This is NOT a chapter. This is merely an author's note.

I commonly get asked when I'll post the sequel to Kitsune of Fairy Tail. As of right now, I highly doubt a sequel to the story known as "Kitsune of Fairy Tail" will be posted. Don't jump to conclusions just yet though.

Kitsune of Fairy Tail was written on a different computer than the one I'm currently using. With the death of that computer's hard drive, I lost my notes that would have allowed me to write the sequel as it was intended. As a result, I kept putting it off until just recently. When I finally decided to write it, I reread the original story and found parts that didn't match up to the outlines that I tried to make for the sequel. As a result, I didn't start working on a sequel.

With some editing, I could fix Kitsune of Fairy Tail so that I could write a sequel, but I realized something. I couldn't bring myself to replace the chapters of this story with new, edited chapters. Kitsune of Fairy Tail was my first Naruto/Fairy Tail crossover. I could sooner delete Kenji Tenchi, my first real Naruto fanfic, than this (which I probably should, seeing as how it makes me cry just reading over it.) I want Kitsune of Fairy Tail to remain on the site in the condition that it's in. That does not mean, however, that I can't edit it and post it as a new story with the continuation following it.

So I will be editing it heavily. Call the new version a rewrite, a revision, a new draft, or whatever you want. What you call it doesn't affect me.

Be warned that I will change Naruto's style of magic so that he solely uses Caster Magic in combat. I will change one other major thing that was going to be a pain once the Edolas Arc came up: Naruto's possession of chakra and magic.

To further explain, I will say that Naruto's chakra would go dormant as time went on in Earthland and he would gain magical power naturally before he even joined Fairy Tail. That isn't the only way to solve the issue at hand, but I also don't want to write about a shinobi in Fairy Tail. I want to write about Naruto as a mage. If a change solves two problems, then I'm fine with it.

Given my track record with rewriting, I won't blame you if you are skeptical about this.

That's why I will not be posting anything until I have gotten to the same point in the timeline that I was at in Kitsune of Fairy Tail.

So when can you expect this?

I'll delete this and post another author's note when it's time.

I was going to try to do it within the next week, but my track record with rewrites tells me that's a horrible idea. With any luck, the story will be online next month. I will want to go over it very carefully before I post it to make sure it's something I can be happy with and continue to write on. I do not want a repeat of Second Chance/Consequences.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.