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Summary: The life of Harry Potter has never been a simple one, and a mate was the last thing he needed to complicated it further. Sadly for him, when Draco Malfoy comes into his inheritance and discovers that Harry is his mate, that is exactly what happens. And Draco would do anything to claim Harry as his own, even going as far as putting an old law into play that makes Harry the property of his dominant mate. With war on the horizon and the knowledge that the Malfoy's are still on Voldermorts side, what is the savior to do? Would he fight till the end against the bond or would his hidden desires win over him? The future is uncertain...

Warnings: Male/ male slash, explicit torture scenes. Mpreg in later chapters.

Author: joint effort between Ladythik and Sara Blake


The council chamber was filled for the meeting.

Hooded figures, dressed in rich robes were gathered around a round table, whispering excitedly about the latest news. Their whispering suddenly came to a halt as the door abruptly swung open and the king and his heir elegantly entered the stone-floored room, their flawless faces composed in an emotionless mask. The eyes of the present veelas gleamed calculatingly in the light of the flaming torches that lit the entire room as they gazed at their leaders that took their seats at the table. Finally, the chance they had been waiting for, to have the upper hand in this war, had arrived. The only thing that was left now was to find out the best way to use it to their advantage.

Draconis Malfoy, heir to Lucius Malfoy, King of the Veela, stood beside his fathers chair as those gathered started to discuss the best way they should go about this. His beautiful, silver eyes gazed confidently at those present in the dark chamber, a small smirk tugging at his lips, knowing that any and all of them would want to be in his shoes. It was no more than a week that had passed since he had turned sixteen and, as such, came into his inheritance as a full blooded Veela, something he had been prepared for since birth. Like all other Veela he had a mate whom he had been dreaming of his entire life, someone in the presence of whom he could be himself, someone who he could cherish and love unconditionally. Of course there had to be complications.

The reason for which the Veela council was in such a good mood was because the fact that his mate was none other than Harry Potter, the boy who lived and the light sides symbol in the war. That was the only reason the Veela race hadn't officially aligned themselves with the Dark Lord despite the fact that they wanted to do that from some time, hating the restrictions placed on them by the current government. They had wanted to ensure the Dark side could win before they made any public announcement of allegiance.

The Dark Lord was fighting for freedom and equality for all sentient dark races, which they were part of. They had not fully aligned themselves with him publicly so far due to Harry Potter. With the Boy who lived on the light side there was a good chance they would have won the war. But, with the news that his submissive mate was none other that the Light side's weapon, they finally knew it would be possible for them to do as they liked. The submissive mate would not be allowed to endanger himself, his dominant veela would not allow it, which meant that the light side would loose the war. The council had gathered today to discuss how it was the best way to go about Draco claiming his mate and then how was the best way for the Veela race to break the news that their race was siding with the dark lord.

"I worry that Harry will fight against my presence in his life. Our relationship before now wasn't exactly pleasant." Draco commented to those gathered, a small frown adorning his flawless features remembering some of the, ahem, not so cordial confrontations he had with his mate along the years. It will be no easy job to make Harry accept him.

"Surely the boy will not defy you, you are his dominant. Once the bond is set he will be of no issue, and you will be able to protect him." one of the council's women spoke, waving her wrist in an attempt to down play his concerns.

"Draconis eez correct" Lady Delacour said softly, catching everyone's attention. "'Arry Potter was not raised with zee knowledge ov our world. We all know there 'ave been ezzuzes in zee past with zee muggle raised mates attempting to refuse zee bond," she clarified and some of the present veela's shifted nervously in their seats.

"But Potter is from and old and powerful pureblood family, surely you are not suggesting he does not know about the world he is a part of. Dumbledore would not have been so foolish as to deny him tutors and training." Lord Defayne said, sitting forward, anger lacing his tone.

Lady Delacour glanced to the king and his heir before speaking again. "When my granddaughter was at 'ogwarts zis pazt year, zhe informed moi ov zeveral tings zhe noticed which made non zence."

Draco stood strait and moved to the middle of the room, making sure to have every ones attention before his smooth voice filled the chamber.

