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Once the king introduced himself, the students of OSH bows lightly again. "Now since you all are here, we are going to put you into groups of four. First, where is Bulma Brief?" King Vegeta asks roughly as he scans the group with his hard gaze.

Bulma gulps as she steps forward announcing herself, "I'm Bulma Brief, your Highness." She bows to him, gulping lightly.

The King of the Sayains smirks as walks towards the blue head earthling. He stops before Bulma saying, "You may rise," He watches the Earth Scientist slowly raise her head up, her blue eyes gazes at him with a worried look. "Don't be scared of me woman, you are our guest and we will treat you and the other earthlings like our own." King Vegeta said to Bulma. The blue hair woman let out a sigh of relief, he chuckles, "Good, now one of my servants will take you to your room. Is there any request you like to make?"

Bulma bows to him again and smiles, "Well, I was wonder if I can take these four," point at Gohan and his friends, "as roommates… they would keep me company, your Highness." Bulma asks softly.

King Vegeta gave the woman a curious look and asks, "What so important about them…?"

Bulma grins as she points at Videl who smiles softly, "She is our world Champion's daughter," pointing at the confuse Sharpener, "He would help me left some of my projects," next she points at Erasa, "She has a sense of style and I need someone to gossip with," then she points at Gohan, "He scored the highest academic score in his whole school, so I figure that; he would learn with me." Thinking she adds, "They're friends and I don't want to separate them." She grins at the King, hoping he would buy it.

Erasa and Videl were jumping up and down; ecstatic about Bulma wants to hang with them. Sharpener proudly smiles and Gohan; the color was drain from his face and he was bit nervous.

King Vegeta sighs harshly, saying, "Fine…" He looks over at Raditzu and asks roughly, "Takes Mrs. Briefs and her roommates to the eastern wing and pick a room."

Raditzu bows saying softly, "Yes, my Lord."

"Raditzu… later bring them back to the throne room so we can register them." King said roughly as motion them to go.

"I will my lord." Raditzu said softly as she starts to walk towards the castle. Bulma looks over at the kids as they quickly follow the long hair woman. Gohan heard his classmate curse them, but at least he didn't have to room with someone he ever knew. He walks next to Bulma, grinning at her as they enter the castle. The gang stares in awe at the polish walls, floors and windows they sparkle and shine. It hurt Gohan's eyes but he stares at the furniture; the desks, small tables, and chairs were made with auburn wood crafted so beautifully. The walls had paintings of landscapes, old rulers and tapestries with the royal symbol. "We have enough time to gaze at everything later, please follow me." Raditzu said with a hard voice. The earthlings nod their head at her and follow the long hair female down the hall. Each hallway was decorated as beautiful as the last, slowly they made their way towards an elevator. Raditzu press the up button and waited for the doors to open.

Gohan looks around his surroundings; seeing many sayains with white, black, or dark blue armor with yellow shoulder guards. The half-ling figures they were the elites or nobles staying in the castle. He heard the elevator ding and his aunt growls lightly. He looks over and gasps softly, fear itch up his spine and he tighten his fists. 'Broly…' Gohan thought roughly.

The tall sayain steps out of the elevator and stood before Raditzu with a blank expression. The legendary wore black and plum colored armor that resembles Vegeta's from seven years ago, he wore black tight pants, 'his kilt' he wore before is purple now, his black gauntlets cover up his knuckles and his boots looks just like Nappa's with the black and plum coloring.

Gohan stares at the man with a frown. "Broly, move out of my way…!" Raditzu growls as she tries to shove the man to the side. She huffs, crossing her arms under her bosom glaring at the tall man. Gohan notice Broly giving his aunt a small smile and brushes Raditzu hair out of her face.

The tall woman blushes at Broly he smirks, "Maybe I won't, it kind of nice to have your body against mine…" He howls when the long hair woman stomps on his foot.

Raditzu quickly shoves the earthlings into the elevator and jumping in when the doors are closing. She yells out, "Perv!" and stuck out her tongue at him. The door closes and Raditzu huffs as she puts her hand on her hips. The long hair sayain tail was puff up and slashing the air like an angry cat.

Erasa giggles exclaiming, "He was gorgeous!"

Gohan and Raditzu stare at the blonde girl with a puzzled look. Both sayains sigh shaking their head as the girl went on about how good looking Broly is.

"Gohan do you know him?" Videl asks crossing her arms with a light glare.

Gohan looks over at her giving her a sheepish smile saying, "My dad and I fought him seven years ago…" though he looks down at his feet thinking, "But he is so calm now…"

"What do you mean 'he's so calm now', Gohan?" Erasa asks the half-ling. Gohan jumps a little surprise he said that out loud.

"We can talk more once we reach you all's room." Raditzu said as the elevator bings and opens its doors. Quickly Raditzu steps out leading the earthling down a long hallway. The sun shines through the tall windows, lighting the hallway up. Gohan stares out the window, seeing the forest and farm across the lands. He saw small light green birds fly by, singing as they land in one of the many trees. Gohan could smell different flowers as they decorated the window seals and maybe the ground outside. He heard Erasa gasps in awe as she twirls looking around while she walks. Gohan chuckles at her, he notices Videl smiling as she stares at the different color flowers. The sun rays brighten her eyes more, her skin glows and Gohan thought how pretty she was in the sun. Gohan blushes, maybe one day he can tell Videl and hopefully she would return her feelings for him.

The group stops as Raditzu pulls open the doors and stepping in letting the earthlings to enter.

"This is the room you all be staying in." Raditzu told the earthlings. She shows them the room, grinning as the Gohan and gang stares at everything with awe.

The room was like a house, it had its two bathrooms, living and dining room, a balcony to step out to and one big bed room with five beds. The bed room had four queen sizes beds, covered in silk blankets and sheets, two plush pillows on each bed and one bed were at the window seal. It was half the size of the other beds but Gohan flashes over there and lands on the bed, claiming the bed as his. He didn't hear his friends' gasps at his speed as he wiggles around on his bed, sighing in content when he finally lay down.

Raditzu chuckles, "I see you all like the room…"

Bulma turns towards Raditzu and grins, "It's beautiful! Thank you for picking this one." Quickly she gives the long hair sayain a hug and jumps towards one of the beds next to Gohan. The other earthlings quickly claim their own beds, laying their belongings on top. The dark hair girl has gotten the bed on the other side of Gohan, the blond girl has taken the bed next to the raven hair girl, and the tall blond boy took the other bed next to Bulma. They giggle feeling the silk sheets and the plush bed.

"I'm glad you all like the bedroom." Raditzu smiles as made her way towards Gohan. She waited for Gohan to make room for her to sit saying, "The dresser are under your all beds; you may put your clothes in them if you like." She watches Erasa hung over her bed, looking under the draping covers. The blond was tickled as she rolls to the floor and giggles.

"Oh, I feel like nobility!" Erasa exclaims.

The group laughs with her, agreeing as well. Raditzu scouter beeps as she answers with a stern voice, "Raditzu here! Oh, father it's you." Raditzu grins talking softer, "Yeah, I take Bulma and the kids down there after I take them to the throne room… okay dad see you in a bit, bye." Sighing she said, "Let's go guys."

Gohan lays his stuff on the bed, quickly following his aunt to the door. He sense Videl behind him, he ki glows brightly; she was happy and Gohan was happy to. Even Erasa, Sharpener and Bulma had a good feeling ki around them. Maybe this was a good idea to come here, yet should he tell them about the threat? He didn't want to ruin their good vibe, but how was he going to train? He shakes his head, keeping the thoughts away for now as they enter another hallway.

Gohan looks up, seeing paintings of epic battles hanging up on the walls, the windows painted red and the royal symbol of Vegeta was in the middle of each window and small statutes of different warriors sat on each table under every other painting. He stops at one gasping staring at the art piece before him. The little figure looks just like his father in super sayain form only with a tail. Gohan gently touches the statute, feeling the well-crafted art piece; every single detail was to perfection. But, this wasn't his father as he looks up at the painting above; The man in it looks like he was in an epic battle, his clothes was ripped in many places, numerous wounds dance across his body, his tail was the same gold color like his hair, the man stood proudly over his fallen foe, but his face was in sorrow. Like he didn't want to kill his foe, he didn't want his power… like Goku, his father. Gohan misses his him dearly; he wanted his father alive, living among them. 'Dad I wish you can see this, see how much I grown, see how strong mom has gotten and see how much Goten is like you…' he thought sadly to himself.

"Gohan are you okay…" Videl asks.

Gohan looks over at her, giving her a sad smile, "I'm fine."

Videl frowns at him, she reaches her hand out whipping the tears away from Gohan's face, "You're crying."

Startle, Gohan quickly wipes the tears away from his eyes. "I… I don't know." He looks away shamefully, not wanting to meet Videl's gaze.

"You can tell me later… Raditzu is leaving us behind." Videl softly said as she grabs his hand to pull him towards the leaving group.

