Gokuspasm:…. I wanted to do a Gohan and Videl Story… and with SAYAINS! I am taking a break on Forever the Strange. Those who haven't read it; it's a Raditz gender bent story…

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Summary: When Vidal finally realizes and found out that Gohan is Great Sayainman, she demands answer out of him. But the next day the teacher makes an announcement to their class: A field Trip to Planet Vegeta! Why is it back? Who planned this? Why should I tell you? rated T for cussing, odd humor or some slight adult situations.

Gokuspasm: the characters may seem off character and I do have some OC's but not much they are really not that important…

Gohan: time to read!

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Gohan sighs softly, tugging slowly towards to his morning class. He didn't even want to go today after what happened yesterday. He shudders at the thought of an angry blue eyed beauty growling at him for not showing up not giving her answers. 'Wait a second… blue eyed beauty?' Gohan just grumbles to himself finally reaching to his first class door, he pulls it open and place a grin on his face. The teacher turns towards him, nodding his grey head said roughly, "your late Son Gohan."

Gohan just sighs and rubs the back of his, looking down at the ground he quietly said, "Sorry… I got up late." Hearing a small gasp from the old teacher, he shook his head and walks towards his seat. He sits down and looks over at Erasa and then, he gulps at Videl who smirks softly at him. Blushing softly and roughly grumbles to his self again. Looking up at the smart board, listening lightly to the teacher he just yawns softly to himself. 'Darn Goten… messing with my clock…' but most of it wasn't Goten's fault… it's the thoughts of Videl and what questions she would ask… Shaking his head lightly and placing his head into his hands. He huffs softly when the blond next to him pokes him quickly. Looking over at the blond, she quickly hands him a sheet of paper and points at Videl who looks at him and back at the dull teacher. Smiling softly at the blond and mouth a thank , he slowly looks down at the sheet of paper and inwardly groans to himself. 'It's too early for this…' he thought. Slightly irritated at the girl, he grabs his bag looking for a pen or pencil to write with, the bubble girl next to him gave him one. Staring at the purple glitter pen he chuckles softly at her thanking her again he quickly reads the note:

Gohan what are? Are you a… now don't laugh at me… an X-men? Or an Alien? Or even a lab experiment of a sort? What are you Son Gohan? How can you fly, form energy sphere like they do in games and anime, are you like Superman or something?

Gohan grins softly and quickly wrote back to the raven hair girl, handing the note back to Erasa. The girl grins and slid the note over to Videl who slowly inch it towards her and read:

Maybe I don't feel like answering this Videl. Can I tell you at lunch? It will be so much easier for me anyway. I just want to think up a good answer for you, that all. Please don't be mad.

Videl growls softly and nod her head at Gohan who smiles at her and turn his attention back at the teacher. That smile, it made her blush softly but quickly she shook her head glaring at the board of head of her.

Gohan stares blankly at the smart board as he teacher wrote down simple questions. Bored out of his mind he opens his note book and doodle new poses for himself. He didn't notice when a man walks into his room, handing his teacher a note and a packet of papers, and the man left.

"Well class… I got some news for you all." Teacher said roughly with a hint of excitement in his voice. All the students look at him with a puzzle and bored looks as answers them, "We are going on a month long field trip" the class cheers as he adds, "In space!" Gohan just stares like the rest of his class his mouth open wide. The old grey headed teacher exclaims, "A planet called Vegeta! They are willing to let us tour the grand place and enter their classes!" the old man couldn't help but to hop up and down in glee as yells out, "Oh and we're leaving in a week!"

Gohan just stares at the thrilled science teacher and thump his head against the table making it crack a little, groans out softly. "Why…? Why now…?" he mumbles out softly and grip his hair, angry and confuse at such a situation. He glares out of the window until Erasa pokes him again and he looks up at with a dull look.

The blond kind of notice but ask in a cheerful voice, "Are you going to get your permission slip?" Looking at him with her bright blue eyes she notice Gohan was struggling for an answer. When he stood up and walks towards the teacher and grabs his paper slip. The bubbly blond squeals in delight when Gohan slowly sat back in his chair gave her an eye twitching grin with a chuckle. "Oh isn't this exciting!" She exclaims clapping her hands quickly, "A trip into space and meeting aliens! Oh I wonder if they are hot!" giggling she starts rumble which both Gohan and Videl didn't listen to.

'Why is planet Vegeta is back…? Does Vegeta even know?' Gohan thought to himself when the intercom beeps.

"Is Son Gohan there?"

Teacher looks up and answers back, "Yes…"

"Well, he is needed for check-out." The female voice sounded bored.

