My first attempt at a drabble, so any constructive criticism would be welcome. Exactly 100 words on MS Word. Although I got the idea from a section in Song of the Ovulum, the only spoilers are for The Bones of Makaidos.

"Your feet are freezing!"

"Well, it's not like yours are any better, Walter!"

"You're right. My feet are so cold, icebergs are jealous."

"I think mine are colder."

"No, mine are!"



"Fine, yours are colder."


"Hmm, this victory is not as sweet as you would think."



"Is the rest of you cold?"


"Are you cold?"

"Not real—oh! You know, I am a little chilly."

"That's interesting, because I have a few ideas on how to warm you up."

"Oh, really?"


"I like the way you think, Mr. Foley."

"Why, thank you, Mrs. Foley."

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