Gohan blushes, he still trying to wipe the tears away from his eyes with one hand and lightly clutches the Videl's hand walking down the hall. He didn't want to show Videl how weak he is, but every time he thinks about his father; he gets sad. It's his fault that his father is dead. He could feel the new tears welling up around his eyes.

"Gohan… honnie are you okay…?" Bulma asks softly.

Gohan looks up; seeing Erasa, Sharpener, Bulma and His aunt Raditzu look at him worried like. He huffs roughly, trying to catch his breath but chokes on it. He hated it when people see him cry, he felt weak in their gazes as he stares at the ground avoiding them.

He gasps when he aunt hugged him from the front, then Bulma and Erasa from the sides, Videl from behind and Sharpener hugging them all. "What's wrong sweetie." Bulma softly asks letting go. He didn't want to answer her.

"Please Gohan, you can tell us." Erasa begs him; she lets him go from her embrace to grabs his hands to hold them in hers. Gohan didn't want to answer her plea.

"Come one man, you can tell us." Sharpener asks softly letting Gohan go he then placed his hand on the half-ling shoulder, trying to comfort the boy. He felt Gohan's shoulder slump down.

Videl sighs and quickly hugs him again from behind, pleading, "Please tell us Gohan." She felt Gohan stiffen in her hold again and a sob racks his body. She hugs him tighter.

Raditzu sighs pulling her nephew into an embrace again, she begins to purr, and slowly pet his back.

Gohan sobs loudly this time clutching his aunt in tight hold. He cries against her chest, letting the sadness wash over his body. He felt so weak, so pathetic… so baby like. He sobs again, feeling the tears seep down his face. He wanted to hid in a dark corner and disappear form the face of the planet. "I take you back to you room Gohan." Raditzu said gently with a purr. "You four keep going forward and you will meet with my father. Tell him that Gohan is not feeling well and he will meet with the king tomorrow, okay." Gohan's aunt softly said.

The girls hug him again saying, "I hope you feeling better Gohan." They let go of him and stood back.

"Get better man!" Sharpener said cheerfully pulling Gohan in a 'manly' hug, "Because when we get back in the room I brought my tv and 360 to play!" he quickly adds.

Gohan just sniffles, nodding his head lightly. Great, now he felt like he ruined their trip already. They said good bye as Raditzu took him back to their room.

He couldn't stop the sobs racking his body as they finally reach the room. Raditzu gently pulls him in the room and into the living quarter. He sat down on one of the many plush green couches and sobs lightly. He felt his aunt sat next to him, petting his back gently and still purring. He puts his face in his hands and cries, "I-I'm s-sorry for b-being… weak!"

Raditzu sighs gently, pulling her half-ling nephew into a hug again saying, "It is okay dear..." she softly said. She purrs at the boy, hoping to calm his nerves. "Tell me… what's wrong" she asks.

Gohan sobs, trying to catch his voice, "I'm… being… w-weak." He cries.

"No, you're not." She said pulling Gohan away from her. She gently grabs Gohan chin, making him looks at her. She smiles gently as the boy looks up at her.

Gohan sniffles lightly, looking at his aunt face, he sighs controlling his breathing for a bit. "I… miss dad. It's my fault he died! It's my fault he stays away! I-it's my fault that-" he didn't get to finish as he was pulling into another embrace by his aunt. He cries into her neck, sobbing loudly as he hugs Raditzu tighter.

"It is not your fault!" the long hair sayain roughly said as she nuzzled his hair, "Your father made the choice even though it hurts you. You need to be strong for your mother and brother." Raditzu softly told him. "I know what is like to blame myself and others… I blamed my father for many years because… I wanted him to protect me. I wanted him to make the monsters to go away. I hated myself for the longest time… for being weak and powerless." Gohan's aunt softly whispers to him. "It's hard to grow up; wanting you parents to guide you, wanting them to help you. It was so hard and I wanted them there with me." She said into Gohan's hair sadly. She purrs for the boy, feeling his sobs lighting up.

Gohan sniffles, listening to his aunt as he hugs her tighter. Gohan shouldn't be upset about his life at all. His aunt had it worse, but he couldn't help to blame himself still. His mother would have a husband to wake up to every morning, his brother would have a father to look up to and play with, and Gohan needed his father to watch him grow up. Yet, his aunt lived in fear, begging the monster to go away, losing her innocence, her honor, her pride, and her life. She would never have the childhood like Goten's and Gohan's.

In a way; he and his aunt are the same. Both were force to grow up from a young age, wanting someone to protect them from their fears, their monster and themselves. He and Raditzu are the same; different but the same.

Maybe going on this trip is a really good idea.

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