"I believe Lady Delacour is correct. Harry Potter wears rags when he has several vaults at his disposal and there have been rumors of his home life leaving much to be desired. He either ignores or has no knowledge of social niceties of someone from his standing in society. I had never cared until my inheritance when I scented him out as my mate, but now that I think of him I can see clearly his lack of knowledge in the wizarding world. I doubt he will understand that I no longer have any desire to bring him harm and that I only want to love and protect him, he will likely think this is a joke and the old fool of a headmaster will most likely attempt to keep him from me as well. No, this will have to be handled delicately, we will need some way to prevent him from refusing me," the veela prince said, his ice-like features forming a contemplating figure as he continued to mull on the subject in his mind. It was something he thought of often enough, after all, since he had come to realize just who his mate was.

"Well, there is the treaty." someone mentioned and Lucius looked up questioningly, motioning for the man to continue.

"The treaty with the government was set eight hundred years ago when a muggleborn witch who was a veela mate was promised to another by her muggle parents. She attempted to deny the bond and the ministry backed her not wanting to cause issue with her muggle parents who were close with the muggle king. The veela in question became ill with the mating fever and in desperation the veela race went to war, demanding she be handed over to her rightful mate. They eventually handed her over after we destroyed several of them and all of her muggle family and the family of the one she was promised too and in return, to insure it never happened again, we got together with the ministry and came up with the veela law, the treaty."

"Yes, but what part of the treaty applies here?" Lucius questioned, raising a perfectly arched brow.

"There is a clause that any veela mate who attempts to deny their mate is to be stripped of their freedom and become the property of their veela until such a time as they accept the bond. This includes everything from their money to their political holding such as seats on any governing bodies all the way to their bodies. The veela may even place binding bands on their mate to prevent them for attempting to harm themselves or others with their magic."

Draco looked thoughtful of this. "But how does that work, I already feel the need to give him anything he could possibly desire so long as it is safe. I do not know if I am entirely capable of doing something that I know will make him unhappy."

"Do you want more for him to be happy or safe Draco?" his father questioned with a glint in his eye.

"Safe, of course, father. I will gladly allow him anything he wants but I will not sacrifice his safety for anything." he answered immediately, knowing deep inside that he spoke nothing but the truth.

"And is your mate safe in his life right now, or would he be safer with you, where you can look out for him and protect him," asked Lucius in his cultured voice, making Draco perk up.

Ahh, he thought, it made sense now.

As it was, he could bring himself to do it if only because he knew it was for his mate's sake even if his little mate would be unhappy with him for a while. A wicked smirk come over his devilishly handsome features as the council continued their planing.

No matter what, Harry Potter would be his.

'Drarry ' equals 'Love'

Two days after the veela council meeting took place and, finally, they could start putting their plan into play. As it was, the two Malfoys were currently meeting with Fudge, the incompetent Minister of Magic who was but an useful tool they could use to achieve their ends.

"Lord Malfoy, young Draco, what a pleasant surprise. What can I help you with today?", the greasy voice of the Minister greeted and Draco had to actually restrain himself from flinching back form the disgusting man and thanked Slytherin that he had begun wearing super thin leather gloves, like his father, when he had to shake the mans sweaty hand. Pathetic.

He took a seat after discretely shooting a cleaning charm at the chair. No telling who had sat there after all. He sat back and watched as his father expertly worked the minister, getting the man to bend to their wishes with barely a thought.

"Cornelius, thank you so much for meeting with us so quickly. I am afraid we might need your help my friend." Lucius spoke in his aristocratic voice to the foolish minister who was eating his word.

"You know that I'll do whatever can I do to help. What seems to be the problem." the Mister said and Draco could see how the wheels in man brain, or what served said purpose, starting to turn to see what he could get out of his help. Greedy fool.

The picture of a puppy with a wagging tail, eager to please its master, suddenly appeared in Draco's mind as he looked at the disgusting fat man.

"Well you see Cornelius, Draconis has found his mate," Lucius announced, carefully observing for the Minister's reaction.

"Well, that is wonderful news Lucius but why do you need my help? No one would deny a Veela mate, much less the chance to bond with the Malfoy family." the fat man said, utterly bewildered. Of course, in his mind, the possibility of someone refusing access to the Malfoy's fortune was inconceivable.

