and showed me what was happening. More of these Cyber-ships arrived, just when the planet seemed to crack open, and eventually explode, taking the Cyber-ships with it. This sight, while spectacular to behold, it was also horrible to think that the Doctor just destroyed one of the most significant planets in the whole universe.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" I asked.

"Didn't I tell you before?" the Doctor replied, "If it meant to save the universe, I am sure the Seraphs wouldn't mind their planet being blown up."

He shut the doors and returned to the console.

"Too bad you couldn't unscramble my memory." I said.

"Indeed." the Doctor agreed, "However..."

That didn't sound very comforting.

"From what I have been able to recover..." the Doctor explained, "... they seemed to think there was something special about your body."

Here it comes, I thought to myself.

"Shortly after I put you into stasis, I took the liberty of examining your body." the Doctor said, "Your skull seems to be thicker than most other humans. Not much, but enough to block out certain brain-waves. This must be why the Tardis, while still capable of translating for you, you still hear it when other speak a different language than yours. Also, every human eye has a blind spot, but yours don't."

That, I guessed, would explain why I've been able to see things that others couldn't.

"And additionally, you don't have any scars, at least not any that are older than a year." the Doctor continued, "None of your organs show any signs of... overuse, to use simple terms. It's like you're only a year old, yet you..."

"I died." I interrupted the Doctor.

This time, I got him to raise an eyebrow: "You died?"

"I'll spare you all the details." I explained, "But what it comes down to is that my body was completely demolished. Until some people restored it."

For a few seconds, the Doctor didn't know what to say: "Well... that certainly explains a lot. But who could have that power to do such a thing?"

"Remember our first adventure?" I answered, "Where we met those humans who lived among the dinosaurs? Who worshiped some deity?"

"Yes, of course I remember." the Doctor replied.

"He was one of them." I continued, "That deity, I mean."

"He restored your body?" the Doctor seemed to have a hard time believing that.

"Guess he wasn't just some old piece of technology, like you thought he was." I remarked.

The Doctor recovered from this: "You said he was one of them? Who else did this?"

I took out my cell-phone while answering: "The same person who gave me this."

I expected another look of surprise, but instead the Doctor seemed fascinated: "I already thought it had a peculiar design."

I put the cell-phone back in my pocket, when the Doctor suddenly exclaimed: "Of course! I almost forgot."

He turned to his console again, where he pressed a few buttons.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"The Cybermen managed to high-jack my Tardis because it responded to a signal they sent." the Doctor explained, "I'm making it so it won't respond to any more signals on its own."

"What?" I couldn't believe it, "It saved my life before!"

"And it almost killed us last." the Doctor said, "I am sorry, but I can't take such chances."

Once the Doctor has something on his mind, there was no talking him out of it. One lesson learned about him. Suddenly, the Doctor started to punch a few different buttons, which I recognized as the ones he normally uses for traveling.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'd love to know more about this man that can restore physical bodies." the Doctor said, "Plus I promised I'll take you to see Earth in 1978."

"Right." I said, "So?"

"Well, we know he'll be in Japan until early 1993." the Doctor explained, "So why won't we pay him a visit before he goes away?"

"Japan!" the thought alone scared me, "At this point in history?"

The Doctor grinned: "We'll be just fine."