Damon took my hand. He had been teaching himself to be able to hold my hand without him dying. He led me into a room filled with old artefacts and prophecies. I didn't understand wha he was doing, or why he was doing this. We were walking around looking at all the artefacts. They were beautiful. They were mostly jewels, but I could see the occasional prophecy. Damon would sometimes spin me round, like I was a ballerina in a jewellery box. He made me feel amazing, and I knew we still had to get the potion back, so Damon could drink it and could hold my hand without being at the risk of dying. It wasn't just a risk. In fact it wasn't a risk at all. It was fact. If he held my hand for more than a second, he would die. He had taught himself how to hold my hand by wearing a white glove. The glove felt strange against my pale white skin, but it would do until he had the potion.

We wandered around the artefacts and prophecies. I was mesmerised at the beauty of the jewels, and the way the prophecies were lade out. But of course, nothing could ever last. I heard, or we heard, footsteps echoing down the corridor. I pulled Damon away from the glass cases and began to run, losing his grasp from his hand. I didn't feel safe without his touch, but I know Damon would only walk away from the danger, and not run. So thats when things got worse. I slipped and fell on a piece of glass that was on the floor. I didn't know how it got there, it wasn't there when we first entered the enchanting hall. I fell unconcious.

I felt a warm hand against my cold skin. I opened my eyes and saw Damon sat on the edge of my hospital bed, just waiting to look into my eyes. I looked into Damon's eyes back. The doctor walked into the hospital room I was in and told me some bad news.

'You have soime serious head traumas. You will not be able to leave the hospital for a couple of weeks, so we can examine you.' said the doctor.

I sat up hurridly. I didn't know whether to laugh if this was a joke, or cry because it was real. So I did neither. I sat there without speaking. But all I could think about is the danger Damon could get into, whether he stayed in the hospital with me, or went back to his house until I was released from the hospital.

After the doctor left the room, I started to cry. Damon wiped my tears away and kissed me lightly on the forehead.

'Everything will be okay' he said. 'I'm staying here with you, no matter how much danger I'm in.'