Draco barely contained his sneer as he spoke up, allowing his mask to show distress as he played on the man's sympathies.

"Minister it is not the part of me finding a mate that is bad but the fact that, as it is, I fear my mate will reject me. You see, I have reason to believe my submissive has been turned against me. We have not been friends and I fear our school boy rivalry and his lack of understanding of our world and customs will not make this easy. It has come to our attention that Dumbledore has taken an unhealthy interest in my mate and has made him believe all sorts of lies and tricks. I firmly believe the Headmaster has somehow brainwashed my mate and that is the reason behind his actions over the last year," he said in his best distressed tone, the perfect picture of suffering.

He could see the shock and calculation in the slimy man's eyes, as he was piecing the picture together.

"Who is your mate Draconis?"

"Harry Potter, sir. I know he has caused no end of trouble with his stories over the last year, but I and my father both believe he was coerced into believing what he is saying by Dumbledore. I know if I can just get him to bond with me then I can fix it, after all my submissive is much to precious to be in the public, it is much too dangerous. When the bond is set I will take him with me and teach him everything he needs to know and make him see the truth."

The gleam in the man's eyes made Draco want to rip them from his head. How dare the man plot against his mate even going as far as to send that foul pink toad to torment his mate. Murderous thoughts swirled inside his brain, all towards this foolish man who was stupid enough to cause harm to his mate. Still, he made sure to keep his earnest and hopeful expression, hiding his true thoughts behind a mask. He still needed the man's help, so he couldn't kill him. Yet.

"Well what is it you need from me?" Cornelius asked, knowing that this could play in his advantage.

Draco signaled his father, allowing the man to take control again and Lucius did so easily.

"You see minister, we have recently come upon the information that young Harry was never taught the things that the rest of our world learns from birth. He was raised by muggles and he never learned that a veela mate is something to desire. In the past, muggle born and muggle raised mates have tried to fight the bond at first because they didn't understand it, didn't understand what a blessing it was. As such, the law has always allowed the veela to do what was necessary to make them understand. Alas, we fear that Dumbledore will attempt to prevent Draco from claiming his mate if Harry attempts to deny the bond and we need your help to ensure that he has no way to prevent it".

Lucius and Draco both sat back and let the fat man think things over. Draco knew he would side with them and he had to hide his glee at that thought. His mate would be his by dinner the next day.

"Well of course Lord Malfoy, just what do you need my help to do. I will help you however I can. It wouldn't do to stop young love from happening now, would it?" Cornelius said, with a calculative gleam in his tiny eyes.

Draco smirked wickedly at the man response.

"We would like for you to accompany us to the school tomorrow for lunch. As you know, the spring break ends today and the students are already on their way back to the school. If it would be possible for you and two trusted aurors to accompany me to the school tomorrow so that we can break the news to Mr Potter and allow Draco to claim his mate, it will be wonderful. It is just a precaution of course. Harry may surprise us and accept the bond freely, but better safe than sorry." the elder Malfoy smirked.

They all knew that Harry would refuse and attempt his hardest to fight against the bond.

The next hour and so was spent trading pleasantries before it was time for the Malfoy's to take their leave. Once again Draco thanked the darkness for his gloves when he had to shake the mans sweaty hand for goodbye. Ugh, disgusting. He would have to throw the gloves away. Who knew what germs the man carried.

They left the ministry and headed back to Malfoy manor to prepare for the next day. Dumbledore had been informed that Draco would be late arriving back and as he wouldn't be missing any classes it didn't matter. They hurried through, getting cleaned before apparating away to the manor of the Dark Lord.

The death eaters were all gathered in the meeting hall where Voldemort was bent over a table with some of his most trusted lieutenants planning his next move. They approached easily and bowed their heads in respect towards the Dark Lord. They would not get one their knees, they were Veela royalty, but he deserved their respect none the less. The man, who practically oozed dark power, stopped what he was doing to get their report.

"My Lord, the Minister has agreed to help us and Harry Potter will be under Draco's power by tomorrow evening at the latest." the elder Malfoy said smugly and the Dark Lord mused over information a little.

"Tell me Draco, what do you plan to do with your mate?" the Dark Lord questioned, his ruby eyes focused on Draco who, somehow, managed to maintain his composure under the scrutinizing stare.

"Show him the truth, My Lord. He has been told from the beginning that we want nothing but torture and murder. He does not understand that we are fighting for our rights to be equal, to be free. He doesn't understand what the dark stands for. Once I have him safely in my possession I will make him understand. Do not worry my Lord, my mate shall have no part in this war. His foolish actions will not be tolerated any longer, he will be kept out of this war, not be thrust in the front lines as the light side weapon", Draco confidently stated. There was no way his mate will be thrown in the hands of danger.

"And if I want to use your mate to further my goals?" the Dark Lord inquired, and Draco could see that he was tested for his loyalties.

"So long as he is kept safe My Lord, you may use the entire veela nation to further your goals." Draco answered honestly. He knew that only if his Lord won would his people have the equal rights and freedom that they wished for.

"Very well Draco. I expect your mate to be kept out of the way for the attack I am planning for the end of the year. I had planned to attempt to lure him to the Department of Mysteries, but that is no longer an issue so the Death Eaters will be attacking the homes of the Minister and several light sided department heads. Harry Potter getting in the way would be nothing short of disastrous," the Dark Lord said, and Draco could hear a hint of respect in his voice, respect that his Lord held towards his mate who managed to thwart his plans so many times.

He was having a hard time holding in a smug smile on behalf of his mate.

"I will keep him tucked away safely my lord. I will likely be putting a binding collar on him to prevent him from attempting to bring harm to himself or me so it will be easy enough to keep him out of the way. I do, though, ask for Deloris Umbridge to be killed within the next week. The witch has been using a blood quill on some students, among whom my mate, and that is unacceptable" he sneered in disgust, desiring the women in front of him so that he could rip her to pieces.

Voldemort looked thoughtful at this before nodding sharply in agreement.

He may be the Dark Lord but torturing children was something that even in his eyes was unforgivable. He couldn't stand people who hurt children, he forbidden his followers from it unless necessary and the only reason he had attempted to harm Harry Potter was because of the prophecy. With the new knowledge that the prophecy was false, a trick of Dumbledore's, he no longer had to worry about the boy. If Draco wanted him for a mate and would keep him out of the way then he had no issue with it anymore.

The meeting continued with everyone giving reports on the wards around the places they would be attacking and with their reports on everything else he had going on. Draco watched it all calmly as he planned everything he would do with his delicious little mate. He knew Harry would fight him at first.

He was looking forward to it.

Veela were seen as dark creatures for a reason. They enjoyed dominating and their mates were the ones they enjoyed dominating most. Sure, they loved their mates unconditionally but that didn't mean the mates were allowed to walk all over them. No, he had several toys already bought for his submissive, he knew Harry would enjoy them. He had bought several canes and paddles just for his little mate as well as several bindings and other fun things. Harry would learn that Draco was in charge and he would come to enjoy the attentions. Draco would see to it.

His little mate was so small and precious, he barely made it to the middle of Draco's chest but the fire burning in those emerald eyes was more bright than everything Draco has ever seen. He had been forced to be so strong for so long but now Draco would be the strong one, and Harry would be allowed to finally let go. He knew his mate would fight against it, that he would be stubborn but he would be happy after a while, he would come to see that Draco only wanted the best for him.

Draco and his father headed home after the meeting all the while thinking of what was to come the next day.

Lustful excitement at what the future will bring filled Draco's eyes as he thought of claiming his mate.

Harry would finally learn that he belong to him, and only him. Whether he liked it or not.

A smirk pulled at his lips.

Soon, my beloved, soon...


-Ladythik's Original Author's Notes-

Hey guys, feel free to review. This story is going to be a joint effort between myself and Sara Blake. I hope you all enjoy it but be warned there will be several dark and explicit scenes. In my veiw of the world Veela are Dark Creatures who enjoy dominance and this story will have several scenes of BDSM. I will not go to horrible but just the same be prepared. The torture scenes will likely be worse than the sex scenes just because I am twisted like that.

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