(I'm writing this because I was just in the Junior edition of this play and when Ti Moune died I was thinking about ways that she could have gotten a happy ending. I'm sorry if bits of Canon are ignored and the characters are a little OOC. There will be multiple chapters~)

Ti Moune sobbed outside the gates of the Hotel Beauxhomme. She knew that Daniel and Andrea were to be married in a couple days.

"Asaka grow me a garden, please Agwe don't flood my garden, Erzulie who will..." sung the peasent quietly. She knew that it was unlikely that the gods would do anything more for her. She knew that she was just Erzulie's pawn to power over Papa Ge. Unbeknownst to Ti Moune, Erzulie had one last miracle to fully embarress Papa Ge.

The gatekeeper sneered at the disgusting peasent crying on the ground. It was shameful that she had even been allowed into the Hotel. Thankfully Daniel had come back to his senses and casted the disgusting creature out. The gatekeeper regretted giving the girl the chance to even enter. Something inside him just begged and her smile mystified and charmed him. The gatekeeper had no doubts about it, the peasent was a witch.

Erzulie smirked to herself as she saw her little puppet on the ground and the gatekeeper looking at her. Normally she wouldn't do what she was about to do, but if it meant even more humiliation for the demon of death, the goddess of love would do nearly anything. Erzulie watched and waited for the perfect time to put her plan into action. The gatekeeper had already proven himself easy to manipulate and Ti Moune was obviously despairing and desperate. It would take little effort to set off a series of events that would lead to love overpowering death yet again.

The gatekeeper was eating his dinner at the gate. He was watching the disgusting girl wallowing in the dirt, still sobbing. As far as he knew, the peasent hadn't left ever since she was banished. Erzulie had been waiting for this moment and yet again softened the guard's fierce heart. The gatekeeper started to feel pity for the poor peasent. It didn't matter, peasent or grand homme, witch or mundane, no one should starve while drowning in their despair.

"Peasent, come closer." commanded the gatekeeper.

"Daniel? Please, he needs me..." responded Ti Moune weakly. Waiting without food or sleep had obviously taken a toll on her.

"Come here! I can't stand seeing you like this."

"Please, Daniel..." said Ti Moune. When it became obvious that Ti Moune wouldn't follow the gatekeeper's commands, the grand homme carefully approached the peasent. The gatekeeper knelt down and held out a piece of pastry.

"Eat it."

"No... I want Daniel..."

"Eat it!"

"I'll die without him..."

"Eat the pastry now!" shouted the gatekeeper as he lifted Ti Moune's head and jammed the pastry in her mouth. He admitted it was rude, but he was already showing more care for this peasent than most grand hommes do in their entire life. Ti Moune tried to spit out the food, but the gatekeeper's firm grip made such an action impossible. She weakly chewed the sweet baked good. The gatekeeper could see the difference in the peasent girl's eyes than from when he first let her through. Back then, she was filled with youthful joy and foolishness, but now she was defeated. Daniel's rejection had wrecked her life. Ti Moune finished the pastry and stared at the gatekeeper.

"Can... you get Daniel? Tell him Ti Moune is waiting for him." begged the weak dark-skinned girl. The gatekeeper was getting frusturated. He had taken pity twice now on this pathetic peasent and she gave him no thanks. She was affecting him, making him lose his fierce touch.

"Peasent witch, Monsieur Beauxhomme does not need you, nor does he want you! Go back to your village!"

"Daniel will die without me!" pleaded Ti Moune.

"You'll die if you stay! I don't want to watch anyone, even a peasent slowly starve themself to do death!"

"I won't leave!"

"Then stop begging!" shouted the gatekeeper. He was fully frusturated with both the girl and himself. He got up and returned to his post, resuming his dinner. All while avoiding looking at Ti Moune.