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Chapter 1

Location: The Planet Meria

It was the creation day of Crown Princess SilverSun and all of Meria was celebrating. The Princess was turning 13,000 stellar cycles old. The princess was also loved by all due to her kindness to every living creature.

In the palace the staff was getting ready for the party where all were invited. King Leo and Queen Magna were also loved very much just like their daughter. The King and Queen ruled Meria with a strong yet gentle hand.

Meria was a planet known for offering aid to anyone no matter the faction. It was also protected by a group of Soldiers called the Guardians or as they were formally called The Counsel of Guardians. The Guardians were powerful fighter but gentle at the same time.

The leader of the Guardians was a mech called Griffin who was a mix of brown and yellow. His mate Kirin was 2nd in command and she was a lovely shade of white and blue.

The two Guardians were roaming through the halls in attempt to catch creature that had been eluding them for some time. Griffin held up his hand to show his mate that they were only a few feet away from their target.

Said target had no idea that they were behind it until all of a sudden she was scoop up into strong and caring arms.

"Gotta Little Princess." Kirin said as she cradled the young Princess to her chassis. Playing hide and seek was one of the Princess's favorite game and it help build strategy for the day when she would become Queen.

"Come on Princess it is time for you to get ready for the party." Griffin said only to get glared at by the silver princess.

"Aw Do I have to go?" The Guardians as well as her parents knew that she hated to go to parties where everyone was trying to be her friend because she was the Princess and and heir to the throne. SilverSun could tell you was trying to be friend for political gain and hopefully get a place in court.

"As much as I want to say no you know that you have to go." Kirin said softly as she transferred the Princess to her mate's shoulder.

Everyone on Meria knew that Griffin and Kirin were SilverSun's favorite Guardians just by looking at them when they were together.

Suddenly the palace began to shake causing SilverSun to scream and hold tight to Griffin for dear life.

"Come on we have to get to the court yard." Kirin yelled as she grabbed the princess off of her mate's shoulder and carried her in her arms to the court yard only to find the entrance to the yard blocked by debris.

Griffin activated his shoulder cannons and blasted the debris away. The trio made it out to the courtyard to find the king and queen waiting for them with the other Guardians. It was then that when the two Guardians looked up in the sky did they see a large planet like object.

"We have to get to the shuttles now." The king yelled as he ordered every one in the courtyard to follow him.

Within minutes the group arrived at the shuttles only to find strange creatures that were not seen on the planet Meria ever.

There was no way to get past the creatures without fighting them. So Kirin pulled out her chain staff as the other Guardians did the same. All of a sudden a beam of light appeared from out of no where and blasted a hole through the crowd of creatures.

"Megatron!" Griffin yelled as he saw the leader of the Decepticons give a smirk and start firing on the creatures giving the group time to get to their escape shuttles.

Thanks to Megatron they were able to get to the shuttles with out any injuries.

"SilverSun You need to get into the shuttle." King Leo told his daughter as he and his Queen hugged their daughter and pushed her into the shuttle that would take her to safety.

"But what about you and Mama?"

"We'll be fine. Right now it is not safe for you to be here. The shuttle will take you to Cybertron where you will have to blend into the populace. The Guardians are to do the same thing. I'm afraid the it will be a long time before you can return here. I'll send word when you can." Leo told his daughter as he kissed her helm and gave her to Kirin who carried her into the shuttle.

"Mama, Daddy NO!" SilverSun yelled as she beat her servos on the glass as the shuttle took off for Cybertron.

That was the last time SilverSun ever saw her parents. The shuttles carrying several thousand refugees landed on Cybertron where the current Magnus welcomed them with open arms.

The Princess did what her father told her to do and became an Autobot and changed her apperance and and gender. She became a mech. The Guardians did the same thing and split themselves up between the Decepticons and Autobots. That way they could keep an optic on what was going on from both sides.

The Guardians knew that Megatron would never hurt SilverSun for she was the first one to offer him and his team something to eat and medial supplies when they had crashed landed on Meria. She had shown no fear towards the great Decepticon leader and therefore earned his respect.

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