The Battle of Wits

Chess, it is a game that requires both anticipation of your opponent, and masking your future moves. Failing to do either of these and the game is simply lost, or so I had been taught to think. Here before me sits a most, unusual girl. She walked into the courtyard simply looking around, after noticing me besting another opponent at my game she walked over and sat in front of me. Gauging from here clothing attire she wasn't that well off, she was largely unkempt and most quizzical was that hairstyle of hers. It was almost like she had done it up herself, yet almost like she came out of bed with it. Either way, I found myself in a rather large bind. I the Queen of this small outdoor plaza, had just lost to someone whom none of us knew.

The game had started out simply enough, reading her moves was quite simple and it was very apparent that she hadn't played much of the game of chess. Why she had come to this courtyard to play the queen of it was confusing due to her now apparently lack of skill. But at least she was still knowledgeable about the game and knew what the units could do. But that's when she started doing things. For all the reasoning I could apply to her moves, they simply didn't add up. Her Queen was moved into pawn range early on when she had no backup making it a seemingly free unit. While I had thought it odd that she would concede a Queen so easily, I was not simply going to pass up the opportunity. But then it happened with a knight. Thinking this was another mistake I captured that unit as well. The game was looking completely one sided, and then there was a third blunder, the Bishop. Moved out into the open where I had my Queen, a Bishop, and a knight within attacking distance. I had meant to crush her in a move or two, so I used the Queen to capture the Bishop. Only to find her using a Castle maneuver, assuming this to be just another one of her mindless blunders, I let it go. After I had advanced a pawn as it was blocking my finishing blow which would have to wait till my next turn. The game ended. How I had not seen her rook, immobile for the duration of the game, simply slide across the board into my rear line squishing my king between a Bishop, and a couple of Pawns. I was in shock, I had lost to a maneuver I SHOULD have seen coming. Had she done everything to secure a last ditch effort that almost relied completely on me being oblivious, or was she simply drawing my fire and attention to that side of the board? Or had her unorthodox play style thrown me off so much that I failed to look at even the most basic of things that made besting my opponent so easy for me? Had she been playing me all game long with those easy tradeoffs to make me lower my guard? Or even worse, had she simply done things at random. So many questions I had for this girl, and it seemed a few of the other players had gathered to witness the spectacle of me with my jaw on the table. Who was she and how had she beaten me?

"The name is Lash my lady Sonja. I enjoyed our little playtime a great deal but I am afraid that I got to get moving quick. My guardian Hawke is going be upset if I keep him waiting any longer. Toodles!" With a brief wave she left. So she knew who I was and engaged in a game with me regardless. Despite how abruptly our game had ended I had the feeling this wouldn't be the last I would be seeing of this girl named Lash. She seemed to be having too much fun to simply leave on a whim. Then again, maybe not.