Dedicated to men and women of the military who have given their lives for our freedom

I first met him in Kindegarden many years ago.

He was an enthusiastic child

He loved to dress up as a G.

As time went on he got more wild.

In High School he was an Honors Student

He was captain of the football team

Allthough he wasnt very prudent

He was determined to follow his dream.

I remember the first day of school

He said he wanted to be Marine

Most people thought he was a fool

But he was the bravest I've ever seen.

And after High School Graduation

We all went on to College

While he decided to serve his nation

That was courage I acknowledge.

Now i see him here today

In a box wrapped with Red, White, and Blue

How he died, I cannot say

But he was brave, that much is true.

He gave his life for his country

His name Private Johnny Kevin

So we can forever be free

Now he walks the streets of Heaven.

Remember a soldiers sacrifice

They died for me and you

Freedom comes at a heavy price

Thank them for all that they do.