"Okay." The teacher answers back. As he looks over at Gohan who is surprises at this the teacher said, "there will be no school work but," he turns towards his desk and g—

grabs a packet, "This is about Planet Vegeta and I want you to study it for tomorrow quiz." He told Gohan who stood in front of him. The boy nods his head, grabbing the packet of paper and turns towards the door, he quickly looks up at Videl who glares softly and mouthed 'you better tell me tomorrow.' Gohan nods at her and left the class room.

Walking down the corridor towards the office, he pulls the packet up to close his face and read it. His eyes twitch a little and sighs rubbing the back of his neck he mumbles, "And I thought dad was the crazy sayain."

"He is brat." Came a gruff reply behind him. Jumping a little, Gohan quickly turn around and saw Vegeta. The man was leaning against the wall arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

"So you know…?" Gohan asks softly as the prince pushes his self away from the wall and nods his head at the boy.

Walking towards the exit, he motion the boy to follows him, arms still crossed he says, "We've got a message from them a day ago." Once outside they walk towards the parking lot as Vegeta said roughly, "I haven't reply back to them but the woman is go to in a bit." Looking around quickly the both guys jumps high and flew off towards Capsule Corps

"Why haven't you replied back to them?" Gohan asks looking over at the Prince. The male had a blank expression but quickly turns into a snarl.

"None of you damn business brat!" Vegeta growls at Kakarrot's eldest son.

Sighing, Gohan just looks forwards and kept his thoughts to himself. The trip was quiet short as both sayain male's lands in Bulma's back yard. Not even taking a few steps Gohan was tackled by his little brother, Goten, who squeals out in joy, "BIG BROTHER!"

Gohan just chuckles as he and his brother roll around on the ground laughing at each other until Vegeta growls at them and told them quit being foolish. Both Son boys nod their head at him and quickly follow the angry male inside into his home he shared with the blue hair genies.

Once inside Gohan was greeted with a hello and someone latching onto his leg. He looks down and sees Trunks grinning up at him and quickly walks by his father. Chuckling softly, Gohan places Goten over his shoulder who giggles at him as they follow Vegeta into one of Bulma labs. Entering the large lab Gohan see's Bulma fiddling with one of her invitation but got angry and threw the one of her tool into a wall.

"Woman!" Vegeta growls at Bulma who turns around glares at him.

"What!" she barks back.

Turning back towards the door he said over his shoulder, "the Brat is here." Then he left leaving Gohan, Goten, and Trunks alone with Bulma who gave them a small smile.

"Oh, Gohan so you heard?" Bulma asks the young man. The teenager just nods his head putting Goten down. The first thing the small boy feet hits the ground he takes off along with purple headed boy. Bulma just laughs at the small boys as Gohan took a seat in front of a computer.

"Yeah… how did they come back to life?" Gohan ask the blue hair woman. Bulma grabs another seat pulling it next to Gohan, moving the mouse a bit to make the screen come to life. She then grabs mouse pulling up a media window and hit the play button. Gohan just stare at the black screen until he saw silver walls and odd green chair in front of it.

"Is it on?"the voice asks roughly.

"It's on dumb ass…" the other voice said. The voices just growls softly at each other until a man wearing ice blue armor step in front of the camera view, his burly arms cross as his tail swish from side to side in aggravation. "Dammit Bardock get your ass out here!" the man yells as he walks away from the screen with harsh growl.

"Well Tora, your fat ass was in the damn way!" the man name Bardock came into view, his tail fluff out as hisses at the other male. Gohan gasp softly as the man that stood in front of the Camera looks almost exactly like his father, except for; the dark skin, the scar on his cheek, the angry look and a red bandana wrap around his head. The male then quickly ran out of view, sounds of arguing and objects falling onto the ground echoes though out the room. A loud thump sounds though the room as Tora's voice cusses Bardock in harsh tones.

"I'm guessing they're friends…" Gohan told Bulma who just grins softly and nods her head at him.

The man that looks like Gohan's father appeared in front of the screen again this time taking the seat, which sat before the screen. He sighs roughly and scratches the back of his head and said, "Sorry about that…" looking down at his desk then back up the screen he adds, "I am Bardock; head scientist of Planet Vegeta Technology and a science teacher at Sayain Academy." He yawns softly and then again mumbles a sorry. "I know this is strange to you but… we wanted to make a treaty with Earth and…" he reply's scratching the back of his head again. He scrunches his eyebrows together and groans out in anger, "Shit… I forgot what to say…" slapping his forehead roughly, growling at himself. "I'm such an idiot… well what I'm trying to say is that we are willing to take a few groups of earthlings to tour our place and such and yeah…. I think that was it…" biting his lip he then said softly, "Just reply back and I can give you more answers… until then bye." And screen went black.

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