When Wishes Go Wrong
Naruto x Sam
Author's Note

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Story Start

Standing before him was not the young girl he met that day at nasty burger. That young girl had a very distinctive look with long silky raven haired that was done up in the style of a pony tail. She was wearing a black tank top with another strange design on it, but the shirt only reached to about her belly button. She also had on a pleated green and black plaid skirt over long purple stockings that tucked into black leather boots and she wa. On her back was a purple backpack that looked like a cow's udders.

Though a little over nineteen months had passed and Naruto found himself gazing at the sexy side of Samantha Manson. She was cute when he first met her, but right now she was oozing sex appeal thanks to Desiree's damn wish granting powers. Why the hell did he make that wish? Sam was clad in nothing but a black cleavage bearing bra showing off her steadily growing, curvy endowment, the straps slipped off her shoulders to her arms. She was also wearing a very skimpy, black g-string thong like lingerie that showed off plenty of hips and ass not to mention violet skirt with slits up to her thighs showing off her legs and if that wasn't enough she was wearing a dog collar of sorts.

''Master...is there anything you need?'' she asked, a look that could only be described as devotion on her face.

Naruto was just dumb founded by his all as he sat on his bed and trying to keep his mind pure from dirty thoughts and failing miserably.

''Oh master...'' Sam cooed as she looked down at the pitched tent in Naruto's pants. In response to her statement she watched as the blond let out a cry and quickly covered his crotch as She placed her hands on his shoulder. ''I am your loyal servant master. I will please you in anyway you desire...anyway.'' she said again putting emphasis on anyway as Naruto gulped.

''Sam...this isn't you. Will you please snap out of it.'' he knew that Sam, the real Sam would have never done anything like this. This was the type of behavior and love sick devotion that Sam hated.

''But this is me Master. It's always been me...can't you see I've loved you for the longest time? I wouldn't lie to you...'' she said as she caressed Naruto's cheeks as he looked into her eyes to see if he could see a hit of the Sam he knew.

''Sam...I wish you would tell me your truest innermost feelings. That if this is what you want and if you love me.'' Naruto tried unsuccessfully to use Sam's genie status to unwish Desiree's wish but it didn't work.

''Why tell when I can show.'' she said as she pressed her lips against his with a soft, sincere kiss as the two of them fell back onto the bed. With two hormonally teenagers who cared for each other alone in a room with no interruptions they gave in to their passion when moans of love filled the room.

Chapter End

From the author who brought you Naruto x Katara, Naruto x Starfire, and the only good Naruto x Charmed story I now present the first of the Naruto x Sam Manson stories. (Crazily enough I plan to add Naruto x Tigress to my literally several documents of pairings and Ideas.)

So yeah this is an offshoot to Echo of the Ghost Kitsune. Among the various other pairings which unfortunately I won't be the first to right, but I will do at least one of every viable female. Let me guys know what you think. This is the Prologue of course and next chapter we'll head back to events prior to the events of this